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September 4, 2020

Danger! Danger! The Last Months Of 2020 Will Be A Slow-Motion Train Wreck For America With Election Chaos Spilling From The 'Urban Prisons' Onto 'Main Street America' 

- Rioting, Looting And Food Shortages Only The Warmup As America Enters Unknown Territory

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

One of the most important new stories out this week comes to us from Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream and absolutely confirms for us Susan Duclos' recent warning on why we should all be getting prepared for absolute mayhem, food shortages and possibly even civil war in the days ahead. 

Titled "Why We Are Facing The Biggest Election Nightmare In Modern American History No Matter Who Ends Up Winning", as Snyder warns, one way or the other, a hundred million+ Americans are going to be gravely disappointed following the November election no matter which candidate wins. 

With Democratic pollsters HawkFish already telling Americans how the Democrats plan on 'stealing' this election, echoing Hillary Clintons' remarks to Joe Biden to never concede by claiming many more Biden voters will be sending in mail-in ballots and the 'true results' might not be known for weeks or a month or more, Snyder explains to us why America is heading quickly into a nightmare scenario.:

It looks like we are headed for the most chaotic presidential election in modern U.S. history. According to some estimates, somewhere around 40 percent of all U.S. voters will vote by mail this year. That means that tens of millions of votes will be going through the postal system, and that has the potential to create all sorts of problems. For one thing, it is going to take a lot of extra time to open those ballots and count them. For states that allow mail-in votes to be counted in advance, that shouldn’t delay final results by too much, but in other states we are facing the possibility of a nightmare scenario. There are certain states that are not allowed to start counting any ballots until the polls close on election day, and that includes key swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania… 

In several states not accustomed to high volumes of mail-in voting, including Rust Belt swing states Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, election officials cannot start counting ballots until voting ends on election night. Other swing states, such as Minnesota, allow absentee ballots to be postmarked up to Election Day. 

So as we all watch the election results come in on the night of November 3rd, what we will be getting will only be partial results. 

And at this point the mainstream media is assuming that the votes that are cast in person will heavily favor President Trump, and so they are warning us that there could be a “red mirage” scenario in which it appears that Trump is easily winning an election that he has actually lost. 

Of course if Trump builds a huge lead on election night, he is likely to declare victory, and Facebook has already stated that they intend to “flag” any such attempt… 

Facebook plans to flag any attempt by the Trump campaign to declare a premature victory in the presidential race on the platform, the company announced on Thursday. 

The social media giant, which has come in for heavy criticism for failing to police foreign and domestic elections propaganda on its network, also said it would not accept any new political ads in the final week of the 2020 presidential race. 

This is one of the reasons why I have always been strongly against mail-in voting. Our nation is likely to be thrown into a state of chaos in November because it is going to take so long to count all the votes. President Trump and his supporters will be absolutely convinced that they have won the election if they have a big lead on election night, and Joe Biden and his supporters will be absolutely convinced that they will be victorious once all of the mail-in votes are finally counted. And then no matter what the final result is, about half the country will not be willing to accept it as legitimate. 

This is going to be such a disaster, but nobody can do anything about it now. All we can do is watch this slow-motion train wreck play out.

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As Susan Duclos had warned within this story, with what seems to be a 'perfect storm' now unfolding in America, especially with the globalists long-seeking to usher in 'the end of America' and our former 'standard of living', "one thing that always happens when a civilization collapses is rioting, looting and food shortages". And if we take a look at Democrat-run cities across America right now, that is exactly what is happening.

As Front Page Mag reports in this new story, almost every failed city across America in 2020 is run by Democrats. With those failed cities including 42 of the top 43 cities in America for violent crime, the fact that Democrats have now unleashed their George Soros-paid terrorists into the suburbs is another reason for all Americans to arm up heavily now to defend families and loved ones. From this Front Page Mag story before we go on.:

As Marxist and anarchist radicals continue to turn Democrat-run American cities into war zones, Democrats assure us that they alone understand how the current crisis can be resolved. White House hopeful Joe Biden, for example, vows that “as President,” he “will help lead” a national “conversation” about racial justice, “and more importantly,” he “will listen” to the “anguish” of the long-forgotten “little guy.” 

Biden’s “little guy” narrative blends seamlessly with one of the most widely accepted claims in American political discourse today: the notion that the Democratic Party is the party that fights on behalf of the common man. We are told that Democrats in public office advocate for a wide range of policies that would improve the lives of the poorest and most powerless among us. 

With regard to crime, for instance, the Democratic Party Platform declares that we need to: end the “mass incarceration” that allegedly targets nonwhite minorities; “invest more in jobs and education” than in jails; eliminate mandatory minimum sentences; “close private prisons and detention centers”; “eliminate the use of cash bail” because “no one should be imprisoned merely for failing to pay fines or fees”; and “abolish the death penalty, which has proven to be a cruel and unusual form of punishment.”  

Regarding economic matters, the official Democratic Party Platform explicitly pledges to promote “shared prosperity” by: “raising wages for working people,” “ending poverty” in “underserved communities,” and implementing “a comprehensive agenda to invest in America’s cities.”  

But in city after city where Democrats already have been in charge politically for an extended period of time, we find exceedingly high—indeed, often colossal—levels of crime and poverty that degrade the quality of life for the people who reside there. And the longer Democrats have dominated the politics of those cities, the worse the conditions tend to be. In short, Democrats have transformed a host of once-great metropolises into urban prisons where the “little guy”—particularly the black and Hispanic “little guy” on whose behalf Democrats typically claim to speak—has been grievously harmed by one destructive Democratic policy after another.

Yet as anyone who has been paying attention knows, while Joe Biden, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other Democrats have long 'claimed' that they are for 'the little guy', they've all been anti-America globalists whose policies have been used to tear down and destroy America rather than building our nation back up, especially in the big US cities where Democrats have long 'run' the majority of those cities into the ground. 

So while President Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that President Trump will 'win' the election on election night, with millions and millions of Democrats now 'trained' by the mainstream media into believing that this election won't be over for weeks or perhaps months afterwards, as Michael Snyder concludes within his story, it's very difficult to imagine how this election and the months afterwards for America will go well.  

I have a hard time trying to imagine how this election could possibly end well. 

Right now, Trump and his supporters are convinced that Trump will win, and Biden and his supporters are convinced that Biden will win. 

One side is going to be bitterly, bitterly disappointed, and they will almost certainly feel like the election was not won legitimately. 

There is going to be so much anger, and when it explodes it is going to be very frightening to watch. 

This is already such a dark chapter in American history, and this election is going to take things to an entirely new level. 

Sadly, I believe that after November 2020 nothing in this country will ever be the same again.

With that warning that nothing in America will ever be the same again sounding dark and bleak but likely echoing our coming reality, we strongly agree with the warning brought forth in this story titled "Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Some Place Safe, Because Very Difficult Times Are Approaching" as the clouds on the horizon are clearly darkening. 

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