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September 3, 2020

Something Terrible Is Going to Happen, 'It Can't Be Stopped,'  'Be Ready... Immense UGLY' Is At Hand - One Day Closer To Doomsday 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Some excellent observations from readers on Stefan Stanford's latest piece, explaining the planned 50-day siege of the White House, as people are noting the destruction and devastation, and the feeling that everything is coming to a head, heating up across the nation, figuratively and literally.

American flags burning on the streets all across the nation by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters, who hate the very country they live in.

 Buildings and cars afire as the rioting rages in cities throughout the country, most run by Antifa/BLM supportive Democrat elected officials.

Businesses destroyed, vandalized, storefront windows smashed and products looted or simply destroyed for nothing more than the rioters want to cause mass destruction.

They aren't targeting anyone specific as many of the businesses seeing total and complete ruin, are minority owned, so they are eating their own as well.

Even more ironic, is how BLM rioters have now destroyed a business owned by another BLM protester.

There is no rhyme or reason.

Below: "When terror is seen as justified, I think it's inevitable that something terrible is going to happen. - " Journalist Nancy Rommelmann for ReasonTV:

An observation from ANP reader MOR: "One day closer to doomsday."

Another observation from reader OneNationUnderGod: "It can't be stopped. The forward-motion is too great. It has to be played out to its conclusion."

A piece of advice from Deplorable Susie:
Mercy !!! I've read about some of this, and I'm getting tired of having my head explode from all the ideocracy that we are seeing with these Communists/Leftists/Democrats/whatever they want to call themselves :-(. I've written/typed my fingers to the bone. And I've talked until I'm blue in the face. All of this "mess" seems to have it's own perpetual motion now :-(. And, frankly, that scares me :-(. I will NOT give up HOPE on this nation of good people !!! But, I am at a loss of what to do next ??? Finish your plans/preps as soon as possible ..... and BE READY !!!!! Immense UGLY seems to be at hand :-(.

Susie isn't the only one at a loss, as she and OneNationUnderGod have spot on points, the forward momentum, which isn't abating at all, with new "excuses" being used to get more violent, hurt more people, destroy more buildings and businesses, is like an out-of-control freight train heading straight at us with no room to get out of its way.

So.... we prepare, and we fight through it. The only other option if to forfeit the entire country to these anarchists and domestic terrorists.

(Note: Thanks to ANP readers for parts of the headline.) 👋

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One thing that always happens when a civilization collapses, is rioting, looting, food shortages.

Since America is already facing severe food insecurity for tens of thousands upon tens of thousands that have lost their jobs during the pandemic, where stores are limiting purchases of highly sought-after products and  companies are having a difficult time building up stocks as they have drained them just to keep food on the shelves already, we are looking at the perfect storm.

It is being projected that more than 50 million  Americans will be fighting hunger by the end of the year.

According to San Francisco local CBS, people are still lining up in "record numbers" at the Alameda Co. Food Bank.

Bloomberg is reporting that workers that keep Americans fed, heartland farmers and ranchers, are going hungry themselves.

If one place underscores just how dire America’s hunger problem has become during the pandemic, it is here—in the middle of the breadbasket that supplies food from coast to coast. The ranks of Americans fighting hunger are projected to swell some 45% this year to more than 50 million. Traxler, her husband and six children are among them. She had come to this spot, an empty school parking lot in the town of Mankato, to collect free boxes of food staples: milk and apples and carrots. Hundreds of Minnesotans waited in line ahead of her for hours.

Civil unrest, civilization turned to back to the days of savagery in cities like Portland, Oregon, New York City, Denver Colorado, Seattle Washington, Oakland, Ca, just to name a few where lawlessness has turned the streets into a warzone, where smoldering buildings rest in the place of a once-lively, local business.

Some trucking companies have said they will stop delivering to cities that "defund the police" or otherwise make it unsafe to deliver food and goods to.

In addition to all of that, we are heading into one of the most controversial presidential elections in modern history.

This truly is the perfect storm Americans are facing, not only up until the end of the year, but for the foreseeable future.


Prepare now. If you have preps already, then make sure you have replaced anything used. Otherwise, add or top off to what you already have in preparation for the powder keg to finally blow. The last place you want to be is where there are large groups of people.

Especially if Trump is reelected as many liberals will probably join Antifa and BLM rioters causing blood to run in our streets.

It will be utter mayhem, but it beats the alternative of Dementia Joe winning and shoving the country face first into all-out socialism and/or communism, which in and of itself will make it critical that Americans prepare or be ready to go hungry.

Michael Snyder over at Economic Collapse Blog is giving the same warning to his readers as we are to ours: "Buy Lots Of Food And Store It Some Place Safe, Because Very Difficult Times Are Approaching ."

Between the rioting in multiple cities from coast to coast, to the already limited supply of foods, to possible food riots as the "protesters" aka rioters continue to escalate and are now moving into residential neighborhoods to terrorize citizens, which will turn to panic buying when the average American finally sees it may be hazardous to their health to leave home to run up to the store, assuming the store has much left that is..... we are looking at months, perhaps years more of the violence we are seeing, as it spreads from one city/state to another.


ANP recently created a still/back in stock page which is updated weekly, with more links shared by readers in the comment section, and some emailed suggestions from readers added in updates.

That page has meats, freeze dried foods, non-food items, cleaning supplies and even animal treats/food.

For the purpose of this piece, where we are dealing with another round of upcoming food shortages, we are only listing food items below.

Readers can go to the updated 'Still/Back in stock' page for links to other items. That page is also linked at the top of every page, under the banner on the menu options as "Prepping-Survival."

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Trouble and unrest is happening right now and it is coming from every direction, and it is getting worse by the day.

Almost everyone sees it and feels it, even those that do not quite understand why they are so on edge, tense.

They are unknowingly waiting for the other shoe to drop, or perhaps an big ole anvil on all our heads.

Prepare. Stay free and God bless you all.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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