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March 10, 2021

The 'New Red Dawn Invasion Of America' Has Begun: Under Joe Biden, America Is Wide Open And 'Ripe For The Pickings' As The Globalists Kick Their 'End Game' Into High Gear

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

All the way back in 1984, what sure seems like an eternity ago, a movie now known as a 'cult classic' stormed across the United States that depicted an 'America under occupation', with large parts of the country 'invaded and controlled' by the Soviet Union and its Cuban and Nicaraguan allies.

With Soviet troops in the movie controlling most of the Southern USA, setting up 're-education camps' along the way in an attempt to 're-program' Americans, while 'disposing' of' those who weren't able to be successfully 're-programmed', nuclear war and nuclear fallout filled the movie 'Red Dawn', with several US cities destroyed by nuclear strikes while Americans all across the country went through TEOTWATKI, the 'end of the world as they knew it'.  

And while this 2019 story over at The Independent asked as their story title "Was Red Dawn The Most Right-Wing Blockbuster Ever?", since when did wanting to defend one's country and one's freedom become 'right wing'? And what's so awfully bad about wanting to do so in a 2021 America that is now witnessing radical leftists steering the country towards perils both known and unknown? 

With the movie 'Red Dawn' the 20th highest-grossing film of 1984, leftists immediately called the movie "an alarmist concept" that soon landed a place in the Guinness Book of Records at the time as 'the most violent film' ever, with a rate of 134 acts of violence per hour, or 2.23 per minute.

Also leading to leftist protests and the arrests of protestors at the MGM/UA building of at least 35 people who were opposed to the movie, filmmaker John Milius responded by saying words that would be utterly off limits in 2021 Hollywood and 'liberal' America:

"What these people really don't like is that the movie shows violence being perpetrated against Russian and Cuban invaders, which is what the demonstration was all about. My question is, where were all these demonstrators when the Russians shot down that airliner? Were they cheering? And what about the people being gassed and yellow-rained in Afghanistan? There's really no pleasure in outraging these people. I suppose next some extreme right-wing organization will give me an award, which is equally ridiculous."

And while Milius was proven partially correct when soon afterward, the Gun Owners of America announced that they were honoring Milius for "dramatically depicting the importance in our time of the Second Amendment", America may be headed on an equally perilous path as 'the Wolverines' of that movie, with Joe Biden and Democrats opening our doors to China, the United Nations and illegal aliens, all the while hoping to disarm the American people.

So as we'll explore within this ANP story, while at the moment, it might seem to some like World War 3 and/or an 'invasion' of America might be far away, the globalists have long been setting up Americans for the kill. And as the Daily Mail reports in their lead story of the day, under Joe Biden, America is now 'wide open' to anyone who wants to come in while Americans remain 'locked down'. Anyone else see something terribly wrong with that picture? How about the picture below? 

From that previously mentioned Daily Mail story before we continue.:

Lindsey Graham has warned that terrorists could try to smuggle in future jihadis through the U.S.-Mexico border, as Donald Trump said the situation threatened to 'destroy' the country - yet Joe Biden's administration refused to call it a crisis. 

Graham, senator for South Carolina, told Fox News' Sean Hannity on Tuesday night that the surge in unaccompanied child migrants was being sparked by Biden's change in policies. And he said it was dangerous. 'People are coming by the thousands. They'll be coming by the hundreds of thousands by the summer,' he said. 

'It's a humanitarian crisis: it's going to be an economic crisis for our cities along the border. 'And eventually it's going to be a national security crisis because they are children today, but they could easily be terrorists tomorrow.' Graham said that, with the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks coming up, 'Al-Qaeda and Isis would like nothing better than to hit us again.' 

He continued: 'And this border insecurity is a great way for terrorists to come into our country - just to blend in with our group.

And even if there aren't any wanna-be future terrorists mixed within these groups, with the 'elementary freedom of Americans to 'move about' curtailed for the greater good' in the left's insane eyes, why is ANYONE allowed to come into this country at this time? AND especially in groups of hundreds or thousands or more, when the 'freedom of Americans to assemble' in such large numbers has also largely been 'nixed' by politicians in 2020/2021? Something stinks to high heaven in 2021 America. 

And if Americans needed any more proof that we're only '2nd class citizens' in the eyes of the Democrats/globalists, we've now got it with Joe Biden in office and the Democrats agenda now on full display. And its an agenda that'll 'transform' Americans into 'much less free' people if they get their way as they allow a seemingly unlimited number of illegal aliens into the country while Americans are treated like dirt.  

According to this new story by Michael Snyder over at the Most Important News titled "9 Signs That Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place For A Major War In The Middle East", the globalists didn't waste any time at all after they 'deposed' President Trump and 'installed' brain-dead-Biden to put their wars back on the table.

With Biden, who couldn't even remember the name of his Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, or the name 'the Pentagon', as seen and heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story helping to prove what an utter mess America is in with Biden in office, we can't help but shake are heads in bewilderment at this latest new story from the Daily Mail

Reporting that once again, Biden aides STOPPED reporters from asking him questions during a Washington DC hardware store visit, that on his 48th day in office without holding a press conference, we're not surprised to learn that once again, Kamala Harris has taken ANOTHER solo call with a world leader.

As we had reported on ANP just days ago in this story titled "Get Ready For 'President Kamala Harris', America - All Indications Are, Joe Biden Is 'Out The Door' As The Globalists Prop Up And Censor America's White House Squatter," with Biden's mental health deteriorating before our very eyes and for the entire world to see, we should be expecting 'Kamala' to enter stage left at any time now.

And as former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris told Newsmax TV just days ago, he fully expects that the Democrats themselves are coming after Joe Biden and will use the 25th Amendment upon him to get him out of office. So, are we ready for 'President Kamala Harris', America?  From this story.

Former presidential adviser Dick Morris suggested Tuesday that Democrats are “moving in [the] direction” of seeking to invoke the 25th Amendment that would remove President Joe Biden from office for being “unable” to carry out his responsibilities. 

Appearing on Newsmax TV, Morris pointed to three specific acts Democrats have taken that would restrict or limit Biden’s authority. He said, although House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intended her “25th Amendment” commission to be aimed at then-President Donald Trump in October, it also had Biden in mind. 

Additionally, he referred to the letter last month by about three dozen House Democrats asking Biden to renounce his sole authority to authorize the use nuclear weapons and last week’s introduction in the Senate by a bipartisan group to strip Biden of the ability to launch military strikes in the Middle East. 

"They certainly are moving in that direction,” Morris told “Stinchfield” during a discussion of Biden’s mental acuity. “They’re taking clear steps to do that.” 

Morris’ remarks came just before a video clip showing Biden clearly confused and unable to utter a coherent sentence while giving a speech about deaths from the novel coronavirus. 

“I think that the Democrats are inevitably headed toward this,” Morris said. “And I have to tell you that I think that there may be a purpose in this. I think that when the Democrats put Biden in to stop [Sen.] Bernie Sanders, then insisted [Kamala] Harris or somebody like her be the vice president, I think they knew this might well happen. 

“I’m not sure that this is all happenstance.” 

With growing frequency, more and more observers have pointed to Biden’s confusion – such as identifying Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as Sen. Austin, his statements as incoherent, and his failure to take questions from reporters since taking office has only fueled speculation his staff fears having to put him before a crowd where he could be embarrassed

Earlier Tuesday, a Rasmussen Reports poll showed half of the American public thought that Biden was not “mentally and physically” able to be president.

So while Democrats even used this 'pandemic' to get President Trump out of office and get Biden in, it's easy to see by their latest actions that they have no real intentions of sticking with Biden, and are already controlling him completely as the Democrats/globalists kick their end game into high gear under Biden as we hear in the final video below from the Hagmann Report also featuring Steve Quayle. 

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