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December 7, 2020

The Table Has Been Set For Some Really Crazy Things To Happen Over The Next Several Months As MSM Ramps Up Their Use Of Deep State Code Words For A Bioattack Upon America

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 26th and again on November 10th, we published stories on ANP in which we warned that we should be keeping our ears and eyes open for just how often globalists such as Joe Biden and the mainstream media used the term 'Dark Winter' to describe the ongoing Covid-19 fiasco. 

So not at all surprisingly, a google search for 'dark winter' in their 'news category' has turned up hundreds and hundreds of different stories, all published in the past month alone.

And we're also not the least bit surprised that, while the mainstream media all across the country has decided to jump on the 'dark winter bandwagon' in describing what Americans should expect due to Covid-19 over the next several months, none of them have been reporting on 'Operation Dark Winter', the code name for a 2001 'exercise scenario' in which a deadly biological weapon was used against the American population.

And with this Committee on Foreign Relations US Senate document from September 5th of 2001 giving us absolute proof that Joe Biden was fully aware of 'Operation Dark Winter', with Biden having been Chairman of that committee back then, as we'd warned in this November 10th ANP story,  Biden and the mainstream media 'en masse' claiming America faces a 'Dark Winter' ahead should be looked at as a hidden warning to us all.  

From this story by Michael Snyder over at End of the American Dream before we continue.:

Could it be possible that the phrase “dark winter” has some sort of deeper meaning that most of us are not meant to understand? We have heard that phrase over and over again in recent weeks, and usually it has been used in discussions regarding the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. But it also turns out that “Dark Winter” was also a code name for a high level simulation that was conducted back in 2001. That simulation envisioned a scenario in which a widespread smallpox attack was unleashed inside the United States. As you will see below, the simulation was “designed to spiral out of control”, and the hypothetical consequences were absolutely disastrous. 

The reason why this is a concern is because so many of these “simulations” and “exercises” end up mirroring real life events that happen at a later date. 

For example, most of you have probably heard about Event 201 by now. On October 18th, 2019 a group of prominent individuals gathered in New York City to simulate what would happen during a worldwide coronavirus pandemic… 

Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms. 

Of course COVID-19 started spreading in China just a few weeks later. 

We have seen this same pattern happen so many times, and now we are being told over and over again that a “dark winter” is ahead.

Some of the many, many recent stories from all across America and the internet which reference a 'dark winter' ahead for America in 2020 and 2021 are titled and linked to directly below.

From Yahoo News published on December 6th: "Rise COVID Cases & Hospitalizations Increasing Concern A Dark Winter Is Ahead"

From CGTN published on December 6th: "Lockdowns, restrictions increase as 'dark winter' kicks in"

From Lancaster Online published on December 6th: "As COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths rise, a dark winter looms. And we're angry"

From the Herald Paladium on December 5th: "Business Leaders Predict Long, Dark Winter For Retailers" 

From Fox News published on December 4th: "Coronavirus likely to bring on 'dark winter' for Americans, experts say"

From Yahoo News published on December 4th: "How to Make the Most of a Long, Dark Winter, According to a Minnesota Dad"

From the Guardian published on December 4th: "Biden urges Congress to act on economy and Covid with 'dark winter' ahead"

From WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island on December 3rd: "It’s going to be a dark winter’: Event industry rallies for more funding from state"

From USA Today published on December 1st: "Biden set to announce his economic team led by Janet Yellen, who face a dark winter outlook, split Congress"

From the Chicago Tribune published on November 30th: "COVID-19 vaccines are coming. But first, a long and dark winter"

And that's just 10 recent stories on a 'dark winter' from mainly mainstream news media outlets over the past 7 days and there are many more at this link. So why so many stories about America facing a 'dark winter' ahead, with Joe Biden leading the charge, when 'dark winter' was also the code name for a bio-attack upon America? As we'd reported in this November 10th story, America is in the midst of one of the 'biggest psyops of all time'.  

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As Michael Snyder had also warned in this previously mentioned story about 'Dark Winter', those 'exercises' were designed to completely spiral out of control, with martial law being declared across America as part of their 'end game'. From this story over at Infowars before we conclude.: 

A 2001 war game simulation of a biowarfare attack in the United States carries eerie similarities to the current coronavirus pandemic and lockdown that devastated the planet. 

The Dark Winter Exercise, run by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense, Center for Strategic and International Studies, ANSER, & the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, was an extensive simulation that attempted to envision federal government response to a nationwide smallpox outbreak. 

A video presentation used during the scenario imagined riots over vaccine and medical supplies, a collapse of the national economy and “desperate measures” the government is forced to take, including considering the implementation of martial law

A fake news report in the exercise features a biowarfare defense expert using the term “dark winter” as he tells a reporter there’s not enough vaccines to go around. “Meaning we don’t have enough vaccines for the United States?” the reporter asks. “We don’t have sufficient stockpiles for the people in Oklahoma, Georgia and Pennsylvania, much less for the entire US population,” expresses the fake expert. “Well that certainly doesn’t sound encouraging,” the fake reporter says. 

"What do you mean exactly?” 

“Angie, it means it could be a very dark winter for America,” the man says. 

Near the end of the scenario, when all hell has broken loose, the exercise deals with having to impose martial law in the US, details of which are described in the Dark Winter script (pg. 28). 

"Options for martial rule include, but are not limited to, prohibition of free assembly, national travel ban, quarantine of certain areas, suspension of the writ of habeas corpus [ie, arrest without due process], and/or military trials in the event that the court system becomes dysfunctional,” the scenario states. 

Elsewhere in the exercise’s findings, which summarizes “lesson’s learned,” participants are warned, “Forcible constraints on citizens may likely be the only tools available when vaccine stocks are depleted.” 

Given the nightmare scenario laid out in the war game simulation, let’s hope this wasn’t what Biden was referencing when he used the term.

And while a Wyoming Department of Health official involved in the state’s response to the coronavirus questioned the legitimacy of the pandemic, describing a forthcoming vaccine as 'a biological weapon' while warning this entire 'scam-demic' was 'a plot to spread communism all across the planet', Snyder warns that the timing of all of this, especially when we consider 'Operation Dark Winter', is absolutely bizarre. We'll finish here with this excerpt from this important End of the American Dream story.: 

And as I already mentioned above, this exercise was specifically designed “to spiral out of control”… 

Could it be possible that Biden and others are using the phrase “dark winter” to signal that something is about to spiral out of control? 

In Operation Dark Winter, the spread of smallpox also resulted in a “massive loss of civilian life”… 

The disastrous contingencies that would result in the massive loss of civilian life were used to exploit the weaknesses of the U.S. health care infrastructure and its inability to handle such a threat. The contingencies were also meant to address the widespread panic that would emerge and which would result in mass social breakdown and mob violence. Exploits would also include the many difficulties that the media would face when providing American citizens with the necessary information regarding safety procedures. Discussing the outcome of Dark Winter, Bryan Walsh noted “The timing–just a few months before the 9/11 attack–was eerily prescient, as if the organizers had foreseen how the threat of terrorism, including bioterrorism, would come to consume the U.S. government and public in the years to come.” 

So let me try to summarize what we have learned. 

Operation Dark Winter envisioned a scenario in which a highly infectious disease that causes sores on the skin spirals out of control and causes a “massive loss of civilian life”. 

And suddenly Joe Biden and other elitists have begun repeating this phrase over and over again as we head into 2021. 

Be sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it later. 

Reality is often stranger than fiction, and the table has been set for some really, really strange things to happen.

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