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July 18, 2015

1,400 People Vanish In Clusters At National Parks And Forests - Missing 411 The Movie In The Works! See The Trailer


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In August 2014, ANP shared the investigative work of Former law enforcement officer David Paulides, who is the author of the Missing 411 series, where he shared his research on mysterious and unexplained people vanishing in clusters in National Parks and forests, described in my August article as "2 or 3 but up to 20 and 30 people disappearing from the same locations across the US in national parks, sometimes right from under the noses people that are with them. Young, old and in between, some of them are found in places that are termed as “inaccessible,” or in areas that had already been searched. Stranger still is the reaction of the Federal agencies asked for public records where the answer isn’t just “no, but HELL no."

We followed up in April 2015 as Paulides joined Coast to Coast to reveal further cases and chilling new patterns discovered in these disappearances.

Both of those videos will be shown below the first, which is a trailer put together for a documentary movie that is being made about these strange, unexplained vanishing clusters of people.

The embed code for this trailer can be obtained at KickStarter - Project: Missing 411 The Movie.


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