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April 9, 2015

Vanishing Clusters Of People 'Chilling New Patterns' Found  In Mysterious Disappearances- Coast To Coast  Interview With David Paulides

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Former law enforcement officer David Paulides joined Coast to Coast with host George Knapp to discuss the topic of his multiple books, which is mysterious disappearances, which as we are informed, have increased over the last three years. Paulides has documented over 1400 cases that fit a certain criteria, which previously included clusters of vanishing people from National Parks and the refusal of authorities to investigate or help him in his investigations.

Children disappearing from right under their parents noses, later found in areas described as "inaccessible," with no explanation as to how those children ended up there. Clothing found. sometimes neatly folded. Bodies discovered in locations that had already been searched a dozen times, even one instance where the body suddenly appeared on the very trail that searchers used to access other locations to search.

In this interview Paulides describes newer cases within the US and in other countries and describes "chilling new patterns" discovered. 

Commonalities include but are not limited to; A number of those found alive being mentally handicapped therefore unable to detail what had happened or where they had been; Other interesting details include the strange recounts of children describing "creatures," considered by many to be just a child's imagination, yet many of the children described these creatures in exactly the same manner. 

(Recommended - "Little Creatures - The Gates Of Hell Are Opening" - NOTE - Adult reading, not for children)

Another very strange coincidence in many cases, is the inordinate amount of people, experienced hikers, sportsman, who were discovered in freezing temperatures but without shoes... specific cases are spoken about in this interview below.

Via Coast to Coast:

Over the course of the evening, Paulides shared a number of baffling disappearance cases that he has amassed via his research. One such story centered around a British man named Jonathan Myles Robinson who was vacationing in a small, isolated community in Switzerland which is only accessible by a railway system that shuts down at midnight. Paulides recounted how Robinson seemingly vanished at around 3 AM while walking to his hotel one night. Despite an exhaustive search of the area, the man's dead body was not discovered until five days later when searchers spied it at the bottom of a cliff in a nearby town. Eerily, cell phone records indicate that Robinson likely fell to his death shortly after 3 AM on the night he disappeared and, Paulides stressed, "there was no way" he could have traveled the distance to where his body was found.

The second video below is the original from the ANP article from August 2014 "People Vanishing In Clusters, Unexplained - What's Happening?"

Were these people "snatched" as described below and if so, by who or what? Is this some type of "harvest" as Knapp mentions, that has been going on since the 1700s?

Make sure you have time to listen to this fascinating interview because once started, it is almost impossible not to listen to it all.

The portion about chilling new details in introduced at approximately the 36:30 minute mark and continues indepth at the 45:18 minute mark.



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