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December 17, 2015

There Is Something Going On And They Don't Want Us To Know About It! Worldwide Deterioration Happening Before Our Very Eyes!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the mainstream media finally announcing that the Obama adminstration nixed an investigation into terrorists in San Bernardino, California, possibly enabling the terrorists to slaughter 14 Americans, we've been watching a series of events recently that help prove somebody is attempting to silence Conservative websites and the alternative media as the globalists prepare to complete their 'endgame' for America.

Conservative websites and alternative media have been continuously standing up strong against gun control rhetoric coming from the mainstream media and globalist politicians and with the 2nd Amendment continously propping up the 1st Amendment for over 200 years, we're beginning to see more signs the globalists are going straight for the 1st Amendment, bypassing the 2nd Amendment until the 1st is no longer able to inform Americans what is happening across our country.

According to Reporters Without Borders, freedom of the press in America dropped to 49th out of 180 countries in the world, falling 3 spots since last year. Every continent experienced a drop in press freedom worldwide, what has been aptly called 'worldwide deterioration'. With the US now BEHIND such countries as Niger, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Somoa, Botswana, Chile, Tonga, Lithuania, Slovenia and Suriname when it comes to 'press freedom' we have to ask, what are the American people NOT being told and how have we fallen so far so quickly?

How could America ever be ANYTHING LESS than #1 when it comes to freedom of the press? We are obviously FAR from it according to Reporters Without Borders and clearly have a long way to go yet this fact alone is proof that something major is going on right now, and they don't want us to know about it. Why are the American people being left in the dark? This press freedom index is clearly a symptom of something much greater being broken.


We have also noticed an uptick recently in events such as ANP readers being unable to access our stories and being booted off from stories while reading them for no reason as shared in the comments below from ANP reader Daniel Noe. If anybody else is experiencing issues such as this, please let us know in the comment section below.

Morning ANP.
Have a question for you fine folks, and you may want to poll/ survey your general reading audience.
Are any other readers getting booted off of your site while reading articles on ANP?
Lately I have been getting 86'ed consistently from your site, while reading articles on my windows phone. It happened three times in a row, just this morning. I notice this is happening every time I open your page. I read your content every day. Curious if it is just my device, but my instinct tells me others are experiencing this as well.

We've also recently experienced an uptick in what might be considered 'professional trolls and agitators' on our website attempting to steer conversation. As Susan Duclos told us several months ago, it is now totally legal and a well-accepted government practice to infiltrate social media and steer conversation. From what we have seen and heard of, this is also happening on several other alternative media websites as well. Are alternative media outlets publishing stories that those in power don't want to get out to the world?

As Judicial Watch recently told us, they have filed a FOIA lawsuit against the Obama administration in an attempt to find out exactly where Obama is placing terrorists in America. Why would the Obama administration be allowing a huge number of potential terrorists into the country to potentially kill Americans and is there anything at all that can be done to stop this madness before more Americans are killed?

How long will it be until merely criticizing Islam is a crime in America as it has become elsewhere around the world? Anyone who is paying attention can see where this is rapidly headed. Why would it ever be illegal to criticize those who hate us and want to kill us? In Boston, a judge has ordered a pastor to learn and study Islam. What happened to that pastor's 1st Amendment rights? America under Barack Obama smells more like Nazi Germany every day.


Several videos below look at this massive and growing problems from several different angles. In the 1st video below, we learn that radical jihadists ARE being protected by Barack Obama in a video from Infowars. In the 2nd video, we learn from Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton, too, is responsible for the rise of ISIS while the 3rd video tells us that US top brass is not happy with Obama's 'anti-ISIS plan'. With Hillary responsible for the rise of ISIS as Trump stated, we have to look at the other angle as well: according to Breitbart, Hillary is also toying with civil war over gun confiscation.

In the 4th video, Texas Republican Congressman Louis Gohmert tells us that Americans are awakening to everything that is now going including the fact that Obama is letting terrorists into America to justify gun control laws. In the 5th video, we learn from the head of the FBI how Twitter is now being used to 'crowd source' terrorism. In the final video we get more information on Judicial Watch's FOIA lawsuit in an attempt to find out where Mr. Obama is now placing terrorists.

We also see in the new SQAlert below videos a warning from a federal law enforcement officer about all of the photos of UN vehicles across the country recently and what he feels may be coming next.


Now I'm not being pessimistic here but this UN guy could be explained...granted his title is bad enough..we have delegates from the UN visiting our government daily for just about anything...and even though the videos were entertaining they did not give light to what needed to be said...if this UN guy was here to oversee training operations or OPERATIONS...then there would be several of them and they would be and are escorted everywhere by secret service. Ole boy with the video camera would have never gotten that close, period.

Here's what I would freak out on, if there was a joint training mission on US SOIL WITH NATO/UN FORCES IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS. imagine the implications if Obama used all these "allied forces" at once during a training exercise against us. If done right there would be at least 500 thousand troops plus navy and air capabilities, possibly armored vehicles such as tanks..and it would only be conducted on the coast based military bases. I would imagine not the west coast because of the seismic threats, but that is your best bet for training in desert operations, I've been there three times for the USMC, that's where it goes down at. On the other hand, the east coast would give you a more rural, swampy, mountainous terrain to fight, whoops I mean train in....i doubt we would see an invasion during our most harshest months for weather but if you wait till spring time..that's fair weather to fight in..just some thoughts..I could go on and on..


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