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September 4, 2018

Three Day Circus Act Hits The Senate For Kavanaugh Confirmation As The Clowns Ruin The Show - 3 to 4 Day Live Updates: Open Thread

(Unhinged liberal dragged out of Senate confirmation Hearing for Kavanaugh)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Note: This will be a three-four day thread, with livestreams from each day added in the morning when the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court begins for that day. The article will be divided into days starting with news, images, updates and finally the livestream from that day.


All the above was just from the morning session of day one.

The intended schedule is that these confirmation hearings should last three days, although with the antics of the Democratic Senators and their allies, aka hecklers having to be dragged out of the room, this could go into another day making this circus at the senate a three day affair.

Via we have a preliminary schedule: "Today’s hearing will likely consist mostly of opening remarks from Kavanaugh and the senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Typically on the first day, each opening remark doesn’t last longer than 10 minutes. Tomorrow is the day that Kavanaugh’s major testimony will likely begin. The entire hearing process is expected to last approximately three to four days. Day three will have testimony from outside witnesses, and day two will focus on questions asked of Kavanaugh directly. This is how it worked when Gorsuch was confirmed last year, and is likely how the schedule will work again this year."

Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Day One:

The senate confirmation hearings for President Trump's second Supreme Court nominee began on Tuesday, September 4, 2018, and from the start the clowns were ruining the show, with 44 interruptions before the Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley could even get to his opening statement, and those interruptions were just the ones from the Democratic Senators on the committee attempting to get the confirmation hearing delayed. They all failed.

According to NBC Politics these disruptions were pre-planned and organized over the weekend. Via NBC Politics: "Confirmation hearing with a protest plan that was coordinated and agreed to over the weekend, people familiar with the planning tell." They later confirmed those reports stating "Sen. Durbin acknowledges that call was held."


The circus also included a number of freak shows provided by the Democratic allies from the Woman's March, who kept heckling the proceedings until they were removed and in some cases arrested.





Causing even more howling from those protesting the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, it was just announced that former senator Jon Kyl has been chosen to replace the late Senator John McCain, and will be sworn in as soon as possible. Kyl has been what is called the "sherpa" for Kavanaugh, which is the person chosen to "guide" a nominee through the process of going through Senate nominations. 

Kyl's appointment pretty much guarantees yet another vote in favor of confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

[UPDATE] The total now between the morning session and the afternoon session has Democrats up to 62 interruptions of the proceedings in an attempt to delay or postpone the confirmation hearing. 

[UPDATE] According to multiple eyewitnessed, speaking in the video below, they witnessed protesters being paid while in the line to get into the Senate building where Kavanaugh's hearing is being held.

(Image of protester being paid off by Adam Schindler)

Livestream for Day One below:

Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Day Two

Wednesday starts day two of the Kavanaugh hearings, which is slated for lawmakers to begin questioning Brett Kavanaugh. On the first round of questioning lawmakers will have 30 minutes, the second round only 20 minutes. It is expected that Democratic Senators will continue the constant interruptions as they did on Tuesday, to attempt to delay the proceedings.

LIVESTREAM for day two directly below:

According to The Hill 70 protesters were arrested by Capitol police on Tuesday.

Via Twitter user Michael Kink, a group of female protesters outside the hearing before it begins on Wednesday.


Another set of Handmaidens are back for day two as well.


[UPDATE] Day Two: 26 Protesters Interrupt Brett Kavanaugh Hearing in First 30 Minutes

Kavanaugh Hearing Day Three: Livestream below.


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