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November 25, 2016

Something Very Strange Is Going On In The Pacific - A 'Perfect Cocktail' Of 'Toxic Death Dumps'

- Were Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized In Australia Victims Of A Bio-Weapon Attack?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

All News Pipeline received an email on Thursday from a reader who lives in Australia who was very concerned that the recent 'thunderstorms' that killed at least 4 people and put 8,500+ others into hospitals around the Melbourne, Australia area were anything but 'normal' thunderstorms. As Samantha tells us, she is very concerned that a possible bioweapon attack had been carried out upon Australia and while ANP is unable to confirm her theory at this time, we will outline some very strong evidence below that proves something very, very strange indeed is going on in Australia and throughout large parts of the Pacific.

For those who may have missed it, back on Monday November 21st, massive thunderstorms kicked up a major health emergency after 'heavy rain caused rye grass pollen to absorb moisture and burst, dispersing smaller particles that became trapped in people's lungs', according to official reports. Leading to the deaths of at least 4 people and the hospitalization of almost 10 thousand, medical experts there described the event as unprecedented:

When we've had people calling for ambulances one call every four-and-a-half seconds at the peak it was like having 150 bombs going off right across a particular part of metropolitan Melbourne," she said.

"That's something we've never planned for and we need to do that better."


And while most Americans and people across the entire world now know that we'll never get the truth about real issues from the rapidly dying mainstream media, as we read within the linked stories below and see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears in the first two videos, there is plenty of evidence to indicate that 'weather modification' is now taking place across Australia.

First, for those who still don't believe in weather warfare or weather modification, we suggest you read Steve Quayle's book "Weather Wars And Un-Natural Disasters" and read up on all of the weather modification patents long documented by Dane Wigington over at his Geoengineering Watch website.

As this Thursday story from The Watchers tells us, a spell of very unusual weather has been reported across Australia over the last few days with widespread snow falling in Tasmania on November 24th of 2016, only days before the arrival of their summer. We're also told that heavy rains, landslides and floods recently hit New Caledonia, an island just outside of Australia with huge rainfall amounts as seen in the image below right.

ausnow.png rncal.png

We also hear reports of the use of massive amounts of chemtrails over Melbourne prior to the 'thunderstorm asthma outbreak' in the 1st video below in which our videographer, from Australia himself, tells us he's been living in that area for over 50 years and has never experienced anything like what happened on Monday before. Telling us that the amount of chemtrails sprayed over the area had led him to go see the doctor prior to Monday's 'attack', it's clear that he isn't 'buying' the official explanation either.

With HAARP ring signatures seen over parts of Australia by those following weather patterns as detailed in much more depth in the 2nd video below, our videographer also gets into chemtrails and one US weatherman's explanation several years ago of US Air Force planes spreading 'chaff' into the sky in chemtrails as also heard in the 3rd video below.

Giving us absolute proof that weather modification has been going on for a very long time despite the fact that the Washington Post and all of the other rapidly dying mainstream news media outlets will call weather warfare and weather modification 'fake news', we see even more evidence that something very strange is going on in the Pacific.

As we learned from the recent SQnote seen below which linked to this story from Strange Sounds telling us Tokyo had seen their first November snow storm in more than 50 years, this indicates weather warfare manipulation was secondary to the earthquake generation. Is it just a coincidence that a hurricane and earthquake also hit just off of the Pacific coast of Central America as shared in this linked Yahoo news story and seen in the Drudge Report headlines also below?


Was what happened in Australia on Monday some kind of a 'dry run' for additional weather warfare attacks in the future, possibly upon much larger populations? Imagine such a situation happening here in America - suddenly and out of the blue, a massive thunderstorm hits with howling winds and heavy rainfall, stirring up all of the poisons that have been delivered by chemtrails sprayed upon us, sending thousands to the hospitals unable to breath and dying.

We can hear TPTB right now: "Just blame it on the weather... 'thunderstorm asthma'...yeah, that's it."



Well, ANP reader Samantha in Australia isn't buying it and after watching the videos below and reading comments from others, we see that very few others are buying the official explanation either. Do these videos and recent events reported above provide us with 100% proof that weather modification has been taking place in Australia?

As we read in some of the comments screenshot above from people living in Australia, nobody believes the official explanation of 'thunderstorm asthma' as the people of Australia tell us what they really think is going on. From theories of a perfect cocktail of poisons being sprayed upon them to 'toxic death dumps', we also see that people from other parts of the world are also reporting death being sprayed upon them from above as well.

Will Americans and the world ever get the truth about chemtrails and weather modification? If you asked the MSM, any and all such talk is 'fake news', despite years and years of weather modification patents and official US govt documents to prove them wrong.

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