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January 24, 2017

Hollywood Picks A Fight They Never Should Have - President Trump Gives Us More Proof He's A HUGE Friend Of Freedom, The 1st Amendment And The US Constitution While Taking On The NWO

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The recent story from BizPac Review reports that Hollywood may soon regret picking a fight with President Donald Trump after a recent story from The Hill reported the National Endowment for the Arts could be eliminated entirely in a move to drastically cut federal government spending by over 10 trillion dollars over the next 10 years.


Reporting that the $148 million the NEA was alloted by the government in 2016 has been frequently targeted as an example of wasteful spending, Hollywood and the media left are once again going after Trump. Joining Pope Francis in attacks upon Trump as we learn in the 2nd video below and this story from Infowars, the Pope recently compared Trump to Adolf Hitler. And with the MSM and Hollywood also implying that Trump is a wannabe-dictator, we instead get incredible new proof just emerging that President Trump is indeed a HUGE 'friend of freedom', the 1st Amendment and the US Constitution.

As CNBC reported on Monday, President Trump has just designated Ajit Pai to be the next chairman of the FCC. While Barack Obama had originally appointed Pai, it turned out to be a move that blew up in the globalists faces. As our videographer tells us in the 1st video below, Trump's selection of Pai to head the FCC is a HUGE win for internet freedom.

For those who may have forgotten, back in February of 2016, soon after a massive coast to coast internet outage that many believed may have been a test to bring down the internet, Pai warned Americans that the 1st Amendment in America was in danger. Keep in mind, when Pai made the remarks seen below, he was working for Barack Obama's FCC - what did he know then that most Americans didn't know? The fact that Trump has brought this man on as the chairman of the FCC, a man who warned of a move being made within government to go after websites such as the Drudge Report, speaks HUGE volumes for those paying attention.:

The American traditions of free expression and respectful discourse are slipping away, and college campuses and Twitter are prime examples, according to a member of the Federal Communications Commission.

"I think that poses a special danger to a country that cherishes First Amendment speech, freedom of expression, even freedom of association," FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai told the Washington Examiner. "I think it's dangerous, frankly, that we don't see more often people espousing the First Amendment view that we should have a robust marketplace of ideas where everybody should be willing and able to participate.

"Largely what we're seeing, especially on college campuses, is that if my view is in the majority and I don't agree with your view, then I have the right to shout you down, disrupt your events, or otherwise suppress your ability to get your voice heard," Pai added.

"Private actors like Twitter have the freedom to operate their platform as they see fit," Pai said, "[but] I would hope that everybody embraces the idea of the marketplace of ideas. The proverbial street corner of the 21st century, where people can gather to debate issues is increasingly social media, which serves as a platform for public discourse." Twitter announced last week it was establishing a "Trust and Safety" panel to police speech on the site.

Pai concluded that if voters and institutions fail to defend free speech within their own spheres, it could lead to more government regulations curtailing that freedom.


If President Trump had any intentions of being a 'dictator', why would he bring on somebody to be the head of the FCC who cherishes the 1st Amendment and who warned us during the Obama administration that dangerous times were ahead? The Examiner also reported back in August of 2015 that Fox News and the Drudge Report could have been censored under what were then 'new federal rules'. The more moves that Trump makes like this, bringing on people who have sternly spoken out in the past about the dangers that America was facing as we moved towards totalitarianism, the better.

As we reported on Monday on ANP, if Trump was going to be the next Hitler like MSNBC's Chris Matthews recently reported, he certainly wouldn't be strengthening the 2nd Amendment. The very last thing that dictators want is a well armed citizenry. A dictator also wouldn't want a strong 1st Amendment and Trump's appointment of Pai to head the FCC tells us a huge amount of information, especially considering Pai warned back in 2016 that websites like the Drudge Report could soon be shut down if the globalists we voted out of US politics in November had their way. From Pai again.:

"The text of the First Amendment is enshrined in our Constitution, but there are certain cultural values that undergird the amendment that are critical for its protections to have actual meaning," Pai said. "If that culture starts to wither away, then so too will the freedom that it supports."

Pai, who was appointed to the FCC in 2012, has consistently opposed the agency's efforts to impose more restrictions on speech. The commission ruled last year that the First Amendment did not apply to Internet service providers, a precedent that Pai and others pointed out could lead to more regulations on political speech, particularly on websites like the Drudge Report, in the future.

"It is conceivable to me to see the government saying, 'We think the Drudge Report is having a disproportionate effect on our political discourse," Pai noted shortly after the ruling. "The FCC doesn't have the ability to regulate anything he says, and we want to start tamping down on websites like that."

"Is it unthinkable that some government agency would say the marketplace of ideas is too fraught with dissonance? That everything from the Drudge Report to Fox News is playing unfairly in the online political speech sandbox? I don't think so," Pai added.


With lunatics like Madonna actually believing that 'choosing love' can go hand in hand with 'blowing up the White House', the Daily Beast reports that celebrities threatening Trump doesn't help their cause one bit.

Actually strengthening the 'Trump derangement syndrome' now being suffered by possibly millions of Americans who've been driven stark raving mad by Trump's presidency, we can help those afflicted by this very real sickness leading to madness in US streets by pointing out facts when someone screams 'Trump wants to be a dictator' or the MSM incorrectly points out President Trump will become the next Adolf Hitler.

As Mike Adams recently reported over at Natural News, there are ten highly effective ways President Trump and Kellyanne Conway can win the war against the dishonest, America-hating left-wing news cartels. In the 3rd video below, Adams shares with us his 10-point plan to 'make America great again'.

Remember, Hitler largely disarmed many of the German people prior to his crackdown upon human rights there - he certainly didn't encourage the victims of his slaughter-to-be to go out and purchase weapons to protect themselves with.

And as we pointed out above, the selection of Pai to head the FCC is a huge win for Americans and those who've worried about a crackdown upon the 1st Amendment here in America. With Pai himself having warned a year ago that websites such as the Drudge Report and the 1st Amendment in America were then in danger now in the position to head the FCC, should those now losing their minds on the left stop and pay attention to what is now happening under President Trump, they could save themselves an awful lot of unnecessary stress and worry.

The final video below takes a look at the still unfolding feud between President Trump and Hollywood sore losers who are helping to enable 'Trump derangement syndrome' across America. With millions and millions of dollars in Hollywood, can't the 'Hollywood elitists' fund their own 'endowment for the arts' rather than relying upon govt funding? The video also shows how Trump supporters across America can strike back at Hollywood, withholding money from our wallets and pocketbooks while emphatically telling them: "You're fired!"

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