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August 24, 2015

HAPPENING NOW! Central Bank Rigging Stock Market Just Like China Did Before Collapse - Prepping Advice - Get Money Out Of Bank And Stock Up On Food And Water Today! 

(CNN Tweet - This is what the Dow looked like shortly after the open)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

[UPDATE] Dow loses more than 588 points after wild day of trading

After last week's stock market chaos the trading started and saw a 1,000 point plunge, just to head back to 500, then 350, then 666, as the numbers bounce up and down like a yoyo, but we see over 4,500 crash events as trading is halted and resumed while it is "impossible for regular traders to step in, requiring central banks to buy via the CME's Central Bank Incentive Program, to restore some market stability," reports Zero Hedge.

In other words - Buying stocks!


The importance, insanity, and danger of what they are attempting to do can be seen clearly by looking at China and the headlines from July and August, right before China went into a free-fall and their economy came crashing down.


The Guardian:  July 27, 2015:

Major indexes had their largest one-day drop since 2007, shattering three weeks of relative calm in China’s volatile stock markets since Beijing moved to arrest a slump that started in mid-June.

“The lesson from China’s last equity bubble is that, once sentiment has soured, policy interventions aimed at shoring up prices have only a short-lived effect,” said Capital Economics analysts.

Business Insider: August 9, 2015:

Chinese regulators have rolled out an impressive arsenal of measures in recent months designed to prop up the nation’s stock market.

One of the most prominent to date, which received little attention compared to the crackdown on illegal activities by some market participants, is the role of the state directly intervening to underpin gains.

In other words, buying stocks.


They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result..... well, as seen in the quotes above from the last couple of months, China just did the same thing and failed spectacularly and right now, in this moment, the Central Bank is attempting to manipulate the market in the exact same way..... and they expect different results in the end? That is insanity.


Our prepping advice comes from Damian McBride, who is former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's advisor, who recommends getting money out of the bank NOW and to not assume the banks will be open or that your bank cards will work when civil unrest hits, to stock up on food and water because after everything crashes down around us the store shelves will be empty and to set up rally points with friends and family so there is a set place to meet if communications go down.

Updated headlines and opinions below.

Via Gregory Mannarino on august 24, 2015:

The US stock market has been hyperinflated by a run away Federal Reserve which has created massive capital misallocations across the spectrum, and it seems the price for that absurdity has now come due.

My question is simply this: will anyone be held accountable?

Headlines via Drudge at 12:30pm ET:


Soon we will start hearing about a miraculous "rebound" due to the central bank rigging of the market and will most likely see a short term rally because of said rigging, but as we saw from the last few months in China, not only will it not last, but when it is all crashes it will crash fast and hard. 

Grab some cash out of the bank, do as Mr. McBride suggests and get some shopping done -  food, water, medical supplies and basic nescessities, because when it all comes tumbling down you aren't going to want to leave your house for a while.


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