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December 17, 2016

'Extremely Disturbing Development In Washington - This Nightmare Isn't Over'

- 'Everything Is Ramping Up At A Time It Should Be Ramping Down'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Like Pastor Rick Wiles of TruNews says in the 1st video below, we here at ANP had believed the election of Donald Trump as president might just keep the US out of World War 3 and away from nuclear annihilation. And while we're still hopeful that cooler heads will prevail in the Middle East and around the world for the remaining 5 weeks before Trump is sworn into office, recent events prove to us previous warnings that 'America isn't quite yet out of the woods' were right on the money.

With recent troubling threats coming out of the mouth of 'agent' Barack Obama warning of retaliating against Russia for alleged election hacking here in America that nobody is able to prove, leading Russia to demanding Obama either 'put up or shut up', we hear Pastor Wiles talking with Steve Quayle about these extremely disturbing developments in Washington.

Quayle joins in at the 6 minute mark and reaffirms why we're still living within one of the most dangerous periods of time in American history. Sharing with us a recent visit he had with Henry Gruver, who previously had a vision of Russia invading and destroying America and America's last days, Quayle warns that everything we're now watching on the world event stage prove matters of tension are escalating, not de-escalating, as he shares with us how everything is now falling into place.

Telling us we're witnessing not only a full-court-press effort at world destabilization by the current administration but reminded us that those extremists seeking a Muslim caliphate actually WANT and NEED a nuclear war to bring on their 'mahdi' proves to us why we are still in the danger zone at least until Trump gets into office if not beyond.

"Everybody needs to keep this in order for them to bring on the Muslim caliphate, those who will not allow any other religion to exist but Islam, there HAS TO BE nuclear war to bring in the Muslim 'mahdi'. Those who believe in a Muslim caliphate will do ANYTHING to initiate World War 3."


With the CIA seemingly attempting to overthrow a fair election here in America, Quayle reminds us the head of the CIA allegedly converted to Islam while Obama has promised he'll take the side of Islam. Meanwhile, we get more proof coming to us via the Department of Homeland Security, which reports proved has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, attempting to hack at least 3 states during the election.

And meanwhile, they blame the Russians.

Quayle implores that
only the prayers of God's people and His 'real intervention' will be able to stop this.

Wiles asks if, with only 5 weeks remaining in Obama regime, "will these mentally unstable, delusional warmongers 'fade away' or will they dare start a world war before Donald Trump gets into the WH?" 

We've long been warned that when all else fails, they bring us to war and Quayle tells us he's been watching the financial markets around the world and it's clear that 'something's getting ready to happen.' While telling us he prays that Trump has the opportunity to 'drain the swamp' rather than allowing it to 'turn it into an alligator farm', we're reminded once again why we're living in perilous times.

hich will come first? Will Trump be allowed to be inaugurated or will they take us into WW3 before hand? While Quayle reminds us again that we are not ready for thermonuclear war here in America, Wiles shares with us a series of prophetic and startling dreams that he and members of his family have had over the years that have left him edgy every Christmas as they've warned of war on US soil at Christmas time. 


At the 17 minute mark of the video, the interview turns towards this story published in The Telegraph on Friday in which we're told how Obama could retaliate against a country that might not have done anything at all to do with these election-linked hacks. According to Judge Napolitano, pissed-off agents within US intelligence were responsible for the leaks that helped destroy Hillary Clinton's chances to win the presidency and her credibility, not Russia.

Imagine how Russia (or any other sovereign nation with a nuclear weapons program) might act if what their story warns about are carried out. If we take down the Russian power grid, do we not think that Russia might respond in turn? Imagine waking up tomorrow with no power...and no future date of it being turned back on. Is that what we want for America?

The immediate response may be to ramp up these operations, with the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command taking the lead. This will involve penetrating and tampering with Russian national systems – power grids, train signalling... military and intelligence networks.. it may also be possible to target Vladimir Putin's personal assets... 

As Wiles confirms, "these people are absolutely insane".

Quayle goes further: "Well, I would say beyond insane. I would say they are filled with literal devils and I mean in the New Testament sense of demon possessed. I would say their appetite for power, destruction and blood, ie all of the blood rituals in the luciferian initiations" confirmed by Obama's legacy of bloodshed and destruction in Syria.

As they tell us, "the globalist bankers make more in one day of war than one year of peace" and the Geogia Guidestones prove to us they want depopulation. Is nuclear war, a biological attack or an EMP in our futures?

And we're told, "these luciferian devil-worshipping monsters driven by demons to bring about destruction upon the planet Earth" have given us no signs they're prepared to stop their evil and destructive ways.


Sharing with us that nearly everywhere we now look around the world, everybody is getting put on a war footing and  everything is ramping up at a time we'd hope it would be ramping down, we're reminded that the last 8 years have given every opportunity for so many 'trojan horses' to be allowed into America that everything seems to be falling into place for those who've long been working to take down America. 

Reminding us once again of all the weapons and ammunition purchases that have been made over the years for different agencies, Wiles tells us he's long-believed they're being staged for an invading army. Reminding us also of plans years ago of Obama's desire for an internal standing army as strong as the US military, we see why if there really are plans to overthrow America, these next 5 weeks may just be the last chance they have.

The 2nd video below is Obama's full press conference on Friday for those who may want to see it.

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