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August 24, 2016

The Ultimate Warning Is Coming - Everything Is Now In Motion - Breaking The Hold Of Fear

'Truth Tellers Are The Bad Guys In The Orchestrated Theater Of The Absurd'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to a recent US Southern Command intelligence report, Sunni extremists are now infiltrating America through our wide open southern border. We're told that in the year 2015 alone, more than 330,000 migrants entered the US through the 'Obama-passway', more than 30,000 of them from country's with 'terror concerns'. While many Americans might believe this is sheer incompetence, nothing could be further than the truth. The chaos we're watching now unfolding is by design.

According the Chief of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker, 'borders are the worst invention ever.' Despite widespread terror attacks across the EU and a migrant crisis that threatens to cause the complete collapse of Europe and threatening civil war, he's now calling for open borders across Europe, telling anyone who will listen that the 'rising trend of nationalism' is the reason for many of the problems they're now facing there.

Just the latest 'in our face' proclamation from one of the leading globalists in the world, Juncker goes on to say that they have a duty to fight against nationalism and block the avenues of those seeking to restore national sovereignty to their nations. "In the concentration of globalization and European problems, we must not lose our way" Juncker stated despite the fact that 'the entire world is concerned over too many immigrants' according to a recent study.

Meanwhile, a European population expert warns of a 'tinderbox at the gates of Europe' with 'large waves of migrants' prepared to head to Europe - "the real surge is on the way" Reiner Klingholz warns - "now is just the calm before the storm."

If what the EU is now witnessing now is the 'calm before the storm', what might the storm look like?


For many, many years, Steve Quayle has been warning Americans that our country was running out of time. If we want to know what America might look like in our near future, all we need to do is watch what is happening in Europe and now Venezuela which has joined the ranks of country's across the world now in complete collapse.

As we're told in the only video below featuring Quayle along with Gary Heavin, the producer of Amerigeddon the Movie and Alex Jones from Infowars, much that Quayle had previously warned of is now in motion and nobody can deny it any longer. "I have never felt a more urgent time in my spirit" Quayle tells us, also stressing that now should be a time of maximum effort if we hope to save America and liberty for all future generations: "This is nationalism's last stand".


According to Amerigeddon producer Gary Heavin, eternal vigilance and the willingness to act in its defense are the price of freedom that Americans have to pay if we're going to keep our country. We're told that the presidential rise of Donald Trump is also the 'awakening' of the American people to the 'false song of globalism'. All we need to do is take a look at the shape that our country is in and ask: Is America better off now than we were 20 years ago?

"We have lost our country internally" we are told, and what was once called 'tinfoil hat conspiracy theory' is now proven. Between the 'red list' (which has now been admitted) to 'round up teams', 'civilian inmate labor camps', re-education camps (think Hitlery's fun camps), and global government, the warnings our Watchmen have given us for many years have materialized before our very eyes. "Open world government is so in our faces right now" we're told, it's now about helping the remaining people across the country 'awaken' to help get them to the point where they won't be 'cannon fodder' for what's coming.

If we think that what we're watching in America now unfolding is just due to incompetence, how wrong we are. With everything unraveling all over the place, we are witnessing the actual implementation of a well thought out plan that the globalists hope will lead to the destruction of borders, language, and our cultural identities. While Americans scream 'we need to fix these problems', the globalists are constantly pushing to make the problems worse. Only a strong America stands in their way.


As we're told, we're now watching unfolding the ultimate battle between nationalism and globalism between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. What's happening now in Europe is merely a 'beta test' for the hell the globalists plan on unleashing upon America. "Identify, villify, nullify and destroy" Quayle tells us, warning that in this 'orchestrated theater of the absurd' we're now living in, 'truthtellers are the bad guys' - Heavin reminds us that in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a 'revolutionary act'.

Is that why Hillary Clinton's own communications director doesn't even recognize the right to exist of websites such as Infowars, Breitbart and other alternative media outlets? Quayle, Heavin and Jones also discuss the coming 'internet takeover' on October 1st that is greatly concerning to many Americans. Will this internet takeover lead to websites such as Breitbart and ANP being shut down because we're not pushing the globalists propaganda? Will Americans who dare to speak out against the globalists plans for this country soon be arrested, rounded up 'red-list' style and 'eliminated'?

We're told that the only truly 'free press' in America right now is the internet as it's quite clear that the mainstream media has 'sold their souls'. While the globalists 'implement their predetermined hellish plans', it's quite clear to us what we prefer in looking at the choices between globalism and nationalism outlined below. "We have limited time" Heavin warns us, "If you can't wake up today to all the evidence in our faces, I don't know what's going to wake you up."

FEMA camps and mass starvation have a way of 'awakening' everybody - however, by then it's far too late.


Why has America suddenly fallen so far and so fast? Earlier this year, Matt Drudge visited Alex Jones and Infowars in an interview that went viral for very good reason; Drudge warned Jones just how late it is for liberty. As Quayle tells us here, a supernatural evil is unfolding in America while Christians are being slaughtered across the world for their religious beliefs. Demon possession and mental illness are exploding across the country while the globalists accelerate their plans to 'shut freedom down' as they realize with the rise of Trump that their time may be short. Is there any possibility of redemption in our futures?

As we're told, all of us together makes it almost impossible to shut us all down. The alternative media has exploded and with it, even Hillary Clinton admitted that 'they are losing the information war'. In a very interesting statement, Quayle tells us exactly why the globalists are so scared to death of Trump: "Donald Trump is God's prosecuting attorney, laying out the evidence while the globalists evil swarms upon him." If you wonder why so many globalists hate Trump, Quayle's statement sums it up quite well. Quayle also warns that he believes the 'ultimate warning is coming', and possibly very soon.


While the globalists mock God and all that is decent, soft-selling us death and a totalitarian future, Quayle warns that something supernatural in origin will probably soon rock this country. While the globalists attempt to throw America onto the trash heap of history, the complete meltdown of Hillary Clinton may provide Americans with what we need to take back our country from them once and for all.

We're at a historical moment we are told, with a war of ideas going on in government and the globalists pushing us towards civil war so that they can come in with their predesigned solutions. The globalists love pushing war we're told, so they can package 'globalism' as the solution to the problem which they've caused.

Fortunately, tens of millons of Americans won't be caught 'flat footed'. We can break the 'hold of fear'. The greatest survival tool is our brain and the greatest antidote for fear is knowledge and action. As we're told, the greatest chance we have to overcome the globalists satanic plans is for tens of millions of Americans to say 'no!'




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