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October 10, 2017

Watch Before YouTube Deletes This On Vegas Shooting - We Are Witnessing The Biggest Crackdown Of Information In Internet History


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

YouTube is completely out of control and if a videographer has any opinion that does not match the mainstream media's "official" narrative on the Vegas shooting, then they had better stick to titling their video "Watch Before YouTube Deletes' and leave it at that because in the 4 days since we showed how vidoes were actually being removed from Google's YouTube platform for simply offering opinions that do match the official story, YouTube has gone completely Orwellian.

YouTube is not just tweaking their algorithms so that only those they consider "authorative sources" could be found easily, but they have been removing video after video, while placing strikes on creators that temporarily (3 months) prevents them from using certain features.


In what Media Research Center (MRC)  is calling the "Google-Like God Complex,"  we are being contacted with examples of Google's video platform YouTube actively removing Independent Media content from their platform, and we are not talking about older videos that are being re-uploaded in order to scam someone into thinking they are referencing a new event, we are talking about individuals who have used YouTube to provide their own personal analysis on a wide variety of issues, which is exactly what the platform was created for.

For example, I was tagged in a post this morning by Bobby Powell from The Truth is Viral, in reference to a video he created titled" Video Proves Official Bump Fire Narrative False, So Why Is The Government Lying?, which he shared on Facebook on October 8, 2017. In his Oct. 8 post he explained what his video showed, stating "Bump fire stocks and bi-pods could not have been used in concert to kill 58 and wound 487 in Las Vegas as the FBI and ATF are claiming. As this video proves, bi-pods are designed to stabilize a rifle and reduce recoil; a bump-rife stock depends on recoil to operate properly. The two accessories could not possibly have been used at the same time because they cancel each other out. So, why is the government lying?"

(Image above - Screen shot from YouTube of removed video)

The message I found in my inbox this morning saying Bobby tagged me on Facebook, included a brief message along with visual evidence, via screen shots, showing that YouTube removed his video, claiming he had violated the their guidelines on "harassment and bullying," as shown in the screen shot above of what we see when we try to click his video he shared on Oct. 8. Bobby's message on the removal of his video states "What a bunch of crap. I must have struck a nerve and revealed an, "Inconvenient Truth," by pointing out how the government is lying about the Las Vegas shooting. The video was trending too, receiving about 20K views in the last 24 hours before YouTube pulled it."

Below is the message YouTube sent him after removing his video, screen shot compliments of his FB page:

(Click image to enlarge - opens in a new tab)

MRC highlights another user that had content removed and strikes added to his account, who felt forced to delete all his own videos regarding the Las Vegas shooting because if a creator recieves three strikes, their whole account gets deleted.

Jake Morphonios, who runs the End Times News Report, championed the theory of a second shooter on the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay casino. He says he presented a "fact-based analysis of the evidence" and insists "there is nothing offensive in my videos." But Morphonios says he received a strike from YouTube for violating its community standards. YouTube takes down accounts that get three strikes in three months.

As a result, Morphonios told YouTube viewers he deleted all of the Las Vegas videos.

"I hated to do it, but if I get any more strikes, my entire channel is going to be deleted," he said in a video explaining the decision.

YouTube is also removing videos showing how to use "bump stocks" which makes gun fire at a faster rater, despite the fact that in 2010 the Obama administration approved the sale of bump stocks, making them legal, calling them nothing more than "goofy doodads."

On October 7, 2017, Paul Craig Roberts linked to a video in which appeared to be a video of the wounded brought to a Vegas hospital on October 1, after the mass shooting at the country and western concert. Roberts highlights  a number of inconsistencies he believes are shown in the video. By the next day, Roberts addresses how "Hard Censorship Hits the Internet," in an article where he points out the initial video he linked to, was removed by YouTube, stating "However, it has been brought to my attention that the video made from inside the hospital, which I provided in a link in my article , of what appears to be crisis actors carrying pretend wounded into the hospital has been taken down by YouTube."

Note the absence of medics and medical personnel. Note the incorrect ways that the alleged injured are being carried by people in street clothes who clearly are not professionals. Note the absence of blood. None on the stretchers, none on the victims, none on the people carrying the victims, none on the hospital floor. No signs of trauma.

When the original YouTube link from Robert's first article is clicked, it was indeed gone, stating the "account associated with the video has been terminated.

(Image above - Screen shot from YouTube of missing video)

Roberts followed up on last time in a short post stating someone re-uploaded the video again and offering an active link, to the following video where we will say, just in case.... WATCH BEFORE YOUTUBE DELETES!

In another case, YouTube creator TruthUnveiled777 had a video removed, citing "violating misleading tags policy," as they were notified by YouTube they had recieved a "strike," then 9 hours after appealing said removal and strike, the video was restored.

These are just a few examples out of many I have found with a simple search, but as we explained in our Oct. 6, 2017 article about big tech censoring Vegas shooting news that doesn't match the official mainstream media stories, which keep changing, there is a huge difference between a hoax, actual fake news, and differing opinions and for Google's YouTube to not only be hiding and demonetizing opinions other than the MSM's official narrative, but actively deleting the content claiming someones "opinion" is "harassment or bullying" when absolutely no threats are made, no person or groups are targeted in any way, as well as placing strikes against those creators as a way to intimidate them into deleting their own videos for fear of having their whole account deleted, is as dishonest and Orwellian as it gets.


When I saw that Mark Dice recently had a video removed for daring to highlight the downplaying by the MSM on the Tennessee church shooting where an African American male opened fire in a predominantly white church, as they gave him a "strike" which banned his ability to do any livestreams for three months, I sent a message to him on Twitter saying people like him, with one million YouTube subscribers and others with large audiences, need to move to another platform, taking their audience with him.

Right now in order to find video proof or opinions and analysis, most of us that use videos are forced to use YouTube videos because that is where the creators are, but if they moved to platforms like Vid.Me, BrightCove, Vimeo, or Live Leak, all of which offer some form of monetization, whether by tips and donations, or ad revenue shares, and refused to upload anymore to videos to YouTube,  then writers and websites like ANP could embed videos from those other platforms, which would hit Google/YouTube right where it counts.... their wallet.

ANP has already put our money where our mouths are, we have not uploaded a video to YouTube since July 1, 2017, but because we did not spend the majority of our time building our YouTube channel nor making many videos, we only have 13,300+ subscribers, and when we decide to start making video content again, we will be using another service, one that offers revenue share, or some type of tip/donation system, but the loss of some smaller channels is not going to have any effect, but if YouTube loses multiple channels with over a million subscribers or dozens upon dozens with hundreds of thousands subscribers, it would make a huge statement..... no creators, no content to put ads on, much less money for YouTube.

Instead of complaining about it, or just highlighting it ON YOUTUBE, creators like Dice need to start a movement, pull people on board, start making an impact or their censorship policies are going to continue to become more and more restrictive.


With each and every large scale tragic event, social media and video platforms as well as search engines are becoming more effective in stifling and hiding any opinion other than the ones they approve. Any analysis other than the television talking heads and the mainstream media organizations liberal spin, is being strangled and hidden.

YouTube, along with other social media platforms are taking that choice away from those sharing and those that are interested in hearing alternative opinions.

There are ways around it, as Independent Media proved without a doubt during the election cycle, but it takes work, not only from websites owners, but from video content creators, and readers who are willing to share, emails friends, and spread the message.

It is time for Independent Media to unite again.

We may not agree with each and every analysis being given by YouTube creators, but it is their opinion, their thoughts on what happened, things they have noticed that do not make sense, points they think people should at least consider....... and they do have a right to share it, just as audiences have the right to choose whether it is something they wish to see or hear.

Like the video below, where the creator does something similar to what I am suggesting in the headline, they titled the video "WATCH THIS BEFORE THEY DELETE IT!! The creator uses clips from footage taken on the ground on October 1, 2017, with some claiming they "don't see any injuries," and others debating, while the shots are firing, as to whether they think it sounds like a real gun.

The implication seems to be that Vegas was a hoax..... I disagree, I think maybe a false flag, or if not, that information has not been forthcoming from authorities and many, many inconsistencies have been noted, legitimate questions being asked.... but just because I don't think the whole thing was a hoax, doesn't mean I don't want to see and hear what people who were right there, on that deadly night, had to say while filming.

I wonder how long this video will stay up?

[UPDATE 12/10/17] Video that was here has since become "unavailable" on YouTube.

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