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January 11, 2021

We Are Witnessing The Second American Civil War Turn Hot - Democrats Are Oblivious To The Dangerous Waters They Are Treading

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Make no mistake, democrats, no longer do I have to say "radical" because they are all extremists now, want conservatives/Republicans dead, purged from the Internet and society, and they are making no bones about it, they are stating it clearly, and consistently.

Conservatives have finally awoken to that reality, and have started hitting back, as the protest at the capitol showed, where more than a million people attended to make their voices heard after being ignored for so long.

Social media giants allow direct threats against conservatives on their platforms, with claims those threats do not violate their terms, yet ban, suspend, and silence any conservatives that fight back.

Big tech has joined in by severing the services of conservative alternatives that offer true free speech with the censorship seen at Twitter and Facebook.

The liberal establishment media are actively cheering for this all out siege against conservatives.

And Democrats....... they have absolutely no idea how to sit down, shut up and allow people to calm, so they continue to poke the bear.

The problem for them now, is the bears cage door is open and they don't know it as they keep poking the bear through the bars.


We have dealt with the outright attacks against online conservatives, a couple times last week, and things have not calmed down, in fact the conservative purge from the Internet is still ongoing.

No need to go over it all again, so those interested can read my previous two pieces about censorship, here and here.

Suffice it to say, there are many things happening all at once now, and the  powder keg that nearly everyone is watching warily, just waiting for a match to hit it, is already on fire and getting ready to blow sky high.

When it fully blows, this entire nation will be on fire, much like the cities Antifa burns, or the towns BLM destroy with looting.

And Democrats remain oblivious.

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It is interesting that the media, liberals, Democrat politicians, big tech and liberally run social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, have banned President Trump claiming he might incite violence, while each of the aforementioned is busy inciting violence themselves.

Everyone is so busy screaming and screeching about the Capitol protests that they are missing the biggest point of those same protests. 

It was a warning. A shot across the bow. And it is being ignored in favor of liberals sound bites. 

 If more than a million people were able to travel to DC simply to protest their complaints being ignored and to show support for President Trump, exactly how many would be just as willing to stand up and protect their own communities?

Instead of comprehending the message sent, liberals are doubling down, intentionally stoking the flames as they rapidly head toward that powder keg we spoke of above.

Impeachment is now being waged against President Trump by Democrats, pay services like Stripe have just terminated services with the Trump campaign.....the attacks just keep on coming.

Here are a couple serious questions, and let me preface it with a quick disclaimer: We are not advocating for violence of offensive attacks, although we will always promote the right to defend ones self, family, neighbors and community.

With that said, my question is: With liberals spending four years howling about conservatives being violent and dangerous, while ignoring the Antifa/BLM riots and the calls for violence by Democrat party leaders and media, do they now see that they are pushing people to give them exactly what they claim they believe about them?

They seem to think if they can publicly "prove" that conservatives are dangerous and violent, they will somehow win over the nation, but will that really matter when the entire country is fighting a hot civil war?

Politicians, especially democrats, always go for the short game, rather than looking at the long term big picture.

Sure, they are having fun now, going after Trump and his supporters, as well as Republicans in Congress, but they weren't having so much fun when cowering under their desks, did they?

Do they not see that was just a small sample of how angered they have made half the nation? Do they not see that the half the nation they are trying to incite are Second Amendment supporters with the majority of them armed?

Newsflash to Democrats: Conservatives don't gather to "scream helplessly at the sky.

Push somebody hard enough, they are going to start pushing back. 

Again, we are not advocating offensive violence, but every human being is entitled to defend themselves.


Conservatives have been too patient. They have sat back, turned the other cheek, and refused to let themselves be goaded into constant fights, but I am seeing a significant amount of chatter which shows that those days are gone.

Not the "let them do this and I will," type chatter. Organizing, planning, coordinating to defend and communicate privately, via ham radios and shortwave, among other methods.

Apparently there is a point to which people say enough is enough, and I personally believe we have reached that point.

If we all thought 2020 was bad, hold on to your pants people, because just 11 days in 2021, and we are seeing the year will be far worse.

We are witnessing a cold civil war turn hot, and once again, Democrats are oblivious to what their actions are going to cause.

By the time it is over, America will look very different. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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