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August 18, 2015

We Have Reached The End Of The Line - 'We Have Never Before In History' Witnessed What Has Just Happened! What Is Coming Is Epic


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

"Never before in the history of the financial world has a central bank gone to such lengths to prop up an economy - and it not work!" - Gregory Mannarino

As ANP reported yesterday, central bankers have lost control and the manipulations they have been using to prop up the economy to give the illusion of "recovery" are failing across the spectrum as we see that 23 nations across the world are already suffering stock market crashes


David Stockman at Contra Corner does an excellent job of explaining in detail how and why we have come to "the end of the line" and how the game now changes, significant quotes shown below but the whole article is recommended reading.

China is the end of the line. It was the only economy left that until recently could boast actual growth on a scale that mattered to the global economy. Growth stopped when China, too, introduced stimulus measures. To the tune of some $25 trillion or more, no less.
The perhaps most pivotal importance of China is that it was the world’s latest financial hope. The yuan devaluation shatters that hope once and for all. The global economy looks a lot more bleak for it, even if many people already didn’t believe official growth numbers anymore.

Because we’ve reached the end of the line, the game changes. Of course there will be additional attempts at stimulus, but China’s central bank has de facto conceded that its measures have failed. The yuan devaluations, three days in a row now, mean the central People’s Bank of China has, openly though reluctantly, acknowledged its QE has failed, and quite dramatically at that. They just hope you won’t notice, and try to bring it on with a positive spin.

Central banks are not “beginning” to lose control, they lost control a long time ago. The age of central bank omnipotence has “left and gone away” like Joltin’ Joe. Omnipotence has been replaced by impotence.

This admission will reverberate across the globe. China is simply that big. It may take a while longer for other central bankers to admit to their own failures (though ‘failures’, in view of the wealth transfer, is a relative term here), but it won’t really matter much. One is enough.

Phoenix Capital Research states "The significance of these developments cannot be overstated. Central Banks will be increasingly acting against one another going forward. There will more surprises and more volatility across the board. Eventually it will culminate in a Crash that will make 2008 look like a picnic."


It has been stated before but cannot be hammered home enough, that the only reason the U.S. has not suffered a catastrophic economic collapse ... yet.... is because America holds the word reserve currency status which allows the FED to continue printing money with nothing to back it up and allows the U.S. to continue borrowing with no way to pay back what we have borrowed.

All paper currencies that have held that status have crashed. Regular ANP readers have seen the historical chart, showing that  since the year 1450, those holding world reserve currency status have averaged 94 years.......... the US Dollar has held that status for 95 years.


Although financial experts, trends forecasters, investors and others have been warning Americans what is coming, one really only needs to look at the historical data to understand the U.S Dollar will fall, it is simply a matter of when, not if..... how long the central banks can continue to prop up the economy and maintain the "illusion."


In order to understand how devastating it will be here in America when, like China, our economy comes crashing down, look no further than Venezuela where they are now using their paper currency as napkins because it is so worthless.

We have a window into America's future by watching Venezuela which has seen lines around blocks in order to just get into a grocery store, the military guarding the food, limits placed on how much of an item anybody can buy, people dumpster diving just to get clothes and food to feed their families.


ANP recently put out a two part (so far!) series on "EMP Attack On America" where both part one and part two show the difference in being prepared and not being prepared which is the difference between life and death. An EMP attack is only one possible catastrophe that could befall America.... whether we are attacked by terrorists, suffer an EMP, a comet hits, or a total economic collapse, the basic message of being prepared is the same.

The central bankers are in a panic now because they have lost all control... they will continue to try to manipulate the numbers, the markets, print more money, basically continue doing exactly what China did before it all fell apart, but eventually they will hit a brick wall and be forced to admit defeat, although when it happens you will most likely hear it first from Independent Media because the mainstream media will be waiting for Washington to tell them how to "spin" the news before they will inform their readers and/or viewers.

As Gregory Mannarino states in the video below.... "what is coming is epic" as we hit the "U.S. Economic Death Spiral."


Prepare people.... stock up on food, medical supplies, water... the basic necessities because when it all comes crashing down food will be harder to obtain, lines will circle the block, the military will be guarding the food and you will be limited on what you can and cannot buy and how much of each item you will be allowed..... just as it happening in Venezuela.


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