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June 7, 2019

Something Huge Is Going Down Right Now - We Warned You When They First Came For Alex Jones That All Independent Media Was Next...... YouTube #VoxAdpocalypse Purge Explodes


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In August 2018, ANP headlined a piece with "First They Came For Infowars....... Tomorrow We Will All Be Alex Jones: Independent Media Silenced - They Are Coming For Us All Now." In that article we described how social media and big tech platforms had colluded to deplatform Alex Jones, canceling his shows, refusing him service, and wiping his presence, other than his website, off the Internet.

We and many others warned other Independent Media that everyone should be standing up for Infowars whether they liked Alex Jones or not and whether they agreed with his opinions or not, because that type of overt, coordinated censorship by silencing voices simply because they have dissenting views, is dangerous and the liberal outrage mob would eventually come for us all.

Some saw the writing on the wall and spoke up, not so much in favor of Alex Jones or Infowars, but against the censorship of opinions that don't meet the liberal group-think, others refused to stand up and speak out because they simply didn't like Jones, his style or his opinions, so to them, it was no big deal.

Until now.

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(Left: Vox's Carlos Maza - Right: Conservative Comedian Steven Crowder)


Less than a year later, Google's video platform YouTube is in the midst of a widespread purge of conservative voices, by demonetization, and removing millions of videos from Independent creators. The purge is being called the #Voxadpocalypse.

Vox Media personality Carlos Maza took to Twitter to complain to YouTube about Conservative comedian Steven Crowder making fun of Maza, referring to him as an "angry little queer," a "gay Mexican," and "Mr. Lispy queer from Vox." All of which is accurate, as Maza is the typical angry liberal and a self-admitted homosexual who speaks with a lisp.

At first YouTube refused to take action against Crowder admitting he violated none of their policies, then Vox Media, along with other liberal media threw everything they had at YouTube, with Maza whining relentlessly on Twitter, until YouTube caved to the liberal online media mob and demonetized Crowder's channel.

A little about Maza, via Fox News:

Maza, an openly gay partisan activist, has himself previously used aggressive language on social media. "Milkshake them all," he wrote May 21, referring to right-wing activists. "Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing."

Maza has also referred to someone as having a "jew face."

Maza still wasn't happy and continued to harass YouTube as shown over at Twitchy, and from there everything went to hell in a hand-basket when YouTube started mass demonetizing other channels for "wrong-think" and conservative option, as well as mass deleting videos, and along with those people were others, some not even political in nature but simply providing historical documentaries.

More from Fox on that:

But even the changes YouTube made on Wednesday apparently had not gone according to plan. Several other YouTube content creators, including Jesse Lee Peterson, the educational resource "Mr. Allsop History," and journalist and filmmaker Ford Fischer, said they had been erroneously caught up in the situation.

"YouTube demonetized my channel right after taking down videos *condemning* anti-Jewish hatred by whites & Muslims!" Peterson wrote. "I always tell people to stop hating & blaming. @YouTubeTeam, you made an error. Do the right thing & reinstate my channel privileges/features immediately."

Added Fischer: "Within minutes of @YouTube's announcement of a new purge it appears they caught my outlet, which documents activism and extremism, in the crossfire. I was just notified my entire channel has been demonetized. I am a journalist whose work there is used in dozens of documentaries."

The Daily Wire's Elisha Krauss alleged her content had also lost monetization. "Y'all should head on over to @YouTube and watch my @prageru before it's deemed insulting. They already have it on restricted mode and limit monetization for it because heaven forbid ppl Google European abortion laws and find the truth!"

Conservative commentators pointed to the episode as a consequence of unnecessary, corporate cowardice, and hypocrisy. YouTube, in the past, has cut monetization for videos deemed unsuitable for advertising, including videos about sensitive topics like suicide.

Those named above are not even the tip of the iceberg, as shown below from another content creator who got caught up in the demonetizing and deletion of videos by YouTube. At around the 3:30 minute mark, Vincent James from The Red Elephant channel provides a long, partial list of video creators that have been penalized, but have not violated any of YouTube's policies.

Browsing YouTube by searching "VoxAdpocalypse" or "YouTube Purge" brings up far more names than shown above, creating videos showing alternative platforms certain creators are uploading to in the event YouTube arbitrarily decides to purge them as well, with others simply explaining how they have now been demonetized, for no other reason than a million dollar media group and their cohorts in the press decided to go after an Independent creator, Crowder, because a thin-skinned liberal little snowflake from Vox Media got his feelings hurt when a comedian made fun of him.

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This is just the latest purge of conservatives (and others that got caught up in the "new" changes), but as we at ANP have documented in the past, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, have routinely been purging accounts and content, downranking pages and posts so that they cannot even be seen by people that chose to follow those accounts, which is all leading to their ultimate endgame..... silencing all Independent Media voices.

A recent Google algorithm change has cost the Daily Mail up to 50 percent of their daily search traffic, among other websites similarly affected.

The new algorithm was launched this past Monday, and some publishers are already taking a big hit. Most notable among them is the Daily Mail, which reportedly complained about losing up to 50% of its daily search traffic as a result of this update. The SEO director of the website even seems to have taken to Google’s help forums to report the huge drop, as spotted by the blog Search Engine Roundtable. He added that they saw their “Discover traffic drop by 90%” and it “has not improved.”

External numbers confirm that some sites have seen big drops over the past few days. A new report from Search Engine Land cites data from the SEO tool provider Sistrix, which indicated that many sites saw big drops in search visibility once the algorithm change went into effect. The Daily Mail was indeed listed on Systrix’s list of losers, along with and Vimeo.

Every day it is another conservative voice shadow banned, blocked, hidden, downranked or have their accounts totally terminated by Silicon Valley. They come after our income by demonetizing content, after our traffic by downranking posts or even search results, after the ability to perform simple financial transactions as some banks are refusing service to a variety of Independent Media personalities.

I could go on and on in regards to the methods being used to bankrupt and silence Independent Media and conservative voices, but the point here is their endgame which is to limit the amount of new readers, followers or listeners to any opinion that does not toe the liberal mainstream media narrative, and then forcing those same liberal MSM narratives down people's throats by making it harder and harder to find an Independent voice.


It has never been more critical or imperative to show support to Independent Media. Whether it is sharing articles on social media for those that have a social media presence, or emailing articles to friends and families, or telling someone about an Independent Media website to bring in visitors, or donating if one is in a position to do so, because Silicon Valley, with the help of the liberal mainstream media are doing everything in their power to silence us all.

As we at ANP can attest to, when YouTube first slapped a restricted mode on our whole channel we suffered financially, then they decided out of nowhere, even after we stopped creating new videos, to totally demonetize our whole channel, readers stepped up and kept us going. When Google downranked us in search and our Organic traffic dwindled, readers helped even more.

Each step by Silicon Valley taken to silence Independent Media has been countered by Independent Media readers, those that refuse to be left with nothing but the "official line" spoon-fed to them, whether it is notes of encouragement, sharing, or donations, it is those hungry for truth, for information not reported on by the MSM, that have stepped up to the plate.

ANP thanks each and every one of our readers for fighting this battle for truth with us.

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