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February 13, 2018

 'QAnon' Hints That 'Big Pharma Mafia' Carried Out 'White Powder Attack' Upon The Trump Family And Promises: 'Response Forthcoming'   

- FLASHBACK! After 2001 Anthrax Attacks, Two US Lawmakers Called For Investigations Into How The FBI And DOJ Handled The Case

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the lead story over at NBC News that the Drudge Report linked to on Monday screamed out that a 'suspicious letter' and 'white powder' event has caused President Trump's daughter-in-law Vanessa to be hospitalized as a precaution after she opened a letter addressed to her husband Donald Trump Jr., Susan Duclos quickly pointed out to me that this was the 2nd time that such a 'white powder event' has happened to the Trump family as back in March of 2016, President Trump's son Eric received a suspicious piece of mail containing white powder and a threatening note demanding that his father drop out of the presidential race.

Then, as NBC News reported on March 19th of 2016, President Trump's older sister, federal appeals court judge Maryanne Trump Barry, received a threatening letter - the day after Eric Trump also received the suspicious piece of mail containing white powder. While NBC reported there was no white powder sent to Trump's sister, they also report that "the threat in her letter was similar to that given to Eric Trump, a source familiar with the investigation said."  

And while nobody will forget the series of 2001 anthrax terror attacks that occurred within the US over several weeks starting on September 18th of 2001 with letters which contained anthrax spores mailed to numerous media outlets and two Democratic U.S. Senators (Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy), what is largely forgotten was the fact that both Senator Chuck Grassley and Rep. Rush Holt called for hearings into the DOJ and FBI's handling of the anthrax investigation after prosecutors determined one Bruce Edward Ivins to be the sole suspect of the attacks. Conveniently, Ivins had already 'committed suicide' (arkanicide?) and on February 19th of 2010, the FBI formally closed its investigation.


With those events killing 5 people and infecting 17 more, should we be looking more into those previous 'white powder' attacks with what we now know about our FBI and DOJ being 'politically weaponized' under the Clinton administration?

We also can't forget the series of 'white powder events' back in both 2008 and 2012 when banks, media outlets and politicians were also sent threatening letters appearing to contain anthrax or some other deadly poison. And while they were determined to be hoaxes, the October 2008 'event' involving banks came soon after the collapse of investment bank Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008 which helped catapult the world into a full-blown financial crisis. 

Seven Chase bank branches in Phoenix and the New York Times headquarters in New York received envelopes containing a suspicious white powder on Wednesday as a wave of threatening U.S. mailings spread.

More than 45 threatening letters have been received since Monday at financial institutions in at least 11 states, FBI spokesman Richard Kolko said.

“Most of the letters contain a powder substance with a threatening communication,” he said. No harmful substances have yet been identified but more tests are being conducted at regional laboratories, he said. U.S. authorities are always on the alert for such letters after incidents in 2001 in which envelopes laced with anthrax were sent to media outlets and U.S. lawmakers, killing five people and further rattling a nation shaken by the September 11 attacks. Asked if the bank letters were sent by a single mailer, Kolko said, “there’s certainly a common thread.”

From the 2012 'white powder event'.:

On the eve of planned May Day protests across the country, envelopes containing white powder were sent to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and six banks in Manhattan, officials said Monday.

The envelopes, intended to frighten their recipients but later found to be harmless, caused evacuations and shutdowns of the bank branches and a city building while the Police and Fire Departments investigated. No person or group immediately claimed responsibility for the mailings.

Five of them were branches of Wells Fargo and one was the Park Avenue headquarters of JPMorgan Chase. At one Wells Fargo branch in Midtown, the powder received there was determined to be cornstarch, the police spokesman said.

A city official said two of the letters sent to banks read in part: “This is a reminder that you are not in control. Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working. We have a little surprise for you. Think fast.” They ended with, “Happy May Day.”


While the 2012 events were believed to be carried out by 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters, we can't help but keep coming back to Senator Grassley and Representative Holt's quest to have hearings into the FBI and DOJ's 2001 findings, especially considering what we know today about the 'top' of those agencies which back in 2010 when they finally closed the 2001 anthrax cases, the 'head honcho' of the FBI was none other than Robert Mueller while the head of the DOJ was Eric Holder

Was this 'white powder event' at the home of Donald Trump Jr. a 'deep state' message to President Trump to back away?

With the 'Clinton crime family' obviously at the head of the deep state corruption we've been witnessing being exposed as 'the top' of the FBI and DOJ sold their souls away in a failed attempt to get 'satan Hillary' elected, we also hear in the first video below from Jerome Corsi that several Russian business executives who were involved in the Uranium One deal were recently killed in the tragic Russian plane crash. More names to be added to the still-growing 'Clinton body count'?   

And while the white powder sent to the Trump family turned out to be corn starch as heard in the 2nd video below from AMTV, a message has been sent to the Trump family. Please pray for God's protection of President Donald Trump and his family in what could be very dangerous days ahead. 


With Monday's 'white powder event' happening at the same time as a major 'unveiling' of the existence, power and corruption of a large part of the 'deep state', we find the recent post by 'QAnon' seen screenshot above to be interesting: "Our attack on big pharma came w/ a warning letter today. Message received. Response forthcoming". Was 'Q' referencing the 'white powder letter' sent to Donald Trump Jr.? If so, what might the 'forthcoming response' be?

We also should remember that 'big pharma' has access to all of their poisons and if anybody is in the position to help ensure a 'weaponized flu' is released into America, it might be them considering they are already making millions and millions of dollars off of the deaths of Americans who they've poisoned with their opioides. And as the Daily Mail reported today, big pharma is thriving as Americans are dying from the flu, allegedly in pandemic numbers. Did big pharma create it? 


With the mainstream media and leftist political apparatus enabling the hatred, vitriol and threats of violence that we've seen being directed at President Trump, his family and his supporters as our videographer tells us in the 2nd video below, even going so far as to cheer this 'white powder' attack upon the Trump family, we should all be prepared for absolutely anything ahead if the house of cards comes crashing down upon the deep state, the Obama administration and the 'Clinton crime family'.  

And while we still won't be holding our breaths waiting for sweet justice to be served upon those who sold away their allegiance to America and committed treason against our nation, as we see in the tweet screenshot above from Matt Couch, the founder and host of America First Media Group & Investigations, things should quickly go to another level with threats now being levied against President Trump's family. Watch out traitors - a storm is coming! 


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