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April 10, 2018

Closing In On A War With Russia That Could Escalate Into A World-Destroying Nuclear Holocaust, Nothing We Hear From The 'Slimestream Media' Can Be Trusted 

By William B Stoecker - All News Pipeline

Most people who depend on the slimestream media for their news haven’t a clue as to what is really happening in the world. We patriots, who have learned to doubt the narratives the government and the media feed us, who have learned to connect the dots and look for patterns, have at least a general idea what is really going on, but even we don’t know the details. The media have for a long time spiked certain stories and overemphasized others, and have given us opinions disguised as facts, but now they have reached the point of lying outright about almost everything of any importance.

According to most estimates, six major companies control most of the media; if we generously guess that about ten or so people dominate each company, then, at most, about sixty or so extremely wealthy people tell us everything they want us to believe about the world. Of course, there are a few alternative print magazines and newsletters, like the John Birch Society’s excellent New American magazine, and we still have some patriot sites on the internet. But, gradually, Google, U-Tube, and Facebook are beginning to censor the net; in the last year or so it has become a good deal more difficult to research articles like this one.


This control of the media apparently really began in the early twentieth century when the Rockefellers and other wealthy people began buying up many of the newspapers. They kept FDR’s crippling disability pretty much secret, and none of them ever told us about the real causes of the Great Depression or the betrayal at Pearl Harbor. But the JFK murder marks a kind of watershed for control of the media. Millions of ordinary Americans have been able to connect the dots and figure out that Lee Harvey Oswald, if he even fired the shots, did not act alone.

But aside from a miniseries on the History Channel some years ago, the media operatives, many of them quite intelligent and able to avail themselves of sources not available to the rest of us, have never told us the truth or even openly doubted the official narrative. And consider this: every FBI Director from J. Edgar Hoover until now has refused to tell the truth, and every President since 1963. Those who trust either the government or the slimestream media are UIs…useful idiots, self-deluded fools. They are, indeed, the American sheeple.

Before taking another look at certain recent events, remember the one time a part of the truth leaked out…only to be reburied by the media and soon forgotten by the sheeple. On 5/3/15 two Muslim terrorists attacked the Curtis Caldwell Center in Garland, Texas, which was hosting speakers who have warned us about Islam. They wounded a security guard and were sent to Hell by an off duty police officer, who shot them dead. But their plans were known in advance by our wonderful FBI, and an FBI agent even drove them to the scene and then withdrew some distance to videotape the hoped-for mass murder of infidels. But he was spotted, whereupon he fled, but was then captured by local law enforcement…only to be released without charges, and never disciplined by the FBI, who, as always, never bothered to explain the incident.

All of this is thoroughly documented. Think about it. The agent deliberately tried to set up a mass murder, and the higher ups in the FBI (who have recently proven themselves to be politicized and corrupt) were okay with it. In other word, they ordered, or at least approved of this attack. Keeping this in mind, take another look at the first WTC bombing, the one before 9/11, when the FBI admitted that they knew in advance that the Muslim terrorists (brought into our country by “our” government) were going to plant bombs in the parking garage of a WTC building and failed to stop them or even substitute fake explosives for the real stuff. They claimed that they were doing a sting operation, but sane and normal human beings do not risk thousands of lives to do a sting. Then, with all this in mind, take another look at all the other mass shootings and bombings of recent years, including 9/11. But the media will not connect the dots and the UIs cannot think for themselves.


We still have absolutely no idea what happened in Vegas, where Steven Paddock, for no known reason, allegedly shot 480 people, killing 58 of them, by firing 1,100 rounds at the extreme distance of 490 yards, meaning almost half his rounds hit people, making him the greatest marksman on Earth. He allegedly killed himself, and as “proof” our masters released a photo showing someone’s lower legs lying on the floor. They could be Paddock’s legs or someone else’s, and the owner of the legs could be dead, or very much alive. Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI changed their story over and over, contradicting themselves…a pattern that is becoming all too familiar.

Supposedly a private security guard, Jesus Campos, arrived on the scene, but it is not clear when, as the timeline kept being changed. Sheriff’s deputies now say they entered Paddock’s room an hour and 15 minutes after the shooting began (when seconds count, the police are hours away, so surrender your firearms). ISIS claimed responsibility but the powers that be claim there was no link to terrorism.

There were many reports of multiple shooters and mysterious helicopters; Paddock’s house was conveniently burglarized; Campos was allowed to visit Mexico for a time; and other security guards claimed they had never even heard of Jesus Campos. We don’t know for sure if anyone was killed, or, if so, how many. We have no idea if Paddock was really involved or not or if he is alive or dead. All we know is that if that many people really were hit there had to have been multiple shooters. And Sheriff Lombardo and the FBI thugs are saying nothing now, not even bothering to lie anymore.


Allegedly a former student killed 17 people at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on 2/14/18. The wonderful FBI and the local Sheriff’s Department and the school officials had received multiple warnings about this punk, warnings which they studiously ignored…another familiar pattern. If you see something, say something…and then the police will do nothing. Sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene, and one was already there, assigned to “protect” the students. These heroes stayed outside and let the students die…assuming anyone did die.

Sheriff Scott Israel, a Demoncrap connected to party higher-ups like Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Parkland is in her district), went on television within days, calling for gun confiscation because the gun-free zone was so safe and the cops were right there to stop the shooting. Governor Rick Scott, who had the power to remove Israel from office, merely ordered an “investigation,” another familiar pattern. It will likely drag on until the sheeple have forgotten Israel’s culpability, and the good sheriff will not be forced out of office, and the Demoncrap UIs in Broward County may very well reelect him.

A student named David Hogg has been on television recently, his face twisted by hate, giving communist salutes and calling for the disarmament of the peasants. He just happens to be the son of a retired FBI thug. Shortly after the alleged shooting, alleged children (most of them were adults) had a “March for Life” in DC, and allegedly they got the permit for the march long before the alleged shooting. Did they know something we don’t? According to the Freedom’s Phoenix site, Florida records list only one death in Parkland on the day of the alleged shooting…one Alice Levenson, who was not a student there.

Recently we learned something new about the alleged Pulse nightclub shooting that allegedly killed 49 people on 9/14/16, allegedly carried out by one Omar Mateen (yes, another Muslim). It turns out that his father was an informant for the FBI.


Sergei Skripal was a former Russian double agent who had secretly worked for the British until the Russians caught him and sentenced him to prison, only to send him to the UK in a spy swap. He and his daughter Yulia Skripal were allegedly poisoned in Salisbury, England. Allegedly the deadly nerve agent Novichak, used by the wicked, wicked Russians (and also available in the UK) was smeared on the handle of the door of their apartment, and they were allegedly found unconscious on a park bench in town. Yet this poison is so deadly that it is unlikely that they would have made it to the park at all. The Russians, fiends that they are, have pointedly asked the British government why they have been denied consular access to the alleged victims, who still hold Russian citizenship, and why the British asked the French government for aid in the alleged investigation. In another strange twist, the Witch Hillary, when she was Secretary of State, ordered her underlings never to talk to anyone about Novichak.

President Trump, before being elected, was very critical of our endless, undeclared foreign wars, but, once in office, failed to end them and pull our troops out. Recently he announced that he will pull out of Syria after all (and this time he really means it), only to reverse himself yet again and tell us that the war must continue. Then there was yet another gas attack by the monster Assad on his own people, supported by the arch-fiend Putin. Or was there?

This has happened before and proof never seems to materialize. Assad, with Russian help, has virtually won his civil war. Why would he risk international condemnation and give the US an excuse to attack him? This latest alleged war crime allegedly killed some 70 civilians in Douma, Syria, an area still held by Islamist rebels, on 4/7/18. But then the Hal Turner site reported that someone had photographed the gas canisters, and the pictures, posted on the site, show that the gas was manufactured by the Merck Corporation in Germany.

And so we move ever-closer to a completely unnecessary war with Russia that is likely to escalate into a world-destroying nuclear holocaust. Nothing we hear from government or the slimestream media…absolutely nothing…can be trusted. A little of the truth leaks out on Fox, mainly due to the efforts of Tucker Carlson and a few others, but even Fox does not challenge the official narrative on events like 9/11. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors where truth is a scarce and vanishing commodity.

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