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September 12, 2015

This Is How Insiders Will Let Each Other Know All Hell Is About To Break Loose - Are 'Big Events' Only Days Away? Lindsey Williams Website Shares September Secrets


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in July of this year, Pastor Lindsey Williams put out an urgent warning to American's in which he shared with us a list of things that we all should do before September 15th. With September 15th only days away now and the build-up to the alleged 'last day' of Jade Helm 15 now reaching fever pitch, we take a look at some of the theories surrounding 'September doom' as well as taking an in depth look at Williams' warnings for those who still have not prepared for what Williams says will be ongoing from mid/late September possibly through the end of 2015.

At ANP, we always frown upon putting dates upon possible future events. We believe no-one knows the hour nor the day. However, as Conspiracy Fact's Michael Dohrmann from 104.1 KQTH in Tucson, Arizona says in the 1st video below, the collapse of our economy is much like a heart attack waiting to happen...we've felt the signs and symptoms but the big event may still be days, weeks, months or more away. Knowing for a fact that there are people behind the scenes manipulating global events also gives us the opportunity to learn from what they are communicating about with each other - and in this video we learn a major sign of doom ahead that we should all be paying close attention to as September reaches its' midway point.


Dohrmann goes behind enemy lines in search of the truth and breaks down for us the 'big events' scheduled for September according to Lindsey Williams. For those who only want to watch the trailer and hear directly from Williams briefly outlining the things we should be doing, it is in the 2nd video below. The 1st video is well worth it as Dohrmann talks false flags, China, the nwo's planned implosion of the global economy and the advice given by Lindsey Williams.

Back on September 6th, Susan Duclos reminded us that we should always be prepared for the inevitable in which she shared some important advice from Williams. This story is a follow-up on her important warning and as Dohrmann tells us near the beginning of this video, it seems as if everybody is now waiting for 'the big event'. Telling us that even the 'economic collapse deniers' are now seeing 'the signs', will everything come crashing down at once via a massive false flag or sudden economic armageddon or will they stretch all of this out for many months more?


Dohrmann tells us that once we reach the point when they shut down the markets, that's not the time we should be concerned about. He tells us that what we DO need to be concerned about will be the market reopening, and that's the time he says we may very well be seeing the US military in US streets. Dohrmann shares that will be the day that the still sleeping masses FINALLY awaken to see that we are in a whole lot of trouble. Sadly, for most of them, by then it will already be too late.

While this video was published on August 29th, 2015, the information shared within is about possible forthcoming future events including the Shemitah, (only hours away now), the world currency reset (which is scheduled for October 20th, 2015, according to Williams), and the sign that elitist insiders will send to each to let them know all hell is about to break loose...the raising of interest rates will likely be that signal.




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