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September 9, 2015

Mysterious September 15th Warning On FEMA Signs Have People Asking - Does FEMA Know Something We Don't Know?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With everything else that we are now watching happen across America and the world in September 2015, the mysterious FEMA warning signs seen above and below with a September 15th date have people asking why the date of September 15th is so important? September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA is wisely advising Americans across the country to stock up now and according to the sign above, be prepared for AT LEAST 30 days, something that ANP agrees with completely and applaud FEMA for pushing this advice.

Yet, as some of our readers point out, why is the date of September 15th so important? A search for September 15th and FEMA brings up the fact that Hurricane Sandy victims have been given until September 15th to file claims. Is this simply a sign in front of a preparedness store somewhere pushing the Sept 15th date for personal reasons? While most preppers know why it's important to have AT LEAST 30 days worth of supplies on hand, why the 30-day warning on the sign? Another sign was seen at a gas station in Georgia.


A look at the website is full of good advice; almost enough to make us think that, all in all, our government are 'preppers'...and as we should know by now, they are.

Every day we see government preparation across America; All News Pipeline has been documenting it with the help of our amazing readers to the best of our ability every day for the past year+. It's quite clear, the government is getting ready for something huge. The theme of 2015's National Preparedness Month stresses the urgency: "Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today!" What does FEMA know that we don't know?


America's PrepareAthon website has over 20 million Americans who have signed up who will be participants in preparedness activities for September of 2015. Maybe alternative news and preparedness websites are getting their messages to prepare through to the masses. Then again, only 20 million have signed up as 'preparing' this September, and America has over 315 million residents... is this why forecasts only 65 million living in America in 2025? How many millions more are there who are prepared but aren't about to let the govt (or anybody else) know about it?

An excellent story for those who have already made the conscious decision that they will do whatever they need to do to help ensure their family's survival can be found from Brandon Smith at


As we reach the 2nd week of September and see World War 3 about to begin in prophetic fashion in Syria while the economy crumbles before our eyes (along with Europe), all that we can really do as Americans is make sure that we ourselves and families are prepared. In Brandon Smith's excellent advice he stresses communities and the odds of survival being much better in those situations than going it alone.

We also take a look at FEMA's official 'National Preparedness Month' video below in which our videographer shares their own thoughts about what this all means in the 1st video below. Is everything we're seeing just more predictive programming? In the 2nd video below, HighImpactFlix shares excellent info in his video on predictive programming, breaking down a movie coming out in May 2016 called "Captain America: Civil War" where we learn it's going to be 'all about choosing sides'. NWO terminology and predictive programming can be seen in huge amounts and make us ask; does life imitate art or is it the other way around? Have we reached a point in time where the entire world is but a 'stage'? Civil War? Does Hollywood know more than we know?

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