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September 8, 2015

Signs Everywhere WW3 Has Already Begun - Covert Warfare On Many Levels Has Seemingly Broken Out All Across The Planet


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

From a 4th mysterious China explosion that left huge black clouds billowing skyward to snap military drills for a major division of Russian troops, signs are emerging across the planet that a 'stealth' World War 3 may have already begun with a series of events that lead some military and political experts to believe that the first several rounds of an unconventional WW3 may have already been fired.

With news coming out of Russia that Vladimir Putin in Russia has ordered his Central Military District Troops into full combat alert while just over a week ago we learned that China has notified Washington DC that they had begun liquidating treasuries, we see a WW3 that is unfolding on many different levels and if recent indications are correct, we may soon see a massive expansion of global hostilities.

From financial and economic warfare to military's across the planet preparing at the very highest levels, from massive propaganda on all sides to the overthrow of systems happening before our eyes, we have reached a truly historical time in which all of humanity is in grave danger due to countless and repetitive extremely poor decisions by the few.

oww3.jpeg mqdadefault.jpg

Over at Natural News, Mike Adams recently told us that China's 'covert war' with the US has been heating up as China unveiled a new cruise missile that renders US carriers obsolete while at The Daily Coin we learn that Russian forces have set up a forward operating base near Damascus, Syria at the same time we learn of a major Syrian escalation as Washington DC demands that Greece block its' airspace from Russian planes delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. This morning we see that the Russian stock market is going through an emergency situation and problems have been reported at its FX and derivatives markets.


On the home front we see mysterious last minute military drills taking place along our East Coast while multiple mysterious Department of Defense linked drills take place in the Boston area for nearly 2 full weeks later on in September. We also learn that the left's push for gun control, i.e. confiscation, has kicked into overdrive after more mass shootings (some staged?) take place across America. America also has a grave new concern with terroristic attacks being carried out upon some of our own public servants after 'black lives matter' put out calls for violence to be carried out upon white's and law enforcement.  

In the videos below we hear from Kev Baker aka TruthTube451 who tells us in the 2nd video that China and Russia are both ready for WW3 while in the 1st video from Puritan Pictures we see that September of 2015 might just be the perfect time for an 'end times' collapse and World War 3 though we have to be very careful about where we are getting our information from. Our videographer confirms we are watching some extremely significant events unfolding. In the 3rd video below from Spiro, we learn about the new explosion in China as well as an explosion in Colombia while in the 4th video Spiro tells us all about the Snap military drills called by Putin in Russia.

2015 has so far been quite the 'explosive year' - let's all hope that 'the children' are done playing with their new toys or the rest of 2015 and into 2016 will likely be times for the ages. 

Has Putin been pushing WW3 with his own aggression towards the West?


Or were he and the nation of Russia just in the wrong place at the wrong time when the US decided to build our military bases in locations surrounding his country.....?? We know that there are problems on all sides.


Monday's explosion in China at another China chemical factory. Are 4 mysterious explosions such as these  just 'normal' or is there something much more at play?


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