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September 2, 2015

Last Minute East Coast Military Drills Send Out September Alarm As China Warships Seen Off Coast Of Alaska - Something Very Strange Is Going On!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the Pentagon recently warning that 5 Chinese war ships were seen off of the coast of Alaska, we take a look at an alarming story from AINonline that tells us on very late notice from the Department of Defense, ADS-B Surveillance and TCAS operations over Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida might become 'unreliable' as of 1 a.m. September 2nd.

The National Airspace System has told the FAA that they need much more notice for such military exercises that we learn here will go on until October 1st and will cover up to 200 miles off of the East coast. As the 1st two videos below from Spiro and Professor Doom1 tell us, this new information should be a major alert for the entire East coast and anyone at all who is paying attention. The major new SQAlert below outlines the danger that we all now face due to these latest 'exercises'.

Why would the US military suddenly need to run such exercises off of the East coast of America and on such very short notice? Does this have anything to do with the 1st time ever China war ships seen off of the coast of Alaska? Is all of this tied to the mysterious explosions that we have recently seen in China and the escalating hostile rhetoric, cyberattacks and financial warfare between the two nations? Following the 1st two videos below we take a look at recent reports of Chinese warships seen off the coast of Alaska as well as a video examining what appears to be World War 3 unfolding before our very eyes.

EMERGENCY ALERT CONCERNING- Surprise East Coast Military Air Drill to Effect Civilian Radar and Early Warning System

Heavy activity on Russian
VLF comm channel. The movement involves a large signal intelligence/spy vessel of the Russians that has been
Tracked going up and down the east coast and in the carribean, and also a whole task force of
Chinese sailing now already getting close to Alaska. Then last night a statement by the RUSSIAN MILITARY
That they are preparing an answer to the US sanctions, and it will NOT be like them, but something
To make the US wish it had not done them. China does
Blame the US for the three big explosions and also does not like the threats of sanctions either for
The cyber stuff. So, the bear and the dragon are both very angry and may just decide to do something
About it all, maybe starting in Syria and then having in position a retaliatory strike near CONUS (THE US MAINLAND)

The SQ Alert above is further validated by this breaking story from the Free Beacon in which we learn that US intelligence ships, aircraft and satellites are closely watching a Russian military vessel now IN the Atlantic Ocean that has recently been seen near a US nuclear missile submarine base and underwater transit routes. A source says the Russian spy ship is carrying cable cutting gear and mini-subs. More below.


Why should we be so concerned about these last minute military drills that will shut down the eyes and ears of much of the East Coast in September? As Professor Doom points out, with everything else that has been going on in recently including wellness checks in South Carolina, countless military drills coming out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina and nuclear apocalypse drills in Florida, do they know that something bad is about to occur? You can check out the FAA's announcement of these exercises here.

With Russian spy ships recently reported to be operating off of the East Coast while they've also been conducting long-range bomber exercises near US shores and off of the Gulf of Mexico, are we about to witness a major escalation of hostilities towards the US by China, Russia or other hostile entities such as North Korea? As our videographers point out, there is something very strange about these 'drills'.

In the 4th video below fromTruthNeverTold , we hear that Henry Kissinger predicted World War 3 with China. Are all of these recent developments more signs that Kissinger's warning is about to come true? Why would the US military broadcast these outages to the world over the next month, possibly giving our enemies an opportunity to take advantage of this situation to do us harm? Coming during the last 2 weeks of Jade Helm 15 and lasting until two weeks after the exercises are supposed to wrap up, the timing of all of this is crucial we can see.


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