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February 1, 2021

Without Trump To Obsess Over, Liberals Eat Their Own, Never Trumpers Are Exposed, And Media Throws Their Own Hero Under The Bus 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Let me start with the "make liberals head explode" sentence before detailing proof of my assertion: "President Donald J. Trump was right."

In just the first two weeks without Donald Trump to attack, lie about, misrepresent or selectively edit quotes from, we are seeing the media search for someone to attack, even if it is their "Emmy winning" hero, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Liberal late night comedians, having lost Trump to whine about for the majority of their shows, are now attacking each other.

Never Trumpers have gone from being the liberal/media darlings to hammer conservatives with, by claiming they are true "conservatives" against Trump, to scandal ridden, with a notable group The Lincoln Project busy tripping over themselves to disassociate themselves with one of their co-founders accused of being a gay sexual predator.

The media and liberals are also tossing each other under the bus over Biden's broken promise of immediate COVID relief checks.

If this is them after less than two solid weeks of not having Trump in the White House to obsess over, one can only imagine how bad it is truly going to get.


In 2017, Donald Trump spoke to his belief that he would win re-election, and in that interview he pointed out that the media needed him for ratings. This is a comment that liberals scoffed at, but to which has been reported in some form or manner by a variety of publications.

LA Times asked "How will cable news thrive without Donald Trump in the White House?

Vanity Fair acknowledges that CNN's obsession with Trump is what brought their ratings up, now without the Trump money machine, Jeff Zucker, who runs CNN, was eying the exit.

New York Post points out that CBS and CNN used their obsession over Trump to stop reporting the news and to start "distorting" the news.

New York Daily referred to Trump as the "Golden Goose," for the media.

There are dozens of search pages reflecting the same pattern. Trump was a ratings goldmine for the media, which made their constant attempts to destroy him very self-defeating. 

Then again, no one ever accused them of being long-term thinkers.....or even any type of thinkers.

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Anyone that has been paying attention over the past few years will remember that late night liberal comedians constantly pushed their politics, using Trump to whine and complain about on every show. 

Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, and a whole host of others spent four-plus years turning their supposed "comedy" show into a long, extremely unfunny Trump joke.

Unable to regroup into "comedy" from all politics and whining, all the time, it appears that without Trump to "joke" about, they are starting to look to each other, and nitpicking what one another is doing, while attacking each other on social media.

Did Jon Stewart join Twitter just to weigh in on the Wall Street drama? Maybe so, as the one-time host's first tweet on the platform highlighted his support for Redditors who have pushed the price of GameStop stock. "This is bulls**t. The Redditors aren't cheating, they're joining a party Wall Street insiders have been enjoying for years. Don't shut them down ... maybe sue them for copyright infringement instead!!," Stewart wrote.

Jimmy Kimmel seemingly disagreed with the ex Daily Show host and jokingly compared Stewart to former President Donald Trump, who became infamous for his controversial tweets and subsequent removal from the platform. "RealDonaldTrump? Is this you?" Kimmel wrote in a since-deleted tweet. Social media users were quick to slam Kimmel for attacking one of his own colleagues. "I think Jimmy Kimmel is the least funny existence known to man," one person wrote. Another person chimed in, writing, "He just needs to be canceled already. He's been on for way too long. why are they still paying him to be lame and corny?"

The problem for liberal comedians that made it their mission to dedicate their show to complaining about Donald Trump, is that now they are left without their favorite topic, their "golden goose."

Much like Hollywood "celebrities," the media, social media liberals, and Democrat politicians.

Without Trump they are hanging in the wind, swinging back and forth.


This next one is actually pretty amusing because it isn't just about liberals eating their own, but the media realizing they are now in a position where they have to tell the truth about New York and the state's response to COVID-19.

Since the beginning, every mistake a liberal governor made in their response to COVID, they just pointed at President Trump and screamed "It is all his fault!!!!!!"


Now that Biden is occupying the White House, the media has no one to use as a distraction from liberals, so they have a choice.

Biden or (insert liberal that screwed up here.) Because they put all their eggs into the Biden basket, the liberal that screwed up is the one that is going to be thrown under the bus.

The most recent example of this is NY Governor Andrew Cuomo.

The death of thousands of elderly in retirement homes or assisted living facilities, was defended by the media at every turn. Every mistake made, Cuomo would point to Trump and cast blame, and the propaganda arm of the democrat party would gleefully repeat every lie and excuse as if it was Gospel.

Now, the media is being forced to admit, Cuomo, the man that was given an "Emmy," for his "masterful," COVID briefings, is now the next liberal to be eaten by his fellow liberals in the media.

Now the big "scoop" as it was referred to on social media by New York Times pundits is that Cuomo isn't and has not been "following the science, or the recommendations of his own health department, to which multiple members have stepped down because of.

Via NYT ( link here)

In recent weeks, the governor has repeatedly made it clear that he believed he had no choice but to seize more control over pandemic policy from state and local public health officials, who he said had no understanding of how to conduct a real-world, large-scale operation like vaccinations. After early problems, in which relatively few doses were being administered, the pace of vaccinations has picked up and New York is now roughly 20th in the nation in percentage of residents who have received at least one vaccine dose.

“When I say ‘experts’ in air quotes, it sounds like I’m saying I don’t really trust the experts,” Mr. Cuomo said at a news conference on Friday, referring to scientific expertise at all levels of government during the pandemic. “Because I don’t. Because I don’t.”

So now that Trump isn't there for Cuomo and the media to blame for every stubbed toe or hangnail, apparently the media has just realized that their media darling, Andrew Cuomo, is actually responsible for his own policies and actions.

Yet another example of liberals eating their own now that they lost their golden goose.


While there is not a whole lot of issues the left and the right agree on these days, it appears that Biden lying about the immediacy of $2,000 COVID relief checks, along with Biden's claim before the GA run off election, that if leftists elected the two Democrats, those checks would be immediate.

Of course, they are all ready to throw each other "under the bus" over this one as the hashtag #BidenLied started trending with leftists and liberals tearing into him.

Via Twitchy, linked above:

The trend is #BidenLied.

Now, we assumed it was driven by a majority of Conservatives, especially after seeing this weak-a*s attempt by Billy Baldwin to try and hijack the thread...

But nope.

The people driving the trend, the people making it trend, are those who believed Joe when he promised them IF they voted for Democrats in Georgia $2000 checks would go out the door IMMEDIATELY. Not a month later, not a week later, not even a day later.


And gosh golly gee, Biden lied.


When liberal buyers' remorse kicks in before the second week has already gone by of the Biden occupancy, it is guaranteed that their cannibalistic tendencies are going to get very ugly.


The folks over at The Lincoln Project, supposed conservatives, became media darlings because they worked tirelessly to see Trump defeated in 2020, are now no longer useful to the media, so finally the truth about members of the group are starting to be revealed.

Such as one of the founders, John Weaver, has been accused by multiple young men, over 20 of them, of being a sexual predator. Despite the young men's attempts to get the truth out there, it wasn't until they no longer needed the group of Never Trumpers that finally the media started looking in to the group and the members in the group.

The group has attempted to claim they didn't know Weaver was a sexual predator, yet multiple attempts were made to get a comment on the story before it broke wide open, so they were very aware of his history and the accusations.

 The hits keep coming: Now we learn that another member of The Lincoln Project, Stewart Stevens was slapped with a restraining order for stalking a woman in Vermont, in 2019.


Superior Court Judge Megan Shafritz issued a no-stalking order against Stevens last Friday, barring him from contacting or approaching the woman, Paige Hinkson, until July 2019. Stevens had been subject to a temporary no-stalking order since last June, when Hinkson filed her initial complaint; it was extended five times.

In her ruling, Shafritz wrote that Stevens had called or texted Hinkson or her husband, Craig DeLuca, 151 times between April 2017 and March 2018 — often late at night and always from a blocked phone number. The judge also found that Stevens stared Hinkson down at a Stowe café, sent DeLuca a threatening package and engaged in other behavior that led Hinkson to appear “frightened and distraught” in court.

“I am petrified of Stuart Stevens and I desperately need the protection of this court,” Hinkson said during a hearing last June, according to court transcripts. In an interview Wednesday with Seven Days, she called the situation “excruciating” and said she’d been “living in terror because of Stuart Stevens.”

Had the media done some actual research or investigating of the group rather than letting their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) rule them, and using them on all their shows to claim "Republican against Trump," perhaps these men would have been exposed long before now.

Now that liberals have no more use for the Never Trumpers, we will see more actual research done because the media has to try to justify tossing them to the curb after years of putting them on pedestals.


Some  believe in what they call the "Trump Curse," where those that attack Donald Trump seem to subsequently suffer some very bad luck.

I call it karma.

Either way, President Trump was right, they needed him and without him they are infighting, eating their own, throwing former "allies" under the bus, and attacking their own heroes.

There is not enough popcorn in the world for this.

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