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November 29, 2015

Situation Deteriorating Rapidly: Clock Is Ticking Towards World War 3 As Crack Down Begins In Europe And Elite Run Off To Their Bunkers


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Scanning news headlines of the last few days we find a similar theme at a lot of different outlets; at Huffington Post we get "Has World War III Already Started" while over at the NY Times we get a story simply called "World War III". Infowars has former CIA operative Bob Baer telling us "Get Ready For WWIII" while CNN asked "How Is This Not World War III?" Over at NY Daily News we hear "Wake Up! It's Already World War III" while two UK outlets take it a step further with Metro asking "What Would REALLY Happen In A Nuclear War?" while the Mirror asks "What Would Happen If A Nuclear Missile Was Launched At The UK?"

With NATO allegedly "shaking in their boots" and the US "terrified" of new Russian weaponry technology that can allegedly shut down complete 'allied' communications according to former Reagan Cabinet member Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, we too see the small possibility of 'Peace' spoken of by Roberts in that recent interview, sadly tempered by everything else we see unfolding all around us. Alex Jones explores much of what we see unfolding in the 1st video below, a rare 'World War III Emergency Alert' from Alex at Infowars that everybody needs to see.

In Turkey we see a country that is getting ready to implode upon itself, as all evil countries eventually do, after violence erupted after a prominent lawyer was assassinated on live TV a day after prominent Turkish journalists were arrested for exposing Turkish government crimes of arming terrorists. France too is cracking down on protesters.


We also need to remember Serena Shim, an American journalist in Turkey who was murdered after uncovering Western assistance to ISIS. Officially she was hit by a truck but we all know how that goes. The 2nd video below looks more into the sad story of Serena Shim that should have had Barack Obama and the West totally distancing themselves from terrorists ISIS and Turkey rather than embracing them more as they have. Why isn't the mainstream media talking about the murder of Serena Shim in Turkey? If they're covering it up to help the West cover up their aiding of ISIS, they're complicit in this murder and should be held accountable.

Here at home, talk of censoring 'hurtful speech' runs rampant by crybullies on college campuses and from presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who recently embarrassed herself, again, by attempting to shut down comedians who handed her a well-deserved shellacking. Infowars' "Make Fun Of Hillary" contest should be a blast where you could win up to $5000 for creating the best satirical/comedy video making fun of Hillary Clinton.


Alex also takes a look in this video at signs previously reported on ANP that the elite were beginning to 'bug out', moving to private islands and underground bunker compounds. We know that the government of Russia has quite an elaborate doomsday compound and we know that the US military has moved much of their command back under their Cheyenne mountain bunker as everyone prepares for war except for the clueless American sheeple. Much more below.

For those who don't know the story of Serena Shim and don't feel like or have time to watch the video below, we get a quick breakdown of her her and sad death from AntiMedia.:

PressTV reporter Serena Shim, a U.S. citizen, had been investigating the flow of anti-Assad militants and weapons from Turkey’s border region into northwestern Syria amidst heavy fighting near the town of Kobanî. During this time, she attracted the attention of Turkish Intelligence (MiT — Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı). Though locals knew her and the integrity of her reporting, MiT proceeded to question them and requested her whereabouts — under the unfounded guise Shim had been acting as a spy.

In reality, Shim had uncovered evidence of secret Western assistance to the Islamic State”a particularly touchy subject for Erdoğan, as seen in the arrests of Dünbar and Gül. Her video evidence of this assistance — reportedly “proof of Islamic State terrorists using United Nations World Food Program vehicles for a convoy” into Syria, likely akin to Dünbar and Gül’s discovery — has never been recovered. Her passport and wedding ring, seized by Turkish authorities sometime after her death, have never been returned to her family.

Serena Shim and her cousin, cameraperson Judy Irish, unlike the arguably more fortunate Dünbar and Gül, were ostensibly “hit by a truck after turning into the opposite lane on a highway access road,” as reported in Shim was killed, though discrepancies are plentiful in official reports, including whether she died at the scene or an hour later from heart failure in the hospital. Shim and Irish were inexplicably taken to hospitals over 25 miles apart from each other by Turkish military officials, not police, who ‘investigated’ the wreck. After outrage from Shim’s family, Turkish authorities — who first claimed they were unable to locate the vehicle responsible for hitting Shim and Irish — eventually produced photos of the accident, which they then claimed had been caused by a cement truck driver.

Shim’s family has yet to receive answers from either Turkish or U.S. authorities about her dubious demise.

Are we now on the edge of World War 3? All signs point in that direction and we can only hope for cooler heads at the top; sadly, all things considered, it appears there are those who don't have humanity's best interests in mind in positions of power in many different countries. This final video examines events over the last several days and what we're now watching from a Biblical perspective of approaching 'end times'.


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