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November 2, 2021

While 'Joe Biden And His Puppet Show' Spuriously Bankroll The Invasion And Overthrow Of America, The Globalists Put The Pedal To The Metal In Their War Upon Christianity And Americans 

By Alan Barton - All News PipeLine

I’ve heard commenter’s on the radio and read recently some snippets that only approximately 8% to maybe as high as 10% of Americans – no, wait, let me rephrase that a bit, that 8% to 10% of those living in the USA are leftist ideologues (read as Marxists, fascists, radical left wing Democrats etc.) while about a quarter, 25% about, are what could be called Christian Conservatives.  That means we outnumber them by approximately three to one.  According to recent “polls” which we all know are something far short of reality, there are about 30% to 35% that support Joey Biden and his puppet show for the Kenyan and his Satanic minions, while about 52% to as high as 65% that say they are on the wrong track and they do not like where this nation is headed.  I read one yesterday that puts the number over 70%, so it would seem the occupiers in this nation’s capital are not doing well whereas the reports that as high as 52% still support the Biden regime.  Those numbers do not really seem to be the most correct or accurate, but it is what is being reported.  It seems to follow along the lines that about 82 plus million people voted for Donald Trump for President while best guesses shows maybe 38 to 42 million actually voted for the pretender (but he got 81 million while Trump only got about 65 million ‘donthcha know’).  That first number I gave is obviously made by subtracting the known fake votes and minus the built in voting machine errors and outside manipulations of computer votes from the reported 81 million votes reported for the inept one.  When you look at the massive rallies for Trump and the sparse mostly news reporting groups for the Pretender to the Throne they compare favorably with the current crop of contestants in various state and local races, so the numbers of Conservatives versus Marxists is still the same ratio as a year ago and our election system is still broken beyond any reasonable expectation of accurate vote tallies.

Those numbers in between the radical left (let’s call them those siding with evil for the sake of categorizing) and the Christian Right reminds me of Revelation 3:15-16 “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”   I take that to mean that those siding neither with the Marxists nor with the Libertarians are just sludge, not worth anything to anyone because of their not taking an intelligent stance and backing it up with positive actions.  I am too old to fight, but I can write and perhaps convince some of the need to take the righteous side.

The general consensus among those using rational thought indicates that in order to get the lefts numbers up without resorting to such drastic and easily proven voter fraud is to pack the nation with leftist voters, to buy them with monies stolen from the general population by importing them on a truly massive scale unlike anything before seen in history.  And they have been doing just exactly that, even offering up to $450,000 per person or up to $1 million per family.  But will that ever actually happen?  I doubt it very much.  I don’t think it could ever pass muster through the Senate nor do I think they can legally mandate it, although they may try to do so.  Perhaps it is just one more example of attempted outright money laundering that the left is so famous for, especially with politicians like the Biden’s, the Obama’s, the Pelosi’s, and on and on, as exemplified by the Biden painting scam money laundering sales.


Add to that all of the “refugees” pouring in, or rather, being shipped into our nation by the evil regime in Washington DC. 

The vast majority of which are males of military age although the news speaks of huge numbers of families, they are minimal in actuality.  That same thing goes for those crossing our Southern border; the majority are of military aged males while those “families” are mostly criminal gangs using rented or purchased slave women and children as fake families and are re-sold and re-used to get yet more criminals into the USA.  That is the reason Trump had them separated, to help save those kids and women.  It is seemingly impossible to get a real number, but most guesses I have come across are in the 50% plus range, up to 80% or more.  Why?  That is not just voters being shipped in as we are supposed to believe, not by any measure of reality.

They are being shipped in by Bidens direct orders as shown in this directive from the White House;

The planes were only allowing women and children on to fill up the planes after those men were boarded, and directed to overfill the aircraft to “err on the side of excess”.

Those aircraft leaving Kabul were filled with UNVETTED Afghans, just stuffed with whatever bodies they could stuff them with.  Well over 100,000 random Afghans were exported by the Biden regime before the US Military did their cowardly overnight escape, with many thousands more after that fateful and despicable act.  NONE of them were being vetted, just rounded up and shipped like a cattle drive of old.  The Gateway Pundit put it this way in an article by Jim Hoft recently, “US Marines on the ground at the time said the Biden regime only wanted the numbers for propaganda purposes and did not vet the Afghans flying out of Kabul.

This was the plan all along.  And Jen Psaki and the Biden regime then bragged about how many Afghans they rescued from Kabul omitting the fact that these people were not vetted and that it was a mad dash to the planes to get out.”

Why?  To get the numbers up for propaganda is one more often mentioned reason, and likely has some bearing on the case, but there is far more to it I believe.

MonkeyWerx has been covering the flights of criminal invaders – errr, excuse me again, I meant to say “refugees” – invading our national borders for over a year now.  Not just invading, but being flown in from way south of our border and from the mid-east directly as shown in this recent YouTube clip from him among so many others he has done concerning the PROVEN BY ACTUAL AIRCRAFT FLIGHT DATA TRACKING reality of this awful situation.  They fly them in to military bases and then fly them all over the USA to waiting buses that ship them around to whatever camps they have waiting for them in the middle of the night so as not to alert the public to the massive numbers of criminal military aged men invading our once great nation as shown in this report by Flag & Cross, “While Americans sleep, the fly-by-night tactics of the Biden administration are delivering illegal immigrants to communities across the country”.


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Tipped off about the flights, the Post said its reporters saw flights largely composed of children and teenagers, with some young adults, landing in Westchester County….. After landing, some were taken to New Jersey and others to Long Island. Others were sent to locations in New York City or Connecticut. Some children went away in cars one by one “   Why the special interest in the children?  One might guess for child pornographic purposes as the left is of wont to do, or for child rape sessions that the left pays for, or for Satanic rituals as described by numerous stories; but without any hard proof on exactly how many and exactly where they are now because of deliberate government deception and subterfuge in hiding it all, what can I really say?  There are many rumors of just exactly those things happening so I mention it so you may keep your eyes and ears open.

One other probable purpose is to have someone to replace many of the displaced American Citizens jobs as they purposely and with intentional malice remove us from our jobs via insane Vax Mandates, shutdowns of shipping systems to kill jobs and to starve us out, lethal drugs to destroy our out of work and homeless veterans and young folks that cannot find employment but are paid to NOT work instead filling our liberal cities with junkies and criminals creating war zones as if we are now in another civil war as shown by Susan Duclos and yours truly recently in those linked recent ANP stories.

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County Arizona in the First Video below speaks with the Steve Bannon in the War Room on some of the horrors on the border caused by the Biden regime.

Seven years ago CNN had a story (among so many) titled “Showdown over immigration: ‘This is an invasion’.   Their video would now be banned from YouTube and other sites because of what they said; it is not currently politically correct.  “The sentiment carried over to a raucous Wednesday night meeting at a Murrieta high school auditorium. Border Patrol and immigration officials got an earful.

This is an invasion,” attendee Heidi Klute said before a full house. “Why isn’t the National Guard stopping them from coming in?”   Please note that we are just getting reports that those drug cartels are now putting armored war wagons and troops on the border with the intent to invade the USA side of the border to control it from both sides of the Rio Grande.

That same year (2014) The New American also had a story on it titled “the Illegal Immigration INVASION” and said “It used to be that when illegal aliens made it across our border with Mexico, they’d flee as fast and as far as they could from any Border Patrol agent. Now, by the thousands, they’re eager to be caught.”  So what changed?  It then went into the Trump administration where they stopped mostly until the Obama/Biden/Harris regime infested our leadership positions where it is again not only open but actively inviting them here.  Trump also called it an Invasion as shown in this The Hill story from 2018Trump: Migrant caravan ‘is an invasion’” and he is quoted as saying Many Gang Members and some very bad people are mixed into the Caravan heading to our Southern Border. Please go back, you will not be admitted into the United States unless you go through the legal process. This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!

It sure would be great if we still had an actual President in office rather than an idiot puppet of the NWO Satanists. 

Take a look at all the criminal illegal’s invading our nation; what color are they?  All kinds of colors or races, but very few are “white”.  Why might that be important, or even a concern?  What is one of the harshest criticisms of the Satanic left that we are being inundated with?  Are you a Conservative?  If so, then you are a racist white Christian, just being white is proof of racism and only whites can be racists they say. According to the enemies of this nation (the modern Left), you are the modern ISIS, the Taliban, the evil of the world.  You are the modern Terrorists that the Bush regime declared war on; you are the enemy of the United States no matter what kind of service or injuries or losses you incurred defending this nation, no matter what you have done to make this nation better.  If you supported the actual winner of the 2020 elections, you are known as a “MAGA”, or the embodiment of evil because you are not a Marxist revolutionary that destroys our cities with riots and burning them down and attacking our police and fire departments in the war against everything that made American the greatest nation that ever existed on God’s blue globe.  You are evil because you know the difference between a man and a woman, and that women only can give birth, and that man is the father of those children.  You know that there is absolutely nothing good that can come of the Satanists war against Gods children.  Yes, there is an actual war going on, it is the original war in Heaven gaining new traction, new power as those of the evil left do all they can to destroy Good and our God before the final wars preceding His return in power and glory.

I began by going over the invading armies of non-whites, and showed how many top leaders actually considered them INVADERS and not just immigrants.  NO!  I am not racist, I do not care what color you are as you are a child of God as am I, but it is their reason for war on us.  They are secretly positioning them where they will do the most damage to our systems as should be obvious in the coming months as our resources and tempers are put to the highest stresses and the war intensifies on We, the American People, the ones that actually BUILT this great nation.  That three to one advantage spoken of above is being eroded rapidly as the forces of evil militarily invade this nation and form units to make war against us.  They do all they can to dishonor our forbears that put their all, even their very lives on the line to create the greatest nation ever.

Yes this is REAL WAR being waged upon us by the truly Satanic evil of the left.  Make no mistake, if you are not prepared, if you do not stand up, if you do not teach your children well the Sacred Nature of our Liberty given of God to We His Children, then you will be those that are just lukewarm that get spit out.  Even worse are those that create this evil, those that will burn at His Second Coming.  There is a clear distinction between the two opposing sides although I do realize there are all sorts of gray areas of uncertainty and doubt, of differences of opinions and beliefs, of abilities to wage this war.  This is a war mostly of ideas, of the difference between Good and evil, or the continuation of the War in Heaven.  It is almost past time for intelligent debate, but not quite yet. 

Yes, I realize that I am breaking new ground in this wrap-up of my train of thought, but I do not think I am off base or pointing in the wrong direction.  This situation is almost to the breaking point and cannot go much further without total war.  Not just in our streets, but wars are increasing all over the world and war WILL breakout with China, Russia or both united together against us.  When they do, we are toast, literally as we cook in nuclear fires as declared by the Prophet John in his Revelation from our God.  It may be a couple or so more years before it all comes crashing down, but we can see things developing in that direction faster and faster.  Many say we are already in the new Civil War and I agree, but it can and will get so much worse that most of us will not survive.  I am not trying to be dark and depressing, but am worried that not enough of us are ready enough or fully realize just how fast and how bad things are progressing.  It is time to make peace with our God and follow His paths so that when we do pass on, we are on His right hand with His sheep and not on His left with the goats.  It is that grave of a future as I see it coming down in the coming decade with the next couple of years being the ones that will make or break us completely.

May God bless us all.

Complete Intentional Failure by This Administration

Gog Magog Coming Soon - MonkeyWerx

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