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October 7, 2020

Tens Of Millions Of Americans Now Planning For A 'Post-Election Day Political Apocalypse Scenario': 'America Will See An Increase In Violence As A Result Of The Election' As Majority Of Democrats, Republicans And Independents Agree 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

As ANP readers know, we do not put much stock in the actual numbers coming from pollsters, but use polling to document patterns and trends and we are seeing one specific pattern that is very disturbing.

Recently we reported that 61% of Americans seeing the possibility of civil war happening after the 2020 presidential election, while 52% actively stockpiling necessities in "anticipation of disruptions." 58% of those stockpiling say they are doing so in case of a resurgence of COVID-19, while 42% think racial concerns and political unrest as to being the cause.

That poll follows others that each showed an increase in the amount of Americans that were concerned about civil war and/or more political violence that what we have been witnessing the past few months.

Adding to those pattern and trends, Braver Angels recently commissioned a poll to assess the potential for political violence.

Sadly, one of the only things all political parties, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, agree on, is that there will be a violent aftermath of the 2020 election.

When respondents were asked what type of violence they expect to see and under what conditions, the answers are very telling.

Top ten listed below:



Looting and burning

Antifa & Blm riots and looting

More riots and division of races

Mass rioting and protests. Perhaps more police getting attacked.

If Trump wins antifa will be out in force . Backed by the democrats and Soros

Riots, looting, violence, fires, chaos

Damage to buildings and rioters

If Biden loses, the radical left will continue the violence, riots and domestic terrorism they have perpetuated since Hillary Clinton was fairly defeated. Liberals are immature, spoiled children who believe the way to getting what you want is to have a tantrums.

See more data here.

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Other recent reports indicate that this trend of violence for political purposes, is not just being seen by certain pollsters, but in research studies across the board.

Via Politico:

Unfortunately, we’re not being alarmist about the potential for violence; trends in public opinion that we’ve been tracking provide strong grounds for concern. Our research, which we’re reporting here for the first time, shows an upswing in the past few months in the number of Americans—both Democrats and Republicans—who said they think violence would be justified if their side loses the upcoming presidential election.

This growing acceptance of the possibility of violence is a bipartisan movement. Our data shows that the willingness of Democrats and Republicans alike to justify violence as a way to achieve political goals has essentially been rising in lockstep.

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Social media giants, such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, are expressing fear of "civil unrest," while other groups such as Fight Back Table is planning for a "post-Election Day political apocalypse scenario." 

If President Trump is re-elected, riots on a massive scale may be billed as a protest against his continued leadership. If Biden succeeds, the Left will seek to ensure that their almost complete takeover of the Democrat Party is solidified. Progressives will demand that, as the price for their support, their most radical policies be adopted. If their demand is not met, they will take it to the streets. Joe Schoffstall, writing for the Washington Free Beacon, notes that the leftist group Fight Back Table is planning for a “post-Election Day political apocalypse scenario.” 

The Democratic Party leadership’s condoning of the aggressive tactics of Antifa and Black Lives Matter has put it in a position of holding a tiger by the tail. This is particularly prevalent in cities with Progressive mayors. Having failed to forcefully condemn the use of violence as a political tool, and having welcomed hard-core socialists into their ranks, they have encouraged the growth of unlawful tactics and the rise to power of those who use them.

Of course left wing groups are warning about violence as well, claiming it will come from conservatives, despite the evidence over the course of the past months that Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) has been acting as the Democrats' military arm, burning cities, looting stores, destroying businesses and attacking innocent members of the public.

It is not only pollsters and outside groups that are preparing for November violence, but U.S. intel groups are also concerned about violent "extremists" from both sides of the political spectrum.

They should be.... as we have reported time and time again, there is only so long that conservatives will put up the attacks from the left and if all hell breaks loose after the presidential election, the right will be prepared for the increase in violence being planned.

Intelligence reports by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other American security agencies warn that domestic extremists are preparing to wage violence in November, with one official calling the situation a “witch’s brew” that could spell unprecedented chaos throughout the country. 
Security agencies have issued numerous reports warning of possible election violence in recent months, with the majority of these warnings coming from the FBI and the DHS. Earlier this month, Yahoo News reported sobering passages from a security alert issued jointly by the two agencies, which saw an increasing likelihood of election-related violence by domestic extremists. According to Yahoo News, the warning focused on domestic violent extremists “across the ideological spectrum”, who were likely to “continue to plot against government and election-related targets to express their diverse grievances involving government policies and actions”.


We cannot being to count how often we hear people claim that any reporting of "bad" news, or these type of expectations are just "fear porn," yet almost all evidence, whether polls, groups preparing and U.S. intel agencies, are all seeing what we have been warning about all year.

The uptick in violence now across the country, the attacks on conservatives due to political ideology, will only get worse after the election, especially if President Trump wins reelection.

It will depend on how much worse things get, and what type of response will come from local, state and federal authorities, as to how much worse, and how widespread the unrest will be. Only those with their heads in the sand, or not keeping track of the reports coming out daily, doubt there will be a major increase in violence.

Take the warnings seriously. That doesn't mean grab your go bag and bug out, but rather keep your eyes open, stay away from large groups of people, keep younger family members close so they do not get caught up in the civil unrest, and be prepared to protect yourselves.

No one knows how much worse the violence will get, but looking at the events and increase of violence the past few months, we know it will get worse, just not sure how much.

Be ready, stay alert and be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best.

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