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October  20, 2015

Are They Getting Ready To 'Pull The Plug?' Convergence Of Events Show We May Be In The Midst Of The 'Final Phase'


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

All across the Internet, whether it is in social media, comment sections, forums or emails, we are seeing a basic theme from "news junkies,"  people that spend a considerable amount of time researching and watching current events, and they are all asking a variation of the same question..... "are 'they' getting ready to pull the plug?"

Whether it is people of faith watching events occur that they believe matches biblical prophecy or those that aren't affiliated with religion watching the headlines nationally and globally, we are noting the same feeling of unease, a heaviness of heart and soul, an intellectual observation of current events which seems to be reaching a crescendo that has led all the aforementioned segments of the population to wonder if the puppet masters of the world have finally determined that now is the time for the final phase.

From the economy to the potential of World War III, a nuclear war at that, and a number of converging events in between, we are watching the world community on the verge of implosion from a variety of directions.

Is it all by design? Are we watching so many attacks, coming from so many directions, that historians decades into the future will not be able to actually pinpoint what was the proverbial "straw that broke the camels back?"


Economic News - We see that big banks are now telling American firms they do not want "cash" deposits. Previously we have noted the International Monetary Fund, in their latest IMF global stability report has painted a very grim picture about the global economic situation, which has prompted warnings to "batten down the hatches." At the same times as those warnings were given, similar warnings of an "imminent economic crisis" were given by the UN, BIS and Citibank.

An important note here is that financial gurus, trends forcasters, traders and economist of all stripes had been warning about the true economic situation for the last few years, predicting all of this.... so when the time came that big banks, the FED, the IMF and others could no longer manipualte the system, just as the former experts predicted, now we are seeing the two opposing narratives finally converge.

That should be a major red flag.

War News - While Dr. Jim Willie recently pointed out that "nearly every single region in the world is now in some kind of upheaval," we are going to focus on what some have referred to as a possible "game changer," which is Syria.

While the U.S. is busy arming the so called "moderate" Syrian rebels as NATO, the UK and the U.S. continue their military strikes against ISIS, we have Russia, China, Iran and Cuba all involved, but at odds with the U.S. military plan for Syria which is to oust the syrian leader Bashar Assad. The Russian airstrikes against ISIS are also taking out the very "rebels," that the U.S. is arming.

Please note the majority of those involved, and at odds with their group missions, are nuclear powers.

Some experts believe Syria, like Ukraine, is nothing more than the latest location of a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, with others thinking there may be no way to prevent a return of the "cold war" era between the U.S. and Russia. 

It does appear as if many in the global community are choosing sides in what many see as a "powder keg," where just one spark, one "accident," or incident, could very well kick off a nuclear World War III.

In America - Many Americans seem to have developed ADD, where the "next shiny object" can take their eye off the ball, but some are capable of stepping back and looking at the big picture, seeing all the events happening, in the same time-frame, and note that we seem to be reaching that crescendo spoken about earlier in the article.

Some of those events include, but are not limited to; Barack Obama once again pushing for gun control as coincidentally or not, a series of shootings occur, with the media deliberately stoking the nation with fear as an MSM writer calls for the State Department to list the National Rifle Association (NRA) as a terrorist organization and a Liberal Professor calls for all gun owners to be shot.

Mystery illnesses, food shortages, Ebola back in the news, a potential nuclear disaster in St. Louis where 40,000 tons of nuclear waste is being held, which just happens to be a location seeing massive cyber hits according to Norse, the signing of the TPP which some consider the biggest threat to Internet Free Speech ever, layoffs at a number of tech companies, and America looking more and more like Nazi Germany did just prior to WW II...... just to name a few of the latest issues facing America.



Ladies and gentlemen, we have encouraged people to prepare for the worst and hope for the best at every opportunity, but with events coming at us from every direction it is not an exaggeration to think that the "final phase" of whatever the psychopaths in charge have in store for us, is coming upon us..... we will reiterate, everyone needs to be prepared for anything at this point. An economic collapse, a terrorist attack, cyber warfare that could take out the grid, a massive erathquake as warnings and science are predicting, a world war, whatever  the "event," we are approaching a point where being prepared could very well be the difference between life and death.... literally.

Too many people who have never met, do not visit the same forums, do not speak with the same people... all are talking of the feeling that "they," call them the puppet masters, the Illuminati, the NWO.. whatever you want, but "they" are about to pull the plug.

With preparation being our final thought here, we have had many ask how do you prepare when you live paycheck-to-paycheck and can barely pay the bills you have.... 

I recently ran across an interesting video where the creator decided to explore how to really survive, in a big way, on $1 a meal, that's $3 a day, and $21 for an entire week.

Via the video details: "I set out to figure out how it would be possible for someone to really eat, not only cheap, but still make amazing food and feel satisfied. 

On day one I am exploring how to shop at the market on a budget, getting the most bang for your buck and how to start prepping food for the week as well as making a few quick snacks and snagging samples and condiments from stores to help with the week."

For those that spend a hundred or two hundred dollars a month on food alone for you and your families, perhaps this will give some good ideas on how to spend a little less now, so you can take a little more to buy some extra canned goods, water, medical supplies, warm clothes for a cold winter, etc... to prepare for what is on the horizon.

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