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June 22, 2016

Hunting Humans Could Become 'Big Game' In Future As Economy Continues To Crumble - With The Elite Now Using Food As A Weapon Against Humanity, 'Dark Tourism' Is Already Worth Billions Yearly And Set To Explode As Chaos Takes Hold


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story that the Drudge Report linked to on Tuesday from the Mirror sounds like something out of a dystopian science fiction horror novel but apparently it may one day become all too real; "Hunting Humans Set To Become Big Business For The Super Rich Within The Next 100 Years" we are told. As we hear in the 1st video below from WeaponizedNEWS.Com, we're now getting more and more proof that the 1% want to put the rest of us into a 'hunger games' scenario as we approach UN's Agenda-2030. The 2nd video below is the trailer for the classic movie "Running Man" which takes place, by the way, in the year 2017. ("Oh what timing!" Susan says!)

While the elite hunting down humans might sound way out of the realm of possibility to some, the fact that the majority of men and women living in Venezuela are now very hungry with some resorting to hunting down dogs and cats to eat, just to survive, while the elite in Venezuela still dine on gourmet foods should send us a loud and clear signal that it's not out of the realm of possibility. When we also consider the way we're heading in society with dark and evil forces at work all around us, we should heed the warnings of what experts tell us it would take for our society to reach that point which they warn we're already approaching, though we may still be 100 years away from.

Telling us that 'dark tourism' is a flourishing business even now in 2016 that is worth billions of dollars a year, we're told that the range of 'dark tourism' from now into the future range from scenes of death from concentration camps and museums dedicated to serial killers and mass murderers to one day featuring the real-life barbarism of the soulless elite hunting down other human beings for sport, and maybe food, if it's not happening privately already.

As if we need more proof of how far America and the West have already fallen, we're told that the 'elite' will likely be willing to pay millions of dollars to be able to hunt down and murder other human beings and by the year 2200, such 'events' will likely become televised public spectacle, similar to 'The Hunger Games' or the classic 'The Running Man'. 

The nightmare prediction comes from Daniel Wright, senior lecturer in tourism at the University of Central Lancashire in a paper for the scientific journal Futures.

He outlined a world ravaged by economic and ecological disasters , leading to overpopulation and a huge gap between rich and poor.

But, he said, it also reflect both the past when public executions attracted huge crowds, to the craze for 'Dark Tourism' that is currently work billions a year.

This includes scenes of death from battlefields to Ground Zero, concentration camps open to the public and even museums dedicated to murderers such as Jack the Ripper or Dracula. 


What would it take for us to reach the point where the elite hunting human for sport is not only widely accepted but becomes a public spectacle such as the Hunger Games movie series that showed the youth hunting each other down for sport, in a sick public sacrifice, broadcast for the entire world to see? Is this what our world is coming to, a futuristic gladiatorial society where life no longer matters and people pay to witness or participate in public murder? 

Hunting humans as an underground sport could happen as early as 2100, the report suggests, but becoming an authentic tourism experience by 2200.

Of course the world will have to take a turn for the worse to reach a situation where rich people can hunt poor people for sport.

Daniel Wright said: "Death as a spectacle is not a new phenomenon in social spaces.

"In fact, our past arguably shows the human fascination for death, through various forms, to be more of a social activity.

"Roman gladiatorial games and public executions are well documented examples throughout history."


Have America and the West already fallen so far that the future that is warned of for us as early as 2100, that includes the elite hunting down human beings, could become a reality far before they warned us it would? With the economy now heading towards freefall and evil spreading all around us as warned in these three recent stories from Susan Duclos on ANP, have we already arrived at a point where that crossover to barbarism is already upon us? 

It has been widely proven that the elite who are working to destroy America have a depopulation agenda in store for mankind so that they can get the population of the Earth down to their ideal number of 500 million as represented on the Georgia Guidestones. We have warned time and again that the elite will use food as a weapon upon the people and as we see now in Venezuela, a country without food quickly leads to widespread chaos.

The fact that these elite would have no problem hunting down other humans and would actually pay to do so should come as no surprise to ANP readers who know that in this world, absolute evil exists and can be seen in many places all around us if one only looks hard enough to cut through the veil of deception that surrounds us.

We're told it would likely take a "future 'captured in fear' scenario" that could lead to the sci-fi nightmare of human beings hunting other human beings down for sport (or food?) We'd venture to bet that it is already happening in small corners of the world where there is no media to broadcast it and nobody left after 'the games' to tell the world the truth.

Ecological disasters mean not enough food or land to support the population and megarich tourists hunting the poor to keep the numbers down but as sport too.

Wright, outlining his future vision, added: "During these activities the oppressive mega-rich carry out vacations to purposely slaughter humans, with the 'claimed' aim to reduce population size, but an element of perverse thrill and excitement was said to be fuelling the demand.

"Due to the strain on resources for human survival the practice gradually became more recognisable and acceptable on the part of the wider population who form part of the wealthy-elite."

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