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* Australia's 'Mass Death Camps' And Manhunts For 'Quarantine Prison Escapees' Are Showing The World The Globalists Tyrannical Hand - 'This is martial law, this is a war crime, this is a crime against humanity'
* Joe Biden's 'Woke' Military Could Learn A Lot By Looking Back In History To A Titan Like George Patton: 'Political Correctness' Should Never Come Before Defending America
* Breaking Down 'The Thing' Of Nightmares Causing Blood Clots, Seizures, Heart Attacks, Deaths And So Many People To Have 'Bad Luck' In The 'Game Of Russian Roulette' Called 'The Vax'
* MSM War On Free Speech Enters Yet Another Phase As Media Pundit Wants Anti-Biden Memes 'Combatted' AKA Censored To Protect Joe Biden From His Own Nation-Destroying Policy Failures
* The Deception Is Complete: Evidence 'The Bioweapons Of Depopulation And Genocide' Being Used On The World Were Developed Over Decades To Create Carnage And Catastrophe
* Study Warns 'More Insidious Threat Lurks Behind Pandemic' As Australia Turns To 'Door To Door' COVID Hunts And Wikipedia Seeks To Ban 'Mass Killings Under Communist Regimes' Page- We're Witnessing 'Orwellian Memory Holing' Being Carried Out Before Our Very Eyes
* ANP Wishes Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving 2021 - All Day Open Thread
* US Politician Warns America On 'A Slippery Slope' Towards Full-Scale Tyranny While Warning Of People Dying From 'The Vax': 'We Need To Tell The Good, The Bad And The Ugly About The Vaccine'
* While The Left Is Now Openly Calling For Communist Revolution, The Stage Was Set For 'No Church, No Family, No Private Property, US Cities Looted And Burned And All-Out Anarchy' Long Ago
* Gun Grabbers Unhappy That Self- Defense Is Lawful: 'Step Away From Justice' And Focus On How Rittenhouse Verdict 'Feels' Wrong Says CNN As Media Continues To Melt Down
* Joe Biden's 'Bounty On Our Lives' Explains The Shockingly High Mortality Rates In US Hospitals, aka 'Murder Factories'
* Trucker News 'Beyond Catastrophic' As Chilling Truths Become Undeniable - One-Third Of Truckers Say 'Hell No' To Vaccines Which Will Critically Impact Food Supply Chain If Mandates Are Enforced

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* People Long Drowning In A Sea Of Misinformation Are Slowly Awakening As 'Cognitive Dissonance' Strikes Hard & The Globalists 'Orwellian Doublethink' Masks Melt Away
* In Light Of This Incredible, Growing Plague Of Corruption At The NIH, CDC And WHO That No One Is Talking About, The American People Are Funding Their Own Enslavement!
* Horrified Woman Warns Her Whistleblower, Doctor-Partner Was Murdered: Recently Warned What's Really In The Vaxxes And Trust Us, If You've Been Vaxxed, You Don't Want To Know - More Proof Hospitals Have Become Murder Factories And Ivermectin Is Saving Lives
* As Joe Biden's 'Dark Winter' Arrives, The Brainwashing Of Society Has Been Kicked Into Overdrive As All-Out Psychological Warfare Is Waged Upon 'The Masses'
* CA Provides The Perfect Example Of What They Want To Turn All Of America Into As Limousine Liberal Robbed 15 Times, Says It Is Just 'Living In A Big City' Because To Them That Is Normal
* As America Goes Through World's Biggest Power Grab Since Attila The Hun, Doctors And Scientists Speak Words Of Truth About 'The Vax' That For Most Americans Will Be Too Hard To Handle - Those Pushing For Tyranny Will Never Tell Us What 'The Vax' REALLY Does To The Human Body
* 'The Magnitude Of What Is About To Occur, Globally, Is Unprecedented': Alarming Evidence On The Systematic Dismantling Of America And 'War Upon Americans From Within' - Globalists Flying Military-Aged Foreign Invaders Into US Cities In The Dead Of Night
* Americans Terrorized By The Media As The Family Unit Is Dismantled And Fear Used As A Cudgel To Divide Families And Friends Over The Thanksgiving And Christmas Holidays
* Grocery Shopping's Future Will Bring Severe Food Rationing As Overlords Preach: 'Poverty Is Good, Deprivation Is Plenty And Empty Shelves Are A Reset To The Way Things Should Be'
* Joe Biden's Intelligence Community Is Vastly Underestimating China's Nuclear Capabilities: From Such Miscalculations, Pearl Harbor's Are Made
* Last Month They Were Running 'Exercises' Simulating An Aerosolized Smallpox Terror Attack! From Event 201 To This Smallpox Scare, Bill Gates Hands Are Covered In Blood
* With 'Build Back Better' Set To Bury America, Democrats Double Down On Their Failures No Matter How Badly They Harm America Or What Americans Want, The Public Be Damned

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