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* Study Finds White Liberal Women Prone to Mental Health Issues - The Question Here Is Are They Drawn To Liberalism Because They Are Crazy, Or Did Liberalism Drive Them Crazy?
* Of COURSE Our Public Servants, The Government, Would Attack 'We The American People', Blaming Others! The Long Sordid History Of False Flags To Accomplish Political Objectives - America Is Rapidly Being Herded Towards The Globalists Tyrannical End Game
* Red Alert! Biden Targeting All Patriots In Official 'Domestic Terrorism' Strategy Doc While Completely Ignoring The Death, Devastation And Damage Of Antifa/BLM Riots
* Something Very Strange Is Afoot: Food, Water And Pipeline Hacks Offers Dire Warning And Questions Of Whether Our 'Enemies' Are Preparing To Shut Down America Before Striking
* The Hostile Takeover Of America's Farms, Food Supply And Production Are The Latest Signs America Is Being Herded Back Into A Nightmare Of Serfs Living Under Overlords- Land ownership is in HUGE trouble in the USA and getting rapidly worse, by design
* The Shocking Truth Of The COVID Lockdowns Isn't Just Devastating, But Should Be Considered A Deliberate Act Of War Against The American People
* The Most Terrifying Media Statement Ever: 'The Biden Administration Is On The Case' - Shortages Cripple Certain Industries And Food Is Getting More Expensive Than Families Can Afford
* After Attacking Motherhood And The American Flag, Now They Are Going After Apple Pie - Is There Anything Left That The Liberals Won't Attack?
* America-Hating Commies Within The Nation Find American Flags 'Disturbing' As Others Claim Flying Old Glory Is Racist - Message To Them: Feel Free To Leave
* Second Amendment Court Win Leads To Meltdown Of Liberal Gun Grabbers - If California Fights This Ruling It Could End Up Affirming Gun Rights From Coast To Coast
* As The American Taxpayer Funds America's Destruction, Those Seeking Truth Are Being Labeled 'Dangerous' By Big Tech - First They Created The Problem, Now They're Offering 'The Solution' - Remember! Their 'Dangerous Solution' Is To Get The World's Population Down To 500 Million
* With Most Americans Still Completely Unprepared For A 'Black Sky Event', North Korea Is A Mortal Danger To America, Possessing A Weapon That Could Destroy The US In A Single Blow

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* Joe Biden And Allies Put America On A Track To Lose Our First Nuclear War: Democrats Want To Abolish America's Biggest Impediment To A Surprise Nuclear Attack - What Could Go Wrong?
* A Deeper Analysis Of The Government's Involvement In The Events Of January 6th, Taking Into Account Their Historical And Systematic Abuses Against The Rights Of Americans - The coming days, weeks and months should prove this beyond any doubt whatsoever
* As America Is Pushed Beyond The Breaking Point, Be Prepared For The Coming Onslaught As Biden And Democrats Catapult Us Towards The 'Eve Of Destruction' - The Outright Chaos You Feel Now In America Was Clearly Self-Inflicted
* The Democrats 'Kill Count' Continues To Grow Into 2021 As People Are Awakening Quickly To The Shocking Number Of Mysterious Deaths Surrounding The Clinton's And The DNC- Why Do So Many People Tied To The Clinton's Meet Their Untimely Ends?
* These Mysterious 'Instructions For A Post-Apocalyptic World' Warn Us To Be Prepared For A Grand Culling Ahead As A New Mutant, Deadly Scourge Is Unleashed Upon America
* The CIA Has 'Ghosted' Its Weather Modification Story At A Time When A Killer Drought Is Striking America And Water Is Absolutely Necessary For EVERYONE'S Survival- We Were Warned Long Ago Weather Mod Would Provide Techniques For Conducting 'Secret Warfare'
* Mysterious Plane Flights Across America May Be Flying In Chinese Mercenaries And Weapons As ANP Readers Warn Of Feelings Of 'Something Very Nasty Headed Our Way' In The Days Ahead
* Powerful Speech Warns Joe Biden Is Trying To Turn America Into A Socialist Hellhole While Offering America A Battle Cry To Be Prepared For Trouble In The Days We're Living In
* Democrats Are Running A Shakedown, A Scam Of Epic Proportions, Upon The People Of America In An Attempt To Steal The 2022 And 2024 Elections
* 'Lying China Joe Biden' And Democrats Are Intentionally Forcing The Chaos On America Needed For Them To Crack Down Upon All Americans And Bring In Their New 'Hammer And Sickle'
* The Insane World We Now Live In - Americans Are Not Getting Smarter, They Have Been Dumbed Down To Unprecedented Levels And It Is Getting Worse
* With Zombie Rage And A Dose Of Deviltry Unleashed Upon America, Things Will Get REALLY Ugly, REALLY Fast, As The Mutagenic mRNA Injections Start Dropping People In Their Tracks

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