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* This Is Why Millions Of Americans Will Die In The Numerous SHTF Scenarios Which Await America: Most People Really Do Believe 'That Could Never Happen Here' - People Will Never Prepare For TEOTWAWKI If They Think 'Government' Will Save Them
* The Covid-19 Lockdown Is Conditioning Americans For Tyranny: The Continuous False Alarms From The Chicken Little WHO Are Part Of The Greatest Medicine Scandal Of The Century- What we can do to overcome the censorship, lies and disinformation
* A Nuclear Nightmare Awaits America If Democrats Get Their Way - As Russia And China Weaponize Space, This Very Real Existential Threat To America Looms Much Larger Than Covid-19 - Despite What Democrats Believe, America's Nuclear Deterrent Has Prevented Great Wars And Potentially Millions Dead
* As Over 30 American Cities Descend Into Utter Chaos, Violent BLM And Antifa 'Protesters' Need To Smell A Whiff Of Grapeshot - 'Domestic Terrorists' Need To Learn A Lesson Before They Turn The Suburbs Into Rivers Of Blood
* This Is What Most Americans Are Missing: The Ties Between Bill Gates, The Covid 19 Vaccine, Digital ID's And The Full Implementation Of The Global Control Grid - 'Most Tyrannies Begin Because Men Have Moved Too Late'
* About Those Strange Deliveries From China, I Got Mine!!! Whether it Is Agricultural Warfare Or Just A 'Brushing Scam," They Now Have Names And Home Addresses Of Americans
* 'Get Ready For The Worst Train Wreck In History': Coronavirus & The 'Manufactured Revolution' Could Push America Into Martial Law As Monetary Chaos Always Follows Moral Collapse - Democrats Should Remember History: Revolutions Can Seldom Be Controlled
* With The Greatest Battle Of Our Lives Ahead Of Us, Please Dedicate Your Fight To This Patriot Who Is No Longer With Us: RIP Lloyd Marcus, Creator Of The Music Video 'Trump Train 2020'
* How Much Blood Must Run On The Streets Before The Zombified Masses Wake Up To The Deliberate Destruction Of America?
* The Final Countdown Has Begun As The Globalists Tyrannical Agenda Transforms America Into 'Theater Of The Absurd' - The Covid 19 Global False Flag Part II: The Psychological & Medical Attack Bringing The Population To Their Knees To The Authoritarian, Globalist System
* Black Lives Matter Ridicule, Renounce, And Reject Western Civilization And Plan To Rescind It! As America Falls Some Will Have No Concept Of The Loss Until It Is Gone
* It Is Going Down Now - Blatant Election Interference By Big Tech And Social Media Giants Has Kicked Into Overdrive

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* The Bigger Covid-19 Picture Has Come Into Sharp, Clear Focus And It Is Horrifying - More Signs Emerge Of Where Democrats Are Trying To 'Herd' America In 2021 And Into The Future
* 'Things Are Heating Up Faster Than Expected': The Lunacy Across America Is Getting Worse As 'The Final Countdown' To America's Frightening Future Has Begun
* More Astounding Evidence The Takedown Of America Was Engineered Long Ago As We Rush Towards 2025 And Deagel's Forecast Of America As A 3rd World Nation - '3 Months Of Hell' Bringing Shockingly Low GDP To America Another Sign Of What's To Come
* This One Image Says It All: Americans Despise The Establishment Media Because They Have Become Activists Rather Than Journalists - All They Think About And Report Is "Orange Man Bad"
* Preparing For America's Last Days With The 100 Day Countdown To Carnage And Mayhem Now On, America Already On Fire And And Warnings Of More Turbulence And Chaos Ahead - Pastor David Wilkerson Warned Of UN Troops On US Streets And America On Fire In Our Final Days
* It's Now Or Never Time As America Rushes Full Speed Ahead Into The Danger Zone: One Election Stands Between 'Freedom' And America A Leftist Banana Republic Worse Than Venezuela
* If You Didn't Plan Ahead You'll Be Blindsided By What's Coming: Panic, Suicides, Hunger, Food Riots, Gang Violence & Utter Mayhem Are Ahead - A recent British study declared we are only 'nine meals from anarchy!'
* Connecting The Dots On The Covid-19 Deception: 'Withholding Information Is The Essence Of Tyranny While Controlling The Flow Of Information Is The Tool Of Dictatorship'
* The Covid-19 Global False Flag Showed How Easily 'The Masses' Can Be Manipulated & Controlled While Bringing Down Entire Economies And Leaving Freedom Hanging By A Thread - Thinking For Yourself Is The Only Regimen For A Full Recovery - Part I
* The Reckoning Is Here: The 2020 Summer Of Hate Will Be Known As The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back Leading To A Second Civil War
* PLANDEMIC SCAM UPDATE – Texas Governor Greg Abbott In The Spotlight Over Unconstitutional Mask Mandate
* 'Violent Anarchists' Ignored And Supported By MSM, As Media Lies Increase Ahead Of 2020 Presidential Election

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