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* Totalitarianism Emerges When 'Righteous Activism' Is Coupled With 'State Power': The Trap That America Has Fallen Into Has Happened Time And Again Through History
* 'This Is Not Science, It Is Satanic Evil': The Left Has Re-Defined The Meaning Of Science To Push Their Own Schemes And Anti-Christ Agenda
* As One Manufactured Crisis After Another Strike America, Disastrous Consequences Await Those Who Are Unprepared For A 'Dead Of Winter' Grid Down Scenario - America Showing All Of The Signs Of A Country Under Attack From The Inside
* The New World Order We Were Warned Was Coming Is Now Here And America Will Never Be The Same - Medical Martial Law, Empty Shelves, Radical Socialism And More, All In The Name Of Control
* Brace For The Full Implosion Of America In The 'Dark Winter' Ahead As Globalists Fully Detonate Their Plans Upon Us, Leaving Us A Pulverized, 3rd World Nation
* Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes (Or Pictures!) Says MSM To Americans As They 'Fact Check' Aka Lie About Empty Shelves Across America
* As Tyranny Is Imposed, Criminals Dictate The Terms Of Engagement And That's What's Happening Now - Law And Order Is Dead In America Because Of Leftist Leaders And Policies
* Expect Most Americans To Be Left Shell-shocked By An Impending Blitzkrieg Of Manufactured Earthquakes And Weather Events
* Prepare For Utter Mayhem And Carnage In US Cities As Over 120 Locations In America's Biggest City To Be Hit By DHS 'Gas Exercises' While Critical Infrastructure Is Dismantled - 'They're Coming For Essential Workers First, Then They're Coming For The Rest Of America'
* With Death Panels Here, Imagine Barcodes On Americans Foreheads To Scan Vax Status Now Dead Ahead: Left Joins International Community In Damning All Of Humanity Into Slavery And Dictatorship
* Throw Down The Gauntlet And Stand Firm, America, Or Die As Cowardly Slaves - We've Reached A Point Where Only Nationwide 'Resistance' Will Allow Americans To Defeat Tyranny, Again
* Extremely Creepy Examples Of Liberals Breeding And Raising Insane Social Justice Warriors Who Turn Into Radicalized Extremists - The Fight Against This Craziness Has Just Begun

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* Through History, Dictators Disguised Tyranny With Fancy Bows: Whether Biden's Re-Education Camps, Orwell's Joycamps Or 'Hillary's Fun Camps', Their Goals Are Indoctrination And Genocide - 'A Recipe For Tyranny' Was Cooked Up And Served Before America's Blinded Eyes
* Blood Has Been Spilled And Some City Streets Already Look Like War Zones: No We Are Not On The 'Verge' Of Civil War, We Are In The Midst Of One
* More Evidence Depopulation Is In Full Swing: The Numbers Of Deaths Following 'The Vax' Are Being Hugely Underreported By The MSM, Govt And Medical Establishment
* The Criminal Syndicate Running America Has Unleashed A Plague Of Homelessness And Drug Addiction On Democrat-Run Cities, Assuring Chaos And A Colossal Number Of Deaths In The Future
* China's New Superweapon Test Leaves America In A Blind Spot: Capable Of Delivering A World Shattering EMP, America Has To Play Catch Up Now
* With Even Medical Doctors And 'Big Pharma' Executives Warning 'The Vax' Is A 'Depopulation Weapon', Everything Happening Now Is Tied To 'Population Reduction By Whatever Means Necessary'
* It's Time To Follow This Roadmap To End Global Genocide Before Most Of Us Are Dead And Gone: The White Rose UK Sets An Example For The World To Follow
* 'The Politics Of Starvation' And Cascading Consequences Playing Out Now As Weapons Much Mightier Than Missiles Are Used Upon America To Complete Our Transformation Into A Socialist Hellhole
* Between Atrocious Stupidity In Hospitals And The Vaxxed Being Superspreaders, Americans Are Better Off Avoiding The 'Kill Factories'
* China's Grave Warning To Taiwan Has Our World Sitting Upon A Nuclear Powder Keg That Could Ignite At Any Moment With America Firmly Opposed By A Nuclear Triad
* Catastrophic Consequences Should Await Those Who Lied To The World To Usher In Medical Tyranny While Enriching The 'Big Pharma Mafia' Beyond Their Wildest Dreams
* 'We Are Teetering On The Edge Of A Face-Off': Pentagon Warns 'Tensions Escalating Sharply', Increasing The Likelihood Of A Cataclysmic War In Our Futures

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