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* As History Is Being Erased Across The Nation, Celebrate Independence Day As If It Will Be The Last Time You Can, Because It May Be - The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave
* It Is All About To Blow - We Are Sitting On A Powder Keg Of Rage And Liberals Are Tossing Matches Around - They Never Should Have Woken The Sleeping Giant
* Normal Americans Are Fed Up With Feminazis, Antifa, BLM And Rioters - In Case You Missed It, We Are In The Midst Of Civil War In America
* Finally, The Hammer Is Dropping On Antifa And Other Liberal Domestic Terrorist Scum - Patriotic Americans Have Had Enough
* Modern Day Events Across The Planet Show Us The 'Perfect Storm' Is Upon Us But We're Witnessing Just 'The Tip Of The Iceberg' - So We Should All Prepare, Now, While We Still Can As We Are Running Out Of Time
* Our Daily Dose Of Stupid - White Liberals Tell Black Cops To Get Back On The Plantation In Latest Example Of Liberal Racism
* Former 'Slave To Communism' Has Urgent Warning For Americans: 'Defend Your Country Or It Will Be Destroyed' - America Is Well Worth Fighting For As Liberals Try To 'Cancel' It Out!
* Lock, Load & Prepare For America Becoming The Most Volatile Nation In The World With 4 Months Till The Election With Blood Already Flowing In The Streets
* Canary In The Coal Mine - Imagine All Of America Being Like Chicago As Liberals Push For A Lawless Nation Where Rioters, Looters, Arsonists And Savages Have Free Reign
* It's Going To Get Very Ugly: Any Civil War Will Not Be 'Black Versus White' But Rather Patriots Against The Anarchists & Antifa Better Remember That Patriots Are MUCH Better Armed And Trained
* CHINA'S EMP THREAT: America Is The Most Vulnerable Country In The Entire World To EMP And China Could Easily Send Us Back To The Dark Ages With This Technology - The People’s Republic of China Military Doctrine, Plans & Capabilities for EMP Attack
* Attacks Against Independent Conservative Media By MSM, Radical Liberal Activists, And Big Tech Collaboration, Intensifies Ahead of 2020 Election

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Alternative News

* Democrats Are Using America's Younger Generations Like Hitler Did His Nazi Youth: So The Carnage Across America Now Hints Of Total Destruction Ahead If We Stay On The Same Path We're On - Their ultimate goal is to control the lives, speech, and actions of everyone
* Liberals 'Love' America By Burning, Looting, And Capturing American Cities - Just Imagine What They Might Do If They Win The Presidency In 2020
* Democrats Celebrate The Right To Murder Their Own Children As The US Supreme Court Further Legalizes 'Black Genocide' - 'Democrat Death Dealers' & Black Eugenics Go Back 100 Years! Democrats Have Long Been 'The Party Of Death'
* 'Democrat Revolutionaries' Are Pushing For Their Own Slaughter By 'Declaring War Upon America' - So Arm Up Heavily Now, Because 'War' Has Been Declared Upon 10's Of Millions Of Law-Abiding Conservative Americans - Democrats Are Working To Destroy America 'By Any Means Necessary'
* China's 'National Security Crown Jewels' Are Well Hidden Behind A Wall Of Lies & Disinformation - When China Says 'No First Use' Of Nukes, We Need To Remember They Don't Consider EMP A Nuclear Attack!
* If This Communist Coup Attempt Goes As Others Have Through History, Democrats & The Terrorist Gangs They Support May Try To Slaughter Millions Of Americans Should They Win In November - Democrat Insanity On The Streets Of America Another Reason To Arm Up, NOW!
* Retired Prosecutor Snaps: Goes Over To The Dark Side In Aid Of Woke Corporate America Reimaging Tired Old Racist Brands
* Americans Are Now Being Terrorized By Hypocrites Wearing Black Robes As US Supreme Court Rejects 'Normal' To Favor The Abnormal, Abominable & Abhorrent! Americans Should Retaliate Against The LGBT Mafia With Our Dollars! No Court Or Legislative Body Can Stop Us
* The REAL Reason Democrats & John Bolton Hate President Trump Should Be A Dire Alarm To All Patriotic Americans As Their 'War Upon America' Turns To Mass Bloodshed Upon Each Other - America Has Entered A Dangerous New Phase As We Rush Towards November
* It's A HUGE Clue When ALL Of Social Media Is Censoring Specific Information - So, Why Are They Playing 'Thought Police' To The 'Great Culling Of 2020'?
* UN Cops On US Streets Enforcing The Democrats Despotic Agenda Would Be The Last Straw For Most Americans
* BLM Is Being Used By Democrats To Spearhead Their Marxist-Leninist Revolution As Racial Pandering Is All They Have Left - Patriotic Americans Must Be Prepared To Repel The Communist Plan To Overthrow America!

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