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* Stage 2 Of The Sinister Blueprint To Lock Down America Has Been Unveiled & Dumbed Down Americans Are Diving Headfirst Into The Trap - Globalists Are At War With Humanity & Our Extermination Is Their Goal
* Be Prepared For Some Massive Sticker Shock In The Coming Weeks - Food Price Hikes Are Out of Control And Only Going To Get Worse Going Forward
* All Is Going According To Plan For The Leftists Long Working To Take Down & Destroy America - All Rioting By The Democrats Terrorist Arm Antifa Is Repulsive & A Run-up To Revolution!
* With Leftists Busting Out The Guillotines & Antifa Finally Officially Exposed As A Terrorist Organization, Democrats Are Unleashing Their 'New Great Terror' Upon America
* Victim & Killer Working Together For Years At Same Minneapolis Bar Another Sign 'Orchestrated Chaos' Is Being Unleashed On America! The Psychology Of Rioting Is Insanity & The Globalists Are Pushing It All The Way To The Bank
* Gargantuan Confusion, Corruption & Conspiracy At Federal Health Agencies! President Trump Should Deny All Funds To The Corrupt World Health Organization, Including Its Pappy, The United Nations
* Covid-19 Is Having Catastrophic Consequences For The Economies Of Western Civilization - In Three Months, The US Economy Has Gone From Being The Most Prosperous In History Into A New Great Depression
* Alarming New Evidence Emerges Covid-19 Is A Bioweapon - Scientist Warns: 'It's Like It Was DESIGNED To Infect Humans' - Those Responsible For Unleashing Covid-19 Must Be Held Accountable For Their Crimes
* Meat Shortage, Limits On Purchases Are Here To Stay While The Establishment Media Ignores It Or Pushes Climate Control 'Eat Less Meat' Propaganda
* Americans Labeled 'Defiant' For Praying, Working, And Living Free - Time To Tell State Leaders 'We Will Not Comply'
* Tough Covid-19 Questions That Need To Be Answered For Americans To Ever Find Out The Truth About This Pandemic: Why Will No Reporter Ask Dr. Fauci These Questions?
* Another One Bites The Dust - First Wisconsin, Now Oregon Judge Renders Lockdown Orders 'Null And Void' As Flurry Of Lawsuits Against Tyrannical Dem Governors Grow

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* Everything We're Now Witnessing Is A 'Massive Distraction' From Something MUCH Bigger! 'They' Know NOW Is 'The Moment', So They're Pulling Out All The Stops - People Don't NEED 5G, But Artificial Intelligence Does!!
* A Bunch Of 'Karens' - Why Are Female High Profile Democrats So Miserable, Angry And Hate-Filled? - - There Are Some Women That Are Not Happy Unless They Make Everyone As Miserable As They Are
* Three Parables That Help Show Why 'Near Future America' Could Collapse Into Oblivion: When 'Survival' Is At Stake, The Last Thing In The World Americans Should Trust Are 'Tyrants Gone Wild'
* As America Burns We Are Witnessing An Increase of Satanic Activity - From COVID-19 To The Politics Of Destruction, We See Evil Snowballing Across The Nation
* More 'Predictive Programming' Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes As Globalist Mouthpiece Warns: Brace For Quarantine To Take 'A Dark New Twist' - Preparing For A Grid Down Scenario
* The 'Vanishing' Cities - Pandemic Lesson For City Slickers That Are Discovering 'The Party Is Over' - Note: Do Not Bring The 'Chaos And Filth' With You
* The Satan Worshiping Globalist Cult Jumped On The Pandemic Bandwagon Because It's Too Tempting For Any Tyrant To Ignore: Covid-19 Has Been Swimming In Lies & Disinfo Since Its Discovery - Lock-down rebellion may be part of a plan to generate a larger body count
* Covid-19 And The Globalists Not-So-Stealthy Attempt To Overthrow America Have Led Our Nation Into Completely Unknown Territory And It Reeks Of Tyranny!
* America, Watch Out! The Hammer Is Already Pounding And The Sickle Is At The Door: The Road To Socialism Is Sneaky & Is Being Jammed Down Americans Throats Right Now! We're Beginning To See The 'Big Covid-19 Picture' And It Isn't Pretty
* As America Falls To An Invisible Enemy, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Failures Will Take Decades To Correct With The Big Pharma Mafia Having Weaponized His Mistakes
* Mysterious Deaths Of Covid-19 Researchers & Arrests Of Journalists Covering The Pandemic Are More Ominous Warnings Something Incredibly Sinister Is Going On

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