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* Law Enforcement Preparing For Mass Civil Unrest - 'If Our Leaders Stay Silent, They Will All Have Blood On Their Hands'
* Mask Meltdowns Show How Crazed The Media Has Made Americans - From Screeching About People Not Wearing Masks To Arresting Those That Refuse, The World Has Apparently Gone Mad
* This Is How It Is Done! Officials Chased Out of Restaurant By Patrons Chanting 'Get Out, Get Out, Get Out' - When A Community Unites Against Tyranny We All Win
* Joe Biden's Border Incompetence Destroying America: Liberal Media Acts SHOCKED To Find Biden Regime Lying Through Their Teeth About Border 'Crisis'
* Race And Class Warfare: Racist Liberals Assert Blacks Can't Read, Can't Do Math And Needs Free Money, As Socialism Takes Over The Democrat Party
* 'Don't Be Surprised When Buildings Are On Fire' - BLM Activist Threatens 'All Hell Will Break Loose' If Derek Chauvin Not Sentenced In Death Of George Floyd
* A Cowed Republic Is A Dead Republic: Forced Vaccination Compliance Goes Completely Against The 'My Body My Choice' Argument Democrats Use For Abortion
* It's Not Just Coincidence BLM Adopted The Clenched Fist Of Communism As Its Symbol At A Time When 'Whiteness' Is Being Lynched, Sacrificed To 'The Gods Of Radical Leftist Extremism' - The Mainstream Media Is Trying To Incite A Race War In America
* Happy Resurrection Day 2021 (Easter) To All - All Day Open Thread
* Time To "Cancel" Feminism - When Liberal Feminists Promote The Harming Of Children And Women, The Concept Has Outlived Its Usefulness
* Mass Media Lies: From Outright Fake News, To Declaring 'Fairness Is Overrated' To 'Doggy Doo' Reporting, The MSM Racing Each Other To Find Rock Bottom
* Prepare For Massive Rioting - Shocking New Evidence In Trial of George Floyd Death May Cause Reasonable Doubt, But No Matter What The Verdict, Rioters Will Again Take To The Streets Of America

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* 'The Eugenicists Have Control Of The Levers Of Power' Former Big Pharma Insider Warns As World Is Herded Like Sheep To The Slaughter - Lethal Injections For All If The Globalists Get Their Way
* With Some Of The Most Sinister Weapons Of Dictatorship Now Being Used On Americans, History Proves To Us Gulags And Death Camps Often Follow Behind
* More Evidence The Diabolical Depopulation Agenda Is Fully Underway With Many Getting Sick And Dying Following 'The Shot' - 'Super Mutations' Render 'Vaccines' Useless, Except As A Weapon Against Humanity
* As We Reach The Tipping Point, The Vaccinated Become Silent Spreaders While Door To Door Vaccines Are Coming
* Watch Out For Sinister Ulterior Motives When The Left Speaks Of An Exploding 'Mental Health Crisis' Due To Covid-19 - 'Mental Health' Has Been Used To Take Away Americans 2nd Amendment Rights And Disarm Americans
* Some Democrats Actually Want The US Military To Go Door To Door And Disarm Americans: Remember! Totalitarian Governments Always First Disarm Their 'Future Victims'! - The Democrats Latest War On The 2nd Amendment Leads To Huge Surge In Gun Sales Nationwide
* With Every Day Bringing More Signs Of Something Horrific In America's Future, The Unprepared Won’t Be Able To Survive Without Trading Their Own Enslavement For A Can Of Corn - The Globalists Satanic Agenda Being Pushed To Their 'End Game' For America
* Psyop Alert! Expect A Far More Deadly Bioweapon To Be Unleashed If Not Enough People Take The 'Covid Kill Shot' As More Sinister Moves Are Made Towards World Government
* Joe Biden's Going To Get Us All Killed! Prepare For World War 3 And Nuclear Annihilation With America Sent Back To The Dark Ages
* Divide And Conquer Now Fully In Play! The Globalists 'Mass Extermination Endgame' Is At Hand
* With The Democrats Propaganda Arm, The Mainstream Media, Screaming 'You MUST Get The 'Vaccine', Americans Should Be Prepared For The Unveiling Of Complete Medical Tyranny
* Former Clinton Advisor Warns Of 'America Under The Thumb Of A Totalitarian Regime' Within Months! 'What's About To Happen In America Is Catastrophic! It Cannot Be Allowed To Happen!'

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