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* They Want Us Dead If Trump Wins, And To Punish Conservatives If Biden Wins - Liberals Threatening Trump Supporters No Matter Who Wins The Election
* What Is Wrong With These People???? Disgustingly Naked Celebrities Treat Americans Like Idiots While CNN Media Personality Whips 'It' Out Live On Zoom Video Conference Call
* The Crazed Will Burn It All Down After A Trump Re-election: Liberals Threatening Violence If Trump Is Reelected - It Is Prudent To Take The Threats Seriously And Prepare Accordingly
* Store Shelves Are Emptying Again As Second Wave Of Panic Shopping Has Begun - Lack Of Variety And Product Is Just The Beginning Of What Is Expected
* SHTF Scenario Question: Would You Help Liberal Family Or Friends That Are Completely Unable To Help You Survive The Aftermath Of Disaster?
* FemiNazis Hate Amy Coney Barrett Because She Represents Everything Original Feminists Fought For, While Offering A True Choice For Pro-Life Young Women - Support For Killing The Unborn Should Not Be Mandatory To Be A True Feminist
* ShutDownDC Plans Election 'Uprisings, Resistance And Mass Direct Action' Should Trump Be Declared The Winner of 2020 Presidential Election
* The Signs Are Clear And Disturbing That God Did Not Abandon America, But America Abandoned God - Things Are Getting Much Worse And Will Continue To Do So
* The Countdown Has Started: Liberal Insanity Levels Over The Next Ten Days Will Reach A Fevered Pitch As The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett For The Supreme Court
* Complete Breakdown Of Civilization Has Already Begun And Total Anarchy Will Follow The Upcoming 'Meal Shortages' That 'Feed America' Is Warning Us About
* Since Most Americans Haven't Learned From History, It's About To Be Repeated! The Democrats War Upon God, Christianity And America Proves The Barbarians Are Already Within The Gates
* Tens Of Millions Of Americans Now Planning For A 'Post-Election Day Political Apocalypse Scenario': 'America Will See An Increase In Violence As A Result Of The Election' As Majority Of Democrats, Republicans And Independents Agree

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* As Hunter Biden Scandal Gets Ready To Explode In Their Faces, Big Tech, The MSM And The Democrat Party Are Committing Mass Suicide By Attempting To 'Rig' The Election For Joe Biden
* 'Satan's Communists And Anarchists' Brutally Attack Peaceful Conservatives - Another Warning To Arm Up To Defend Our Families Now, While We Still Can, With Leftists Pushing To Repeat History! 'If Commies Try To Punch You In The Face, Break Their Arm, First!'
* Deagel Warns A Dangerous New Trend Is Taking Place That Will Overshadow The Coming Election, Covid-19 And The Democrat-Inspired Social Chaos Across America - 'The most likely major event of the 2020's could leave billions of casualties'
* It Is Time For Courage, Commitment And Confrontation - Christians Obey And Serve God, Not 'Man', And The 1st Amendment Doesn't Have An Asterisk Explaining Exceptions - 'What the government funds, it runs. With nickels go nooses. With shekels come shackles - always.'
* With Even The Mainstream Media Now Warning Of Food Shortages And Panic Buying Ahead Of The Election, America's Countdown To Chaos Is In Full Swing - 1906 Warning Applies Today As Much As Ever: 'There Are Only 9 Meals Between Mankind And Anarchy'
* UPDATED 9/30/2020 - Still Or Back In Stock ANP Shopping Page - Reader Suggestions Via Email Added
* This Is Why Christians Across America Should NEVER Vote For Joe Biden: Biden Is A DANGEROUS Pathological Liar Who Doubles Down When He's Called Out On A Lie By Blatantly Lying Again!
* More Evidence Emerges They're Getting Ready To 'Drop The Bomb' On The American People With Everything Gearing Up For The Worst Winter Imaginable - This 'Deeply, Deeply Sinister Agenda' Is Part Of The 'Leftist Horror Show' America Has Been Cast Into
* Maoist MSM Talking Head Has Chilling Words For Patriotic Americans While Giving President Trump Supporters Another Reason To Buy LOTS AND LOTS Of Guns And Ammo
* An October 15th Drill Has Been Set For This 'Worst Case Scenario' That Could Rip America In Two With Unimaginable Earth Changes Now Underway

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