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* As 'Stealth Omicron' Hits America, The Bodies Are Piling Up In Maryland, 'But That's Not COVID Related': The Eugenicists Vision On The Georgia Guidestones Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes
* MSM Pushing Disinformation With Their 'Big Lies' On Food Shortages And The Originating Cause - They Hope Americans Will Forget How The Lockdowns Started It All
* The Results Of The Most Reckless Human Experimentation In History Are Flowing In As Quickly As The Bodies Pile Up: The Jab Is A HUGE Success If Its True Purpose Is Depopulation
* Exploding Number Of 'Mysterious And Unexplained' Deaths Across America Are Being Caused By The Vile Skullduggery Of 'The Government, Big Pharma, Corporate-Health Complex'- 'Americans are done with the deceit, treachery, deception, and deliberate cover-ups'
* This Is Going To Get Very Ugly: The MSM And Democrats Have Been Conducting A Terror Campaign Against Americans - What Are Those Scared Sheep Going To Do When All Covid Restrictions Are Lifted Here In The U.S.?
* Shocking News Reports Show At The Rate Public Schools Are Mentally Abusing Children, If You Want Your Child Mentally Stable, You MUST Homeschool Them
* The Next Killer Pestilence Will Soon Be Unleashed In The Satanists War To Eradicate Humanity With Their Fanatical Quest For A One-World Government Kicked Up To A Fever Pitch
* Staggering Photos From Across America Prove Joe Biden's Food Crisis Is Undeniable No Matter What He Says - New Images From ANP Readers Show Things Getting Exponentially Worse
* Joe Biden And His 'Woke' Military's Legacy Could Be Mushroom Clouds Over America: Be Ready To Kick Into Crisis Mode With All Eyes Open For A Globalist False Flag To Launch WW3 - Rushing Into Wars They Can't Win Is A Hallmark Of Tyranny
* Abhorrent Proof They Want You Dead Or Locked Away As Democrats Are Pushing Authoritarianism At Its Worst
* COVID And The Globalists Response Has Clearly Defined Who The Tyrants Are While Separating The Wheat From The Chaff And The Purebloods From The 'Walking Brain Dead'
* Top Secret DARPA Documents Show A Conspiracy At The Highest 'Cabal' Levels To Commit The Mass Murder Of Americans And Impose Draconian Dictates Upon The Public

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Alternative News

* Overwhelming Proof The Biden's Are Part Of An Organized Crime Syndicate And They And Democrats Are Carrying Out The Crimes Of The Century Upon America
* With 'Patient Zero' Identified, What Do You Want To Bet That Truck Was Headed Straight To One Of Dr. Anthony Fauci's Secret Labs, Where The 'Embolus Variant' Is Being Cooked Up? 'They Found Another Way To Get A Plague Into America, Accidentally, On Purpose'
* As Joe Biden Sends Americans To Their Deaths To Fight For Fascists, History Shows Demonization And Internment Camps Await Those Who Stand Against Their 'End Times War'
* Nuclear War Simulation Shows A War With Russia Would Leave The Northern Hemisphere 'Toasted' Within Hours, If Not Minutes, With At Least 90 Million People Dead Soon After War Begins - 'A Strange Game, The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play'
* As The Globalists Push Eating Bugs As The Solution To America's Food Supply Woes, More New ANP Reader Photographs Show The Bare Shelves Biden Crisis Continues To Deteriorate
* Eight Quotes From The So-Called 'Experts' That Aged Absolutely Horribly: Those Who've Long Been Lying To The American People To Usher In Tyranny Must Be Removed From Power
* America Is Risking 'Cybergeddon' Over War With Russia: Cyber Warfare Is An Existential Threat That Could Explode The World's Powder Keg With Catastrophic Consequences - 'One Coordinated Cyberattack Could Shut Down 80% Of The U.S. Electrical Grid'
* With World War III And Full-Scale Nuclear War On Our Doorsteps, The Persecution Of Christians Is About To Get Much Worse: Be Alarmed! 'Christians Are The Target'
* Another Doctor Dead Soon After Warning He'd Take His Vaccine Research To Court: Lineup Of Mysteriously Dead Doctors, Scientists And Microbiologists Over Years Seems Endless - Is This Once 'Secret Weapon' Being Used To Permanently Silence Anti-Vax Researchers And Doctors?
* New Empty Store Shelf Photos From ANP Readers Paint A Much Different Picture From What Biden's Ministry Of Truth Is Telling Us: They Are Using Food As A Weapon
* With US Healthcare Now In Full Scale Collapse, America Needs Pure-Blooded Doctors And Nurses To Help Build Parallel Healthcare Infrastructure Away From The Madness
* Videos Censored By The MSM Show Draconian COVID Tyranny And Cruelty On Full Display Across The World: 'America' Will Not Survive Her Fools And Traitors Within

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