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November 28, 2015

14,000 Potential Terrorists Go Missing As Reports Come In US Veterans Are Being Disarmed - Map Shows Islamic Terrorist Network In America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this new story from The Independent, 14,000+ potential terrorists have gone missing in the nation of Sweden alone in the last month and Swedish authorities have no idea where they are nor what has happened to them.

With reports coming in that the Obama administration is now taking more steps to disarm the American people by refusing to allow some US Veterans and retired Law Enforcement Officers who have served this country bravely to purchase weapons to protect themselves from potential terrorists in America, we have to ask our readers who are US Veterans if any of you are having the same problems? If so, could you please let us know in the comment section below or email us at We also take a look at a new SQAlert from the son of a US Veteran below.

Why would this administration be attempting to disarm US Veterans and the American people at a time when Americans have never been in more possible danger? Is this more proof that we are being set up for an overthrown America? Why would Obama be disarming law enforcement nationwide? All News Pipeline thanks the brave men and women in law enforcement across the country who are doing the right thing such as this Federal Law Enforcement Association that is urging Obama to help struggling Americans rather than potentially dangerous Syrian refugees. God Bless You All!

The nation of Sweden finally has decided to put an end to their 'open door policy' for refugees and illegal immigrants that left Sweden the 'rape capitol of the West' and told 21,748 immigrants to leave the country at the end of October. Of those, 14,140 have apparently 'gone underground'. We have to ask, has a 14,000+ terrorist army just been assembled in Sweden? We also need to remember, those 14,000+ potential terrorists are only those who have gone missing from ONE country! At the bottom of the story we take a look at a map showing the Islamic terrorist network in America.

How many more potential Islamic terrorists are there spread throughout Europe (and America) who don't have the West's best interests at heart? Millions? How many more who want to implement sharia law?


While we're happy to report that according to FBI Director James Comey, there is no credible threat in the US of a Paris-style attack and there are no known connections between the Paris attackers and the US, we echo Comey's words that Americans should stay vigilant at this time as non-specific threats are continually being made by terrorist groups to harm Europeans and Americans.

With NATO now potentially preparing to go to war with Russia to defend ISIS as shared in this Lew Rockwell story we begin to see the true face of this government that sends support to terrorists who use said support to kill Christians while Russan President Vladimir Putin becomes the lone protector of Christianity throughout the world.

We also take a look at a bizarre story in Mint Press News where we see the left attempting to say that white Americans are the biggest terror threat in America while Salon puts out a new story telling us that Republicans have become the biggest 'hate group' in America and we quickly see where this is headed. With the left now 'enabling' the overthrow of America (treason?) we have to ask, how can the left support the killing of over 57 million babies while supporting the Muslim overthrow of Europe and America yet call out those attempting to protect their country from terror as being extremists and a threat? Is not the murder of over 57 million helpless victims and supporting those who chop off Christians heads the 'real extremism' and hate group?

How long will it be until ISIS carries out their threatened attacks upon Americans and Europe again? With ISIS fighters telling us they have 'caliphate lions' in all European capitals simply awaiting orders to attack while threatening new attacks upon America we feel the time is getting closer every day and we pray for vigilence and safety for Americans and our law enforcement communities. America needs to stand up to and dispose of this ISIS terrorist threat before any more Americans are harmed.


The alert below comes to us from the website of Steve Quayle.


Hello Steve, I'm a long-time reader of your site and wanted to let you know that my father was denied being able to buy a shotgun yesterday.. He is a veteran of the Coast Guard and a 20-year dispatcher for the Oregon, Ohio police. He has won prestigious awards most of the officers of the department have not even won. He's been serving his family and country his entire adult life and was denied a simple shotgun. I've gotten footage of military convoys coming through our small city in recent months and along with everything else you report on, this is bad news for our people and great constitution. You do great things for your readers and God bless Steve, we'll all be needing it. SQ-THIS HAPPENED IN BOZEMAN TO VETERAN ALSO ON FRIDAY- EMAIL ME YOUR EXPERIENCES IF YOU ARE A VETERAN WHO HAS BEEN DENIED THE PURCHASE OF A FIREARM IN THE LAST MONTH?


While many on the left still believe that Islam is a religion of peace, we learn in the video below from Infowars exactly why it's not and in fact, is far from it with millions being radicalized yearly. With even moderate Muslims supporting the stoning to death of adulterers and the execution of gays, is that a 'religion of peace?' Why would any women who understands how Islam treats women be supportive of it or is their 'support' just more proof of the left's total ignorance?

While the next video came out in October of 2014, it still is extremely relevent today when we think about how many mosques there are in America and how many potential terrorists are being radicalized within them. Why in the world would any place of peace teach children how to chop off people's heads? Is this what we'll soon have to deal with nationwide?

In the final video below we listen to Pastor Darrell Myatt from Texas who tells us that according to one top Democrat, the threat of ISIS has gotten worse under Barack Obama. Myatt also talks about Sweden finally rejecting Muslim refugees (after the store has been broken into) and talks about current events leading him to believe we're now in Biblical End Times.

This shows a map of the Islamic terrorist network in America. Please keep in mind this map is old and judging by this recent story from the Daily Beast, ISIS has never been more popular in America than it is now.


It is well known now that America helped to create ISIS as even Democratic US Congressional Representative Tulsi Gabbard recently told Wolf Blitzer as shared in this linked story from Susan Duclos. Why is the US still funding ISIS?


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