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July 2, 2021

'Big Tech' Descends To An Entirely New Level Of Disturbing: Facebook Wants Users To Snitch On Others And 'Get Support' Should They Be Exposed To 'Extremists' On Their Website 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Facebook: A company that bans free thought and free speech unless it adheres to the thought police running Facebook, is now offering two very creepy warnings randomly to users, about "extremism."

We have seen some pretty messed up stuff over at Facebook over the past decade, but these latest pop-up warnings have got to take the prize for being the creepiest of creepy.

Facebook users have been sharing screen shots of what is popping up onto their screen when they sign in to Facebook,  both messages about extremism, but one shows how closely Facebook watches every post you make, look at, or like, or discuss, as well as what groups users belong to.

Topping off the creep-factor of the actual pop-up warnings is the messages one sees when clicking the "get support" button of those warnings.

That and more will be discussed below.....

The image above is one of the warnings popping up out of nowhere and before moving along I would like to note what struck me as.... strange, for lack of a better word.

First: If you feel you have to "inform" people they may have been exposed to extremist content, then you are making a insulting assumption about your users that they are unaware of what they have been reading, sharing and discussing.

Second: They use the word "recently," meaning they are keeping track, real-time, of every word you read or type, and using their algorithms to immediately tell you they have determined something you read was "extremist" in nature.

Who gets to define extremism? Should I rush to create an account  so I can report Antifa, BLM,  every member of the radical Democrat party, LGBT communities that push the transgender agenda, etc, etc..... because those are all agenda driven movements that "I" personally find radically extreme? 

Others have done exactly that with Dave Rubin reporting Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, known as the "Squad," which is a group of Democrat Representatives known to be the radical, socialist, members of Congress.

Third: "Violent groups may try to manipulate your anger and disappointment." That one is a doozy, as it is telling users they are easy to "manipulate", disappointed and that users are angry to begin with.

Fourth: Telling them to "get help," as if a user is incapable of simply blocking said person or group, or clicking the little X in the corner of their screen which will *GASP* close down those terrifying words from the screen.

Fifth: What experts? Who chose them? What are their qualifications to advise anyone on "extremism," or mental health issues?

Sixth: Hear from people who "escaped" extremist groups? Escaped them how? By unjoining their Facebook group?

Doesn't that make Facebook, as a whole, an extremist group since it is their website allowing all these supposedly extremist groups on their platform? 

Well get into the actual "help" and "support" messages after we deal with the next extremist warning that keeps popping up to users.

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One: They care about "preventing" extremism on Facebook by asking people to what? Report what they think is extreme? So, Fakebook is actually asking people to now snitch on other users, or falsely accuse political opponents, of being extremist?

What qualifications do social media users have to make that determination or to have the power to target anyone they want with false accusations.

Many of the other points above, apply to this warning as well, so lets just move right along.

Once clicking the "get support" option, there are a number of messages, supposedly by the "experts,"  using Democrat-leftwing talking points and assertions.

The Post Millennial has highlighted the face that this "initiative," works with a group called Life After Hate, which was created in 2011, and described by Wiki as a group "to help people leave far-right groups, particularly white supremacy groups."

Guess we know exactly who Facebook's "experts" are targeting, rather than groups that have been running around burning cities, vandalizing property, looting, attacking police and generally terrorizing entire neighborhoods.

An example of the type of "help" offered by Facebook support, shows they are trying to send people to the Life After Hate group, which we just explained is targeting only radical right-wing groups and ignoring all the extremist left-wing groups.

Note they use "immigration," which is not the controversial hot button, rather than "illegal" immigration, which in and of itself is a crime!  

The pattern is clear. Facebook seems to think that their users do not know what extremism is, how to simply ignore or close the window if they do see something they think is extreme, and are pushing liberal talking points in their insinuation that it is "right-wing" groups that are extremists, rather than acknowledging their are radical extremists on both sides of the aisle.

Graphic from NotTheBee


There have some very good points online by a variety of people to the recent creepy messages by Facebook.

Asra Q. Nomani: Facebook is following the playbook of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. From K-12 to social media, we now have snitch squads being created, turning people against each other and creating the platforms to turn each other in as “extremists.”

Tim Graney: It got more interesting today. A FB friend got the first message. After viewing their post about it, I got the second message to pop up. The FB friend is an outspoken conservative and even has appeared on major cable news networks 

Nick Freitas: Yes…actually I have a real concern that some leftist technocrats are creating an Orwellian environment where people are being arbitrarily silenced or banned for saying something the “thought police” doesn’t like.

Nick's Twitter post was in response to the screen shot asking if you are concerned someone you know is becoming an extremist. 

More online reactions found at Townhall, Twitchy here and here, and NotThe Bee


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media giants are doing everything in their power to indoctrinate millions, billions even, into the socialist, liberal, snitch-on-your-neighbors, mindset, so if you have not terminated your Facebook account yet, consider doing so before they start labeling YOU as extremist and sending warnings to anyone that sees your posts. 

Before you do though...might be a tad entertaining to see thousands, or tens of thousands actually report Mark Zuckerberg for his extremism.

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