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October 18, 2018

This Serial Leaker Of Classified Information Is Still Beating A Dead Russian Horse: Adam Schiff Is A Lesson in Partisan Politics

- This Is Why Adam Schiff Might Be The Single Most Corrupt Member Of Congress


By John Velisek - Ret, US Navy - All News Pipeline

It now appears that the Mueller investigation is unwinding at an alarming rate. There is no connection between President Trump and Russia, not even a whiff of impropriety. There are those that are still pulling the dead horse striving to find President Trump guilty of something and ignoring the real Russian collusion of the Hillary campaign.

One of the largest sycophants for the Hillary campaign is Rep. Adam Schiff. But just who is Adam Schiff working for? The history of this hyper-partisan congressman is troubling and, of course, not mentioned in the mainstream media.

Still beating the drum that there is ample evidence of collusion and obstruction that the public cannot see, but he knows what that information is.. If that is the case, work to make that information available to the voting public. Does anyone believe that that information actually existed, the Adam Schiff would keep it hidden? Until then you are just lying once again and expecting the citizens of this country to respect you enough to believe you wouldn't lie. You have splashed across the media the Russian "contracts" that the members of the Trump family had and they turned out to nothing. You have shown yourself to be someone who will do whatever you can to destroy our President, and our country.

It was Adam Schiff who left meetings of the House Permanent Select Committee On Intelligence to leak information to CNN. There was no other way for information to get to CNN before the meetings were even over, and Schiff was the only one that left the meeting. The information that he gave to the press has been gently described as inaccurate. What Schiff was doing was passing on misleading lies intended to slow down the investigation.


The memo that was put out by Republicans was reviewed by the FBI Director because the progressive socialists claimed that it contained sources, methods and classified information. None of this was true and was put forth to the press as a process complaint to once again cover for the real collusion that was instigated by Hillary.

Then a week later, Schiff was the one pushing for the Democrat memo to be released. The plot to fill the memo with innuendo, opportunism, lies, and greed for power is a hallmark of the Schiff career. The complaint about sources, methods and classified information was forgotten when it came to the Democrat memo. It is informative that even the Republicans voted to release the progressive socialist memo.

Rep. Adam Schiff even went so far as to attempt to discredit Rep. Devin Nunes, claiming that he took a "midnight run" to the White House. It was actually a trip during the day to visit the national security advisor. But Schiff defined the parameters that should be in the story and discussed them with Tim Mak of the Daily Beast to assure that the smear would get a wide range of coverage.

Jonah Goldberg tweeted that Adam Schiff had the incredible talent to sound above the fray while being hyper-partisan. Schiff is no honest politician. He has gone as far as claiming tweets from American citizens to see the memos were actually Russian bots. Ramping up the Trump-Russian conspiracy theory is Schiff's only job, and it is falling apart on the progressive socialists. Schiff has shown no interest in the Hillary false dossier, or Fusion GPS, or the abuses of the FBI and DOJ. He has actually gone past honesty to the point of opposing subpoenas of all three entities.


Adam Schiff's past will never be investigated by the Mainstream media. The Congressional seat that Schiff holds was financed by George Soros and his MoveOn. org organization. The Toll fellowship that he received was sponsored by the Council of State Governments, a group that monitors state and local government being used by the Soros Open Society Foundation to interrupt local and state elections for the progressive socialist cause.

The Open Society provided $320,000 in 2003. One of these instances was the race for Schiffs 2000 Congressional campaign against incumbent Republican Jim Rogan. It has been documented that raised $106,000 for the Schiff campaign in an effort that replaced James Rosen who was one of the House managers for the Clinton impeachment.

It was Adam Schiff who called the exposure of a spy in the Trump Administration "nonsense". Schiff who may have known who the spy was, then claimed he could not comment and went on to call it a meritless allegation. Even the media has dubbed it "Spygate" and James Clapper former Director of National Intelligence has admitted to the spying. Of interest is that the entire progressive socialist wing of the Democratic Party, of which Schiff is one, do not now deny it happened, but object to the use of the word "spy". They claim the spy was an informant and was actually there to protect the Trump Administration, a lie so transparent that the American people do not buy it. The excuse that they followed "proper procedures and protocols" is to explain to the American people why the Democrats and socialists in the DOJ and FBI are spying on American citizens.

It was Adam Schiff who smeared Carter Page in his statement that he was "grilled" by the FBI in March 2016 when the discussion he had with the FBI at that time was concerning events from 2013 where he was actually a witness in support of an FBI investigation. It was held in the office of Preet Bharara in New York. But Schiff needed to smear Carter Page to move the lie about President Trump and Russia. And it was held many days before Trump announced Page as an advisor.


In July 2013, Schiff held a reelection campaign at the home of a Ukrainian arms dealer named Igor Pasternak at $2500 per person. The "defensive weapons" and surveillance equipment that Obama refused to send to Ukraine was filled by a Montebello, California company Worldwide Aeros through a subsidiary called Aeroscraft. The crony capitalism that occurred here is concerning. Pasternak helped raise thousands for Schiff and Schiff raises millions for Pasternak.

Now, Schiff is once again in front of the cameras wring his hands and clutching his pearls about how the Kavanaugh confirmation is being rushed through. He called Justice Kavanaugh a "sexual abuser" with no proof, no corroboration, and no facts.

It is without a doubt that Adam Schiff is a hyper-partisan shill for the progressive socialists. He will do everything in his power to help the progressive socialists to regain the power they feel they deserve. He is a ringleader in promoting socialis agenda being manipulated by those who think they are morally superior to and more intelligent than the people who they have sworn to serve.

God help us if they ever retain power. Vote Red November 6th.

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