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April 5, 2019

America Needs 'Blue Flag Laws' To Remove Traitors From Power After The Highest Levels Of The Obama Administration Sold Out The American People In Treasonous 'Witch Hunt'†


By John C. Velisek - US Navy, Retired - All News Pipeline†

Once the Mueller report analysis came out, the progressive socialists almost had whiplash changing the statements they have made over the past two years about Russian collusion. So far, they have ignored the results, calling Attorney General Barr a bought and paid for Russian stooge. Some have actually called Mueller, their God of the past two years, bought and paid for. They speculate on what President Trump has done to force Mueller to write what he did. I would think as rational people they would wait to receive the Mueller report and see what is in it.

They talk of the laws that President Trump has broken. Joel Mathis, a partisan sycophant who writes for The Week, even goes so far as to tell us that we donít have to take his word for it that we can go to the New York Times. Really? The New York Times? The premier liars throughout the Russian collusion? The moral superiority that the New York Times pushes forward is a mockery of the morality and honesty that the citizens of this country deserve.

Now that the Russian collusion hoax is finally put to bed, it is time to look at how and why this happened and who did this. Letís take a look at the unmasking done by the members of the Obama administration. It is already known that regulations that Obama passed just before leaving office slackened rules for unmasking and who that information could be given to. It was still illegal to pass this information on to the media, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed, and the New York Times all received classified information that they then used in their attempt to damage President Trump.

The laws in place to protect Americans from the spying of the government were ignored. Samantha Power, who was the UN Ambassador, unmasked over 200 Americans that she then tried to blame on someone using her name. It has never been explained why the UN Ambassador needs to unmask anyone. She has no right to persue the information through spying channels of American citizens.

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Something else that needs to be looked into is the money laundering through the DNC into the Clinton campaign. $84 million was illegally transferred to the Clinton campaign and even though a complaint was sent to the Federal Election Commission, nothing has been done.

The Presidentís power under the Immigration and Nationality act allowed the travel ban that the President placed on countries whoe vetting process for immigrants did not meet the standards. The Department of Justice even went so fat as to issue an opinion calling the travel moratorium legal and proper. But acting attorney general Sally Yates, appointed by Obama, issued orders to ignore the executive order.

The railroading of Lt. General Flynn also deserves a look. In his first informal and routine meeting with the FBI, he spoke of the conversations that he had with the Russian ambassador in a totally legal manner as part of the incoming administration. Even the FBI did not believe he was lying.

By threatening Lt, Gen Flynnís son and financially ruining a man with a 33 year career of serving our country honorably, the Mueller Special Council forced Flynn to admit to ďLyingĒ rather than understanding no one can accurately remember everything said months before. This was accomplished through a classified leak of Lt. General Flynn's discussion with the Russian ambassador in violation of law. The discussion between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador were leaked to the Washington Post.

More leaks about President Trumpís conversation with the Russian Foreign minister and President Trumpís conversation with Austrailian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto also occurred. Leaked within hours, these leaks curtail the President from speaking honestly. It also curtails the conversations that foreign leaders will have with the President.

E mails from President Trump transition team were taken by the Special Coucil without a warrant and without any consideration to executive privilege. This is actually covered by the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 which prevents such searches and seizures.


Rod Rosenstein also needs to be asked why he installed himself as the overseer of the Special Council when it was Rosenstein who wrote the memo to President Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey. Of course, being in charge of the investigation could shield any liability that could come his way for his part in the Comey firing. Rosenstein also needs to explain why he thought it was legal to threaten congressional staffers for doing their job.

Threatening to investigate them and to subpoena their records and emails was in violation of the law and nothing more than to get them to stop requesting answers in writing to questions they sent to him in writing. It is clear Rosenstein did not want to leave a paper trail that may illuminate his actions taken for his Deep State cronies. Rosenstein has displayed his contempt of both the President and Congress.

The raid on Michael Cohenís office was never adequately explained. The lawyer/client privilege earmarked in the Sixth Amendment was ignored and the reason for the warrant has never been known. Even though the media nods in unison to say the raid was well founded, none of them can explain why.

There is more, but it is clear that databases have been used for partisan political purposes. The rule of law has broken down within our intelligence services, and have been continually misused to ďget TrumpĒ. Those that are in the highest level of the FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ have flaunted the rule of law to the detriment of our country and our people.

It is time to "Drain the SwampĒ. And now that the Mueller investigation is over, it is time to fight back and get to the bottom of the lawlessness that has transpired.

(ANP: As Mike Adams over at Natural News argues in the 1st video below, with politicians and deep state traitors throughout the country, maybe America should implement 'blue flag' laws to remove such traitors to America from power. Thoughts?)

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