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March 25, 2017

All ANP Content Flagged As 'Inappropriate' In Restricted Mode By YouTube/Google Because It Does Not Fit Their Liberal Ideology


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

First thing this morning I saw a video by Paul Joseph Watson titled "My Last Ever Video," where he discusses the blatant censorship by Google, via their YouTube channel, where conservative Independent Media has now been deemed "extremist." Not 10 minutes after watching that video I see that one of Daboo's video channels (Dahboo777)  had been deemed "inappropriate" by YouTube for users that have "restricted mode" turned on


Since search engine traffic and YouTube videos being monetized are all part of generating revenue to keep Independent Media websites in business, supporting the cost of the work we do and maintaining our sites, all forms censorship on the part of Google are meant for one purpose and one purpose only, to strangle Independent Media in an attempt to shut us all down, specifically those that lean to the right of the middle on the political spectrum.

So, I decided to see if our video channel, which is under my name because it is connected to Google which merges all accounts, was also being censored.

It is.

Videos highlighting the dangers of sanctuary cities, snowflake and millennial news, Ashley 'Nasty Woman" Judd's antics, underground tunnels, intelligence agency spying, everything we write about or make videos about, will not show to anyone that has "restricted mode" turned on over at YouTube because they are deemed "inappropriate." Not only that but their "super flaggers" are flagging videos left and right with YouTube demonetizing them. Upon review, maybe half will be remonetized, dependent I guess on whether it is a liberal reviewing them or not.

Let me be very clear here. While individual videos may be flagged as not "advertiser friendly," and demonetized, the whole channel itself has been flagged and all videos disappear for anyone that has had their "restricted mode" settings turned to "on." They are not judging on content, they are censoring based on ideology.

Below I walk you through what is shown when I have "restricted mode" turned off, then how everything just disappears when I turn "restricted mode" on. Beneath the video, we will show other ways they are trying to kill off Independent Media.

Remember that people that turn on "restricted mode," do so in order to prevent things like pornography or violence or extremist content from showing up in their YouTube feeds, so what they are doing is putting Independent News, that doesn't fit their ideological agenda, into the same category as porn and extremism.


The channels mentioned above, including ours, do not have any pornography and we do not discuss sexually explicit topics, we do not curse in our videos, we do not show violence other than when reporting on riots, which is major news when they get out of control, so it all comes down to blatant censorship in an attempt to shut us all down.

Google also recently added a category for their "review teams" for anything found on their search results that could be "upsetting-offensive, according to a March 16, 2017 Associated Press article

The guidelines, which run 160 pages, are an interesting look into how Google ranks the quality of its search results. For instance, it gives examples of "high-quality" pages, such as the home page of a newspaper that has "won seven Pulitzer Prize awards," and "low-quality" pages, such as an article that includes "many grammar and punctuation errors."

The guidelines cite an example of "Holocaust history" as a search query. A resulting website listing "Top 10 reasons why the holocaust didn't happen" would get flagged.

The new "upsetting-offensive" flag instructs quality raters to "flag to all web results that contain upsetting or offensive content from the perspective of users in your locale, even if the result satisfies the user intent." So even if the results are what the person searched for, such as white supremacist websites, they could still get flagged. But it doesn't mean the results won't show up at all when someone searches for them.

Who determines what is "offensive," and since when did "upsetting" someone translate into a reason to censor free speech? I mean if I call someone a "snowflake" because they need safe spaces and trigger warnings from any free speech that offends them, will these "quality raters" deem that "offensive and upsetting" and bury those articles?

You see where I am going here? This is not just a slippery slope, this is an outright, systematic attack against free speech and specifically against Independent Media, which kicked into high gear when Google and other tech giants were unable to control the masses during the 2016 presidential election and "influence" them to vote for the person they all were working for and in many cases, donating to.

Sheeple News highlights just some of the things that are not considered "offensive" to these tech giants, such as: Calls for the assassination of President Trump; Malicious personal attacks against Melania Trump; Open calls for extreme violence against white people due to their “white privilege"; Relentless personal attacks and calls for violence against Christians; Calls for openly killing conservatives whose speech is not enjoyed by campus crybullies; Open resistance to overthrow the federal government, now that Trump is the President.

An article at Investment Watch Blog highlights the latest actions being taken on the part of Google:

In a move to completely eradicate all traces of independent journalism and alternative media websites from the web, Google has begun the process of compiling a list of all offending sites so that they can “de-rank” them from their search results.

They also provide an official example of the "guidelines," Google is using, shown below:



Independent Media did not bypass the MSM in 2016 by giving up just because we were up against the establishment with their MSM puppets and we will not give up now.

Search Engines - Encourage the use of search engines other than Google. There are many other Google alternatives to search, but you will get all the results, not Google's censored results. This includes Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Wow, Webcrawler, InfoSpace,, DuckDuckGo, and DogPile.

Find one you like, set it to default and bypass Google's censorship practices.

Making Money From Video Content - For video creators, YouTube has always been the first go-to in order to generate revenue and many that are now seeing YouTube consistently target them for monetization have already built a base of subscribers, so just moving to a different platform would be like starting over. 

So a multi-pronged plan must be implemented. Video creators can upload content to YouTube and other video platforms, so they can inform their audience and subscribers exactly where their videos can be found and start building a base on the new platform, on a platform that is not going to flag their whole channel just because of an ideological agenda of censorship on conservative content.

Daily Motion allows video content to be monetized and works in a similar manner where content creators can set their ad formats, meaning ads before, during or after the videos. 

Brightcove is another video hosting and publishing platform where creators can generate revenue with relative ease. 

Vimeo is another video platform, but one where creators do pay a membership fee, and can utilize their Vimeo On Demand to generate revenue.

Video creators that have a substantial subscription base on YouTube might also consider asking subscribers to become "patrons," who can donate as much or as little as they want monthly, using a service such as Patreon, in order to creators overcome YouTube's censorship practices. If a channel has 10,000 subscribers and just one-tenth of them donated $1 a month, the creator would earn $1,000 a month based on content, not dependent on YouTube's arbitrary demonetization practices or censorship policies by flagging Independent Media content based on ideology.


The attacks against Independent Media are increasing in intensity, and coming from every direction including social media censorship, Google search engine down-ranking, advertiser attacks or boycotts by liberal snowflakes, YouTube flagging practices,  and demonetization and labeling content as inappropriate for restricted mode.

We all can fight back against the mainstream media, the tech giants, and social media dictators, as we all did during the election cycle, by refusing to allow  them the unchallenged right to misinform and refuse to inform the masses of anything that doesn't match their ideology, and to decide what "we the people" have the right to know.

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