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July 6, 2016

Did America Officially Die At 11 AM Tuesday? FBI Director James Comey May Have Just Gave Donald Trump Enough Rope To Hang Hillary With

Obama And Justice System Give American People The Middle Finger Salute!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Will 'cowardly decision' by FBI go down as one of the worst ever govt assaults on truth in US history?

Every once in a while, a story comes around that so burns a hole in my soul that I have to write a story about it immediately just to keep my peace of mind - one such story happened Tuesday at 11 AM when America may have officially died after it appears the FBI just 
re-wrote federal law in favor of the Clinton-family Crime Syndicate. One day after America's 240th birthday, the 'rule of law' may be officially dead in this once great country. As we hear from experts below, the US government may have just made itself completely irrelevant. In the final video below from Reason TV we hear one reason why such statements are being made as Hillary Clinton's statements about her emails are put side by side with statements made by the FBI Director, James Comey, earlier Tuesday. Who's not telling the truth? 

With the non-prosecution decision of Hillary Clinton made by Comey, the FBI may have dealt America its final death blow. However, as Susan Duclos pointed out to me and has been brought up elsewhere, Comey also gave Donald Trump just enough rope to hang Hillary with. As we hear in the videos below, everything Hillary said about her emails has been officially contradicted by Comey. Did the FBI decide to NOT prosecute Hillary because they know exactly what the Clinton-family crime syndicate is capable of? We're thankful that Comey rips Hillary Clinton to pieces but quite disappointed that he's put Hitlery above Americans. However, would MANY Americans still vote for Hillary after hearing what the FBI Director said about her? If so, America is in much worse shape than we think. 

Let's talk a bit about 'justice'. Just think about how many TENS OF MILLIONS OF AMERICANS have been imprisoned for doing MUCH LESS than Hillary Clinton! Does the rule of law officially no longer mean anything in America? In the first video, Americans are challenged to a call to action over this complete and total miscarriage of justice.


If justice is to be served in America, it will be up to the American people this Washington Times story tells us. While it's clear that the rule of law is now on life-support in America if American 'royalty' like Hillary Clinton is allowed to get away with crimes that anybody else would have the book thrown at them for, ANP stands strongly against Americans simply going out and breaking the law since Hitlery can. Law-abiding American citizens are MUCH better than she. However, is this just more proof that ALL of the criminals in Washington DC will get a free pass?  

While we're happy to report that the FBI is getting absolutely ripped to shreds on Twitter for their decision as seen in the screenshots below and has just had a Congressional prope launched against them for this Hitlery decision, Americans are ABSOLUTELY LIVID that the FBI has decided to destroy this once great country with their decision to embrace the Clinton crime syndicate. As we learn more below, it's a decision that many believe proves there is no longer 'rule of law' in this country. The law in America no longer is on the side of 'Heaven' and what is good in the world. From Doomerdoug:

Let me be clear, the idea Hellary Clinton didn’t commit treason, perjury, obstruct justice and other felony crimes, which is what our corrupt AG and FBI head are now saying, is absolutely wrong.

They know it is wrong; they don’t care because they want to maintain the status quo at all costs. I don’t think the status quo can be maintained any longer, especially with such an in your face decision.

The entire basis for the rule of law in the United States just collapsed. The powers that be have lost what the Chinese called “The Mandate of Heaven.”

This was the foundation of all political and social rule and was a basic part of the people’s acceptance of the political class.




At this very moment, ANP calls for not only the resignations of FBI director James Comey and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch but the release of ALL Americans in prisons across the country who are in jail for doing MUCH LESS than Hitlery Clinton has done. With the 'justice system' in the US now officially proven a total joke by it allowing 'US royalty' to walk free while those convicted of 'victimless crimes' languish in the US prison system, its time to set things right. 

Meanwhile, Hillary should be literally be being charged with murder (LOOK AT THE CLINTON BODY COUNT!!!), along with Sick Willie, and war crimes as well - Hillary should be at the Hague having her future determined rather than running for the highest office of the land of what USED TO BE the greatest country in the world.

We pray that Donald Trump is elected and pursues charges against the evil witch as heard in the 3rd video below, for that may be America's only chance at redemption since the FBI has just let Satan's henchwoman off the hook. Judging by Hitlery's ongoing record of war crimes we have to ask, does satan himself control the mind of Hillary Clinton? 

As we argued in a prior story on ANP, if Hillary Clinton somehow avoided charges and continued to run for president, America would be officially dead and now that we have 100% proof that there IS NO RULE OF LAW in this country, we have to ask, why should ANY American follow the law when 'Dear Leader Hitlery' doesn't have to? Is this simply more proof that we are a dictatorship? (Not to mention the countless laws Obama has broken while allowing possibly 10's of thousands of terrorists into the country.) Treason? It's clear pure evil is now in charge in this country. 


With all of the American blood on Hitlery's hands, wouldn't it be the same if America just elected Satan into the White House? Funny how when a Democratic president got into office in Obama, the antiwar movement completely DIED. We haven't heard a peep out of most on the left about one of the most important issues we face as Americans, a totally out of control killing machine, largely led by Hitlery, that has left the entire Middle East in shambles. Shame on you Justice System. You've just proven yourselves to be simply another rotten egg of government that deserves to be done away with completely by the American people as you no longer serve our country fairly. 

Remember, Obama won a Nobel Peace prize - then he said how great he is at killing people. Only in a world where a war criminal gets a Nobel Prize for 'Peace' could a Hitlery Clinton become president rather than spending years in prison or at least be prevented from putting Americans in any more danger than she already has. If Hitlery wins in November, it's clear to us that America will simply deserve the nationwide destruction that would likely follow as Hitlery removes all US borders, attempts to disarm the American people and sends all non-Hitlery-believers to 'Hitlery fun camps'.


Let's take a look at a list of people who have either spent a good deal of time in prison or were prosecuted and had their lives and their careers ruined for doing MUCH LESS than Hitlery Clinton has gotten away with.:

1. General Petraeus
2. Martha Stewart
3. Family Doctors breaking HIPPA
4. John Kiriakou ("It's a double standard," said John Kiriakou, a former CIA counter-terrorism operative who spent two years in federal prison and three additional months under house arrest this year for leaking the name of a covert CIA official involved in "enhanced interrogation techniques.")
5. Thomas Drake (a former NSA official who after 9/11 went to Congress to sound the alarms about what he called unconstitutional surveillance, also says there is a double standard when it comes to applying classification law. "I got hammered good," Drake told Though the government's Espionage Act case against him fell apart in 2011, Drake practically lost everything and faced a mountain of legal bills. He pleaded to a single misdemeanor for "exceeding authorized use of a government computer," a violation he compares to "spitting on the NSA sidewalk")
6. Machinist Mate 1st Class Kristian Saucier (This kid took some pics, facing 30 years)
7. Anyone (usually "Libtard or Demoncrap") who says, "they didn't mean to" do whatever they were convicted of.
8. Pot Smokers.
9. Jay Walkers
10. People in the wrong place at the wrong time.
11. Soviet Dissidents.
12. Chinese Dissidents.
13. The Agent that got prosecuted for mishandling one email.
14. Oliver North.
15. Tommy Chong (did 9 months for selling a bong to an undercover cop).
16. Bryan Nishimura of Folsom, California. (A Navy engineer sentenced for mishandling classified material. He was sentenced to two years of probation and a $7,500 fine, and was ordered to surrender his security clearance. He is barred from seeking a future security clearance.)
17. People who went to jail for smelling like alcohol in public.
18. Person telling a nurse (who was mistreating and neglecting a family member recovering from surgery) jailed and arrested, for telling nurse to "f*ck off."
19. Scott Bloch (United States Special Counsel pleaded guilty to criminal contempt of Congress for "willfully and unlawfully withholding pertinent information from a House Committee investigating his decision to have several government computers wiped ...." On June 24, 2013, U. S. District Judge Robert L. Wilkins sentenced Bloch to one day in jail and two years' probation, and also ordered him to pay a $5000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service.)
20. Brandon Mayfield (wiretapped, jailed, and falsely accused of terrorism by the FBI)
21. Scooter Libby
22. James Trafficant, Irwin Schiff (the guy from India that made a movie about arrest.)
23. Anyone/Everyone ever busted for violating a non-disclosure agreement.
24. Dinesh D'Souza (Author of "Stealing America")

Does FBI Director Comey give Trump and the American people enough rope to hang Hitlery Clinton with as heard in the videos below? We expect things in the world of politics to get much more interesting in the days, weeks, and months to come. Remember, November is only 4 months away.

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