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November 17, 2021

America Teetering On The Edge And Ready To Explode: Domestic Wars See America Divided By Race, Class, Vax Status, Culture, And Climate

 -  Two-Thirds Of Vax Worshipers Have Disinvited Family Members To Holiday Gatherings

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Interesting that for so long liberals have accused Republicans of being "warmongers," when discussing foreign policy, yet it is the Democrat party that has brought the second civil war to America.

There are two parties in this nation, despite claims to the contrary saying "they are all the same." 

Granted, in some ways they are the same, politicians will be politicians, but the clear dividing line is between those that feel they and the government should "control" the populace, and those that just want to be left alone to live their lives the way they see fit.

Readers can determine for themselves which is the party of "big government controls all" and which are the party of "leave me the hell alone."

When families get together for different holidays, whether Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, or any time that families gather together, we inevitably see arguments about everything from politics to sports and a number of topics in between, to the point where it has even become a movie cliché because it happens so often.

Families fight, families argue, but for the most part, they still come together for the holidays. There are exceptions of course, but generally, if a family can gather for a holiday event, they do.

Those exceptions are usually people that cannot accept others that have different beliefs, whether political or religious as shown throughout the past years where liberals disinvited conservatives that voted for Donald Trump, or cannot handle even hearing differing opinions without their heads exploding, figuratively of course.


Sadly, over the course of the last decade or two, we have seen the escalation of  "domestic wars," from culture wars to race-baiters to class warfare to mask wars,  and let us not forget the disdain surrounding the climate wars, and now, what seems to be the final nail in the coffin, is the vax wars.

In 2020, many were in lockdown over the holidays so many annual gatherings were cancelled, but this year, we are noting yet another form of division which has sibling against sibling, parents and children refusing to communicate, family and friends no longer welcome at the table or in the home of "vaccinated" family members, if they themselves make a personal medical decision against being vaccinated.

A November 2, 2021 poll found the following depressing and disturbing results:

Our survey of 2,000 U.S. residents – conducted on Nov. 2 – examined how the COVID-19 vaccine has impacted people’s relationships with their loved ones ahead of the holidays this year.

Nearly seven in 10 respondents (67%) said they feel they cannot go home for the holidays without getting vaccinated first. 

Of the 65% who are fully vaccinated, six in 10 (58%) have reportedly cut off family members who refuse to get vaccinated, while 63% don’t feel comfortable inviting unvaccinated relatives to their parties.

This goes beyond just family gatherings as we have seen proposals from liberals that those refusing the experimental vaccine should be locked down, refused service, refused entry to shopping centers, forced to take the jab, and other completely tyrannical and dictatorial suggestions of what to do to the "unvaxxed."

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Anyone notice that in the overwhelming majority of examples, the only people screeching about "racism," or even mentioning race at all, are the race baiters that accuse anyone that disagrees with them of being RACIST!!!

Of course, no one is denying their are racists in America, but the accusation of racism has become so overused for every little comment, action, or decision made that liberals do not agree with,  it has become almost meaningless.

Watching online discourse on social media, every day we see this.  Someone disagrees about Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and liberals scream RACISTS!!! 

Someone disagrees with a person of color politically and those same accusations of racism are howled at the top of the lungs.

Foods have been declared racist, monuments, clothing, hair styles, accessories, in fact, it would probably be faster and easier to name things that are not considered racist by liberals.

It isn't just racism though......

Culture wars. Class wars. Climate wars. Mask wars. Vaccine wars.

The list goes on and on..... and it is getting to the point where there is barely any topic at all that liberals and conservatives agree on.

It all comes down to the same bottom line issues though.

One group thinks everyone should be forced into accepting their ideological belief system, while the other group just wants to be left alone to live and let live.

A perfect example of this is the vaccine wars as discussed above.  

Liberals would look at the "live and let live" statement and start spewing about "abortion" and how conservatives aren't willing to "leave them alone".... yes, agreed. Conservatives collectively will never tolerate or accept the murder of a baby.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, generally the vaccine wars are left versus right, as well. We have seen conservatives make the personal decision to get the vaccine, yet still fight for the right of those, left and right, who decide not to get the COVID vaccine. 

Those same people who are "anti mandate," yet labeled by the media and liberals as "anti-vaccine," are also the first ones to fight for the right of the "vaccinated" to make their own choices to take the jab, yet are not shown the same courtesy. 

They also are not busy taking pride in banning relatives and friends from family gatherings for being vaccinated, despite the new breakthrough cases of the vaccinated catching COVID.


Many believe conservatives issues with liberals are about policy and social issues, but that is by far the least of their differences.

The biggest difference is one "side" wants freedom and their constitutional rights, while the others wants control, while stripping freedoms and constitutional rights of others.

The divisions are real and are getting wider.

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