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September 19, 2016

Ecstatic Elite Orchestrates Terror Across America As Tanks And Weapons Of War Take To The Streets Of NY City

- It's All Scripted And Right On Time To Interfere With The Elections


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back in December of 2015, ANP and several other alternative news outlets reported that 'suspicious bulk cell phone purchases' were being made in different locations across America. Called 'burners' since they can be bought and used anonymously then thrown away, we're not the least bit surprised by the recent news report that all FIVE bombs that were found in the New York area used 'flip phones' as the detonators by the terrorists who planned on carrying out the bombings.

With another attempted bombing at a New Jersey train station Sunday night, soon after an unprecedented 'trio of terror attacks' erupted on US soil within a 12-hour period, we also take a look below at warnings we may be witnessing 'grey terror' throughout America. Soon after a major gas pipeline ruptured, threatening gas prices and supply across the East coast, we also witnessed a suspicious fire breaking out in California that has recently postponed the launch of a US military satellite, soon after the Space X satellite was destroyed on the launch pad.  

We're also not the least bit surprised by claims made by terrorists in a chilling 911 phone call that 'there will be more'. We long ago warned that as we got closer and closer to the election, if the 'globalist dark entities' backing 'hitlery clinton' found that her campaign was in massive trouble and there was little way that she could win, they'd begin using the 'trojan horse terror proxies' that they've allowed into America in mass numbers during the past 7 years of the Obama administration to carry out attacks upon our country. With the attacks in New Jersey, New York and Minnesota recently, and the UN General Assembly meeting focusing the world's attention on New York this week, are we now witnessing a globalist attempt to stop our elections and prevent a 'pro-America' president from getting into office?


With the recent, incomprehensible bombing of Syrian Army soldiers now making it quite clear that Obama, Clinton and the globalists are supporting the same ISIS terrorists who are both killing Christians around the world and now attacking America, we don't find it too surprising that Obama is more than willing to talk about the election but won't talk at all about the Islamic terror attacks happening now on his watch. We take a look below at several new videos including one showing tanks in the streets of New York as well as several stories that were published on ANP back in December of 2015 and earlier in 2016 that warned us what might be coming to America if Obama's globalists felt they were ready to lose their 'biggest prize - America'. 

Since it is painfully clear that the terrorists who are now attacking America are 'globalists plants', many of them possibly allowed into America via the Obama administration's 'trojan horse' protection plan (that they've nicknamed 'immigration'), we also take a look below at several story headlines from both the Drudge Report and Steve Quayle's website that should help prove to us this was all well-planned-out by the globalists long ago. They clearly never had any intention what-so-ever of allowing anybody into office who would put America first and the rise of Donald Trump scares the heck out of them. 

Back on March 24th, Susan Duclos published a story on ANP in which she told us 'chilling details indicated ISIS was ready to attack the US at any moment' after the deadly Paris attack. She warned us then of the terrorists use of cell phones to detonate their explosives and told us about a sickening ISIS poll online in which their terrorist members were asked what country should be attacked next. The fact that more than 16% of those responding said 'United States' should have sent up an alarm then - however, why have they seemingly waited so long to begin carrying out their attacks? 

With the globalists who are attempting to steal America away from the American people, timing is everything. 


With the election now only a month-and-a-half away and the campaign of globalist Clinton in freefall, we're not the least bit surprised that the globalists are turning to terror. We have to ask, are they hoping they can bomb their way to a canceled election and why does the 'left' has such a historical romance with tyranny and terror? The fact that 1 out of every 5 Syrian refugees resettled in America have moved into the NY area is also quite interesting. 

s Susan warned back on December 12th of 2015 in her story "Something Huge Is Coming As ISIS Prepares Imminent 'Main Event' In U.S. - To Be Largest Terror Attack In History And Fully Sanctioned By Obama Administration", the facts that mosques have been off-limits to government snooping since 2011 while the FBI has outright stated that the majority of mosques and Islamic centers in America are part of a vast jihadi network should have been a 5-alarm warning to our country. 

So, it sadly appears that the 'imminent main event' that Susan warned us of back in December of 2015 still remains ahead of us if the ISIS terrorists and the globalists backing them have their way.

We also told you back in December of 2015 that the US government had 'lost track' of 9,500 possible terrorists here in America after a member of ISIS was captured in Turkey who warned of a future massive attack upon the US. ISIS has long threatened an attack upon the US that would dwarf 9/11 and with a Donald Trump presidency looming that promises to be much more tough on the Islamic State than the current administration has been, ISIS may be running out of time. Certainly, the globalists are. 

Ask yourself this: If it continues to appear that Donald Trump is going to shellack 'hitlery' in November, who stands the most to gain from a massive series of terrorist attacks upon America? The answer is quite obvious to us - the very same globalists who have been involved in the secret overthrow of US sovereignty for many, many years now. 

We also warned you back in December of 2015 of several other recent 'very mysterious events' as propane tanks had been stolen across America along with various other tech parts that could be used to make not only bombs but the devastating homemade artillery now being used in Syria called 'hell cannons'. Might the terrorists that have been 'trojan horsed' into our country soon use such devastating and deadly devices upon US cities? 


As the headlines splashed all over the Drudge Report this morning tell us, America is once again under attack after law enforcement sources warned that they believed they were dealing with an active terror cell in the New York and New Jersey areas after late last night, an explosive device was detonated at a train station in New Jersey

Is what we're watching now happening in the New York, New Jersey area simply the 'tip of the iceberg'? 

Also back in December of 2015, WND ran a story featuring Erick Stakelbeck, a terrorism analyst with the Christian Broadcasting Network who told us that while ISIS might not be able to take down the US government, they could still cripple America. Warning us then that the jihadis could quite literally take down several US cities even if they couldn't take down the entire country, wouldn't a canceled election that kept Barack Obama IN office and an America-first president OUT of office actually be 'overthrowing our government'?


It's clear that if the American people have no say in the matter and the globalists use their terror proxies to attack America and get our elections canceled to keep Obama in office for another 2 or 4 or 8 more years or more, the globalists will have won and our legal government will have been successfully overthrown. From that WND story:

“He (Obama) fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the threat. He does not understand terrorism, especially of the Islamic variety. He doesn’t get it,” Stakelbeck said. (ANP Note: Or does Obama understand Islamic terrorism perfectly?) “The Islamic terror threat has already changed our way of life. If you don’t believe me, just go to an airport.”

And while Obama may be right that ISIS cannot topple the U.S. government, Stakelbeck said it could do a whole lot of damage.

“If ISIS or another Islamic terror group gets their hands on a weapon of mass destruction, which they are working diligently to acquire, they might not be able to take down the whole country, but they can take out New York, Washington, Chicago (or) L.A. That’s not alarmism. That’s not fear tactics. That’s a fact,” Stakelbeck said. 


With each day bringing us one day closer to the 2016 election and the possibility of an America-1st president voted into office, each day also brings us perilously more close to our previous warnings of another massive terror attack upon US soil coming to pass. With possible 'grey terror' breaking out across America as exemplified by the recent ruptured gas pipeline that some believe could be a trigger of the economic collapse, are we now witnessing an orchestrated attempt to put the final nails in America's coffin?

Just imagine this worst case scenario: an entire East Coast this winter, paralyzed by a major gas shortage with collapse staring us in the face. Anybody who simply wanted to 'get out of Dodge' might not be able to. Might that be just what the globalists want though, an America completely and totally paralyzed, stuck in the cities as 'the end game' arrives? 

As we hear in the 1st video below, despite the attacks in NY being 'terror', we aren't supposed to call the attacks 'terror'. In the 2nd video below we get an MSM report on the bombs found Sunday night in New Jersey while in the 3rd video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network, we hear that the NY governor finally IS calling the recent attacks 'terror' as more than 1,000 new security personnel are brought into the city.


In the 4th video below, we're told that the American people have no intention whatsoever of allowing 'hitlery clinton' and the globalists to steal our country away from us via a stolen election. However, now that the globalists are well aware that the American people are paying very close attention to politics in 2016, are they arranging other avenues to make sure that the final nails are driven into the hearts of liberty and America's sovereignty?

In the final video below, we get word that the entire world is watching what is now happening in America and New York as tanks, humvees and the National Guard are brought out onto NY streets and an intricate 'chess game' continues to be played as we approach what our videographer warns may be 'the final countdown' for the USA.

We pray for the safety of our first responders and the millions of good people across the country. 


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