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July 17, 2015

American Genocide Obama Style - Diversity, Immigration, Feminization And Emasculation - 4 Dead Marines Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg As The Endgame Plan Accelerates


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Through "diversity," immigration, feminization and emasculation of the American male, we are watching a four-pronged attack against America which will fulfill the predictions made by the Deagel website which shows that the total number of Americans who are here now but not expected to be here in 10 years to 254 million people.

What we are watching is an American genocide, Obama-style.

White Genocide is described by the  White Genocide Project in the following manner:

Moving millions of non-White immigrants into traditionally White countries over a period of years. This alone is not genocide, but the next step makes it a part of genocide.

Legally chasing down and forcing White areas to accept “diversity“. This is known as “Forced Assimilation“.

A combination of mass immigration (of different groups of people) plus forced assimilation would qualify as genocide, as defined by Article II, part (C) of the United Nations Genocide Conventions.


We have heard quote a bit from the Obama administration and Obama himself on "diversity" recently with Breitbart reporting that "that Obama is moving forward with threatened plans to force “diversity” on wealthier neighborhoods by using the federal government’s influence to build housing for lower income families."

In the video below we see Obama himself discussing his "deranged fair housing" plot.

(Article continues after the video below)


By now most people have heard that a 24 year old Kuwaiti-born man by the name of Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez opened fire at two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday, killing four Marines and injuring three others before dying from a gunshot wound. According to an ex-CIA agent, the gunman was tied to ISIS.

Those attacks and deaths are just the tip of the iceberg.

In 2011 Pew Research reported that in the U.S. "the population projections show the number of Muslims more than doubling over the next two decades, rising from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030, in large part because of immigration and higher-than-average fertility among Muslims. The Muslim share of the U.S. population (adults and children) is projected to grow from 0.8% in 2010 to 1.7% in 2030, making Muslims roughly as numerous as Jews or Episcopalians are in the United States today. Although several European countries will have substantially higher percentages of Muslims, the United States is projected to have a larger number of Muslims by 2030 than any European countries other than Russia and France."

Emphasis on the fertility average among Muslims mine because we are going to come back to that later in the article.

In April 2015 Stefan Stanford reported on "190 US cities have been 'secretly selected' to receive a massive influx of Muslim immigrants via the US State Department in their bid to 'destroy America from within'  by creating a 'nation within a nation' within the United States.(See embedded list of those cities in the ANP article from April)

USA Today reported in May 2015 that FBI Director James Comey said  there are "hundreds, maybe thousands" of people across the country who are receiving recruitment overtures from the terrorist group [ISIS] or directives to attack the U.S.

Comey said the Islamic State, also known as ISIL, is leveraging social media in unprecedented ways through Twitter and other platforms, directing messages to the smartphones of "disturbed people'' who could be pushed to launch assaults on U.S. targets.

"It's like the devil sitting on their shoulders, saying 'kill, kill, kill,''' Comey said in a meeting with reporters.

Comey had previously asserted that ISIS was present in all 50 states in America.

Despite all of that, we find out that the Census Bureau is predicting another 1.24 million more immigrants to enter the U.S. in 2015.



In January 2015, in an ANP article titled "Wiping Out America..... Study Shows Depopulation Agenda Moving Full Speed Ahead," we discussed "the feminization and emasculation of the American male and the effects it will have on future generations and the American male being effectively neutered out of existence."

In that article we covered a study showing that there has been a descrease and falling sperm count and a variety of chemicals used in Industrial products and Plastics, foods, insecticides and other products causing this.

Which brings us back to the pew Research assertion on the higher-than-average fertility among Muslims.

They are systematically wiping out the American male.

Furthermore, we are seeing the total emasculation of the men with the most recent example explained by the Washington Post who declares in their first sentence of this article, "The end of gender is near."

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, well the one below from that WAPO article, says it all!


Last but not least, we see a direct attack on procreation with the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriages, where in order to procreate, gay couples must use artifical means or surrogates and this agenda was pushed hard by none other than Barack Hussein Obama


Diversity, immigration, feminization and emasculation is a 4-pronged attack on America where we see the American genocide Obama-style happening right before our very eyes.

In the video below we see that this very agenda has been pushed successfully elsewhere and America is just latest example of the acceleration of White Genocide playing out right before our very eyes.

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