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April 28, 2016

REPOSTED JULY 8, 2016 - Another Insider Warns Of Martial Law Before Election! 'NWO Will Do Anything To Stop Donald Trump' - The Rest Of 2016 May Be 'One Wild Ride'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die


In the past few days alone we've seen many more signs that the global elite will not allow America a general election in 2016 if it appears that one of their candidates, such as Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz, will not end up living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC in January 2017. With the 1st video below featuring 'Trump Insider' Roger Stone being interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars sharing with us the latest warnings of what the NWO might do to stop Trump and the election, including declaring martial law, in the 2nd video below we're warned that some are investing millions on rioters for the GOP convention in Cleveland in July, hoping to incite martial law, which may help to explain why the head of the Ohio Northeast region fusion center recently resigned, only months prior to the coming convention.

Stone and Jones tell us that the establishment will do anything in an attempt to put a stop to Trump as Stone also tells us that "the establishment is petrified that the 'Trump wave' is coming and they see no way to stop it." Stone and Jones also tell us that 'shills' such as Glen Beck and Mark Levin continue to 'destroy themselves' by taking millions from the establishment to push Ted Cruz while Stone tells us that he prays every day for the safety of Donald Trump and cannot imagine the number of death threats the future Republican nominee and US President gets every day.

While Jones and Stone reemphasize that the 'elitists' will do anything at all to stop Trump and Bernie Sanders from becoming the eventual nominees of the two parties, including stealing the elections, cancelling out the popular vote or cancelling the election all together, we think the 'NWO establishment' should be happy that they are living in America rather than in Libya, Egypt, Iraq or some other Middle Eastern nations.


In such far off locations, dictatorships being deposed are handled far differently than what we're now watching unfolding in America today with the so-far very peaceful and totally legal overthrow of an establishment that has quite literally screwed over the American people for many, many years on end. However, the 'legal and peaceful overthrow' is not quite complete and who really believes the NWO will allow their 'work' here to be undone? We pray that the people of America never arrive at the point where they feel only violence can achieve great political change for if we reach that point, it will be too late.

Shortly after the 3 minute mark, Jones asks Stone what kind of 'October Surprise' he expects the establishment to pull out if it appears the masses of Americans had awoken and were ready to vote an 'America-first' president into office the following month. Stone tells us that there could be an 'international incident' that could be used as a pretext to cancel the election.

Why is the establishment in major meltdown stage? As Jones and Stone tell us, Trump is drawing in massive numbers of voters who'd normally vote for the Democratic Party. Up to or more than 40% of Bernie Sanders voters will likely vote for Trump rather than Hitlery Clinton. Blacks, Latinos and Union workers, who normally vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, could be voting for Trump in record numbers. Trump has awoken Americans to the false song of globalism.

As more and more Americans awaken to the fact that we've been 'shafted in the gut' by the 'New World Order economy', more and more Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions jump on the Trump bandwagon that has promised to put America first, once again, and as we learn in the final video below, 'America first' WAS the original foreign policy of this country more than 200 years ago.


Everything that the current establishment and the New World Order have been working for in America for the past many years, including our complete destruction, could be undone with a Trump presidency as shared in his recent foreign policy speech outlined in this story by Susan Duclos on ANP.Why might martial law be declared in America? Let us count the myraid number of reasons that martial law for America in 2016 could be declared, most of them having been previously outlined within various stories on All News Pipeline as we converge upon the NWO's 'end game' for this country.:

A massive series of very real and/or 'false flag attacks' upon our country by ISIS terrorists and their sympathizers, possibly even by those within 'black lives matters' movement, who George Soros is now continuing to help sow seeds of discontent.

Economic collapse leads to social chaos and the breakdown of society necessitating FEMA camps, martial law and the implementation of the many executive orders signed by Obama as further documented below.

An EMP strike sends America back to the Middle Ages, knocking out power nationwide for at least a year or more and possibly leading to the elimination of 90% of US citizens who neglected to prepare for possible coming chaos.

World War 3 begins and, as promised by Russia, comes to US soil.

A massive earthquake or other natural disaster strikes America on the West coast, New Madrid fault line, Caribbean Islands causing an East coast tsunami or any of the other possible disasters caused by our planet and completely out of humanity's control.

The possibility that 'Planet X/Nibiru' is REAL, as has also been suggested by many ANP readers, and is now in the process of slinging massive rocks into the inner solar system and bringing about memories of extinctions.

Much more likely, a very real or 'false flag' event at either the Democratic Convention, the Republican Convention or any other 'political theater' in America that leads to the need of martial law being declared as further outlined in the 2nd video below. The remainder of the 2016 political season should be looked at as a potential massive false flag warning.

Whether we like it or not, all of the possibilities mentioned above are very, very real possibilities for America and the world that could quite easily lead to the necessity of martial law being declared.As we have reported frequently before, the signs of collapse and the 'elite' preparing for chaos are everywhere and include the building of underground bunkers, elite 'bugging out' of the big cities, and all of Obama's executive orders.


Just consider all of the executive orders alone that Barack Obama has already signed preparing for the 'end of America' to be brought about by the will of the one person alone who's now sitting in the what used to be the most powerful home in the world at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue before he weakened our military so badly he's turned America into a world laughingstock.


Any sitting president who's signed orders seeking out all of that power clearly has something 'bigger' in mind. Since he signed them, would Obama really leave those same powers in place for Trump, a man he has stated 'would never win the White House'? What does Mr. Obama have in mind for America that he'd need to control basically EVERYTHING? For once we'll agree with Hitlery Clinton; the rest of 2016 should be one wild ride.


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