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July 6, 2021

Antifa Explodes In Violence Over Peaceful Protests Against Men Parading Naked In Front Of Little Girls At Los Angeles Spa After Video Goes Viral

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Whether Portland, Seattle, Oakland, Los Angeles, or any of the other liberally run cities that allow their citizens to be terrorized by Antifa groups, every time a peaceful protest is organized for a protest that Antifa/BLM disagrees with they show up to counter-protest.

These groups certainly get around as there are organized chapters in multiple liberal cities, which is strange for a group that Democrats, Joe Biden included, call an "idea" but not an organization.†

This is America, protesting is a right as is counter-protesting, but once Antifa gangs show up, the "peaceful" part of those protests disappear as they attack random strangers that are trying to protest in a peaceful manner.

We and others have documented this, with eyewitness accounts, local news reports (national news protects, defends and tries to justify Antifa's violence), and video proof, as we are going to with the events overt the past week.

If the MSM won't document these events, Independent Media has to.†

There absolutely must be an online record of the cultural and societal suicide that we are witnessing across the nation.

Below we are going to detail some of violent antics of Antifa thugs that continues to go unpunished.

There will be a number of videos embedded, because no amount of text can adequately describe the scenes from just the past week alone, following years of the same type of violence from Antifa and BLM.


We'll start with the original event that caused the peaceful protest and the the attacks against those protesters by Antifa groups.

Recently a video went viral from a Los Angeles spa called "Wi Spa," where a woman absolutely tears into the employees of the establishment, on camera, for allowing a man, with his penis just hanging out there to walk into the "women's section" where little girls, young ladies, and women were.

In the video it sounds like the employees is claiming that by law they have to allow the man to swing it all around in front of little girls in the "women's section."

Language warning below, but kudos to the woman for standing her ground.

Great to see that some Californians are sickened about what is happening and willing to stand up and speak out, loudly about it.

The video went viral and protests were organized....which were completely peaceful until...... yes, Antifa showed up.

Below we will see a set of videos showing mobs of thugs attacking individual people, including women, street preachers, and what appears to be Mexican gang member with rosary beads, who believes it is an abomination to have naked men parading around in front of little girls.

Antifa were heard thanking the police, whom they want defunded by the way, for helping them after he nails one of them with his rosary beads, which were first misreported as chains.

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Next up, Antifa surrounds a lone woman holding a sign, tears the sign from her hand, tears it up, while others knock her hat off, steal her sunglasses and throws them while they are scream, harass and curse at her.

Next a couple, they appear to be Hispanic, holding signs, saying they are there in peace but it is about the children.† Again Antifa members tear the signs from the man and the woman's hands, verbally attack them and herd them away, while continuing to follow them, screaming.

In the next one, another mob of Antifa members attack a religious group of protesters, violently, and at the 32 second mark, bash a street preacher in the head with a skateboard.

More videos here and here and here.... but the point is clear. These thugs are cowards that cannot handle a one-on-one confrontation because they know they will get their bell rung, nor do they do well when face with a group will to fight back.


There so many results when searching video platforms for "Wi Spa," people getting beaten and terrorized for doing nothing but using their constitutional right to protest peacefully, and this is just the latest of evidence of how Antifa groups are not a myth, or an "idea" or a vast right-wing conspiracy, as the evidence is on video.

More and more peaceful, non-violent protesters are being verbally and physically attacked by violent Antifa terrorists in an attempt to intimidate others into staying silent.† †

What is needed are volunteer protection details, to do nothing but show up at† protests to surround and protect the innocent peaceful protesters.

As long as they do not throw any first punches, they will be well within their rights to defend themselves and those they are offering protection to.

If Antifa can organize to show up at all these peaceful protests, free speech rallies, etc... then certainly other groups can organize even better (after all, Antifa isn't exactly full of mensas), and protect those trying to protect our nation's children,† and others from being violently attacked by Antifa.

If the police in these liberal cities are not being allowed to do their jobs, then a civilian group is needed to do it for them and protect those that come in peace, just to be attacked by Antifa.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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