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July 1, 2019

Democrats And Media Own Antifa Now And Have Blood On Their Hands With Each And Every Violent Act By These Fascist Thugs


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In late April Joe Biden, the Democrat frontrunner for the Dem party nomination for President, praised Antifa in his campaign launch, calling them "a courageous group of Americans." 

Immediately after Biden's assertion, CNN's Chris Cuomu defended the violence Antifa brings with it to every event they "protest" against, calling it a "good cause."

In August 2018, CNN's Don Lemon defended Antifa saying that while "no organization is perfect," that there "is a distinction" in committing violent acts in the name of "anti-fascism," and those they protest against.

In January 2018, former U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district, Kieth Ellison, while serving as Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, proudly posted a tweet, which has since been deleted, of himself holding up a copy of the radical left-wing book "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook," with a message stating "At @MoonPalaceBooks and I just found the book that strike fear in the heart of @realDonaldTrump."

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The aforementioned examples of Democrats praising and encouraging Antifa terrorism are just the tip of the iceberg, as the liberal media, and Democrat politicians, as well as online radical liberals are consistently defending and cheering Antifa on in their bloody and brutal violence.


Antifa is an umbrella term for a number of organized groups across the nation, all claiming to be against fascism, but using fascist tactics, violence and terror, against anyone they disagree with, justifying it by labeling them racist, or fascist, from free speech rallies to rioting against conservative speakers at college campuses. In 2016 their activities were described by the federal authorities as "domestic terror violence."

Rather than list each and every example of the violence, pain and suffering that Antifa causes everywhere they "protest," a good sample for those unaware of exactly how violent these groups are, can be found at Daily Wire, in a piece titled "A Timeline Of Antifa Violence: January – August 2017."

Things only got worse throughout 2018.

This past week has seen a number of Antifa-related news, from Antifa members in Portland, Oregon, where law enforcement has been ordered by Mayor Ted Wheeler to stand down to Antifa, beating an elderly man with a crowbar, then attacking a bystander that attempted to help by hitting him too with the crowbar, and spraying mace in his face, to attacking Independent Journalist and Quillette Editor, Andy Ngo, for covering their protest event, stealing his equipment, throwing a "milkshake" lined with quick-drying cement, which resulted in having to be hospitalized for a brain-bleed.


Ngo, a conservative, gay, Asian American journalist has been covering the Antifa violence in Portland, Oregon, as well and far-right groups protesting, for years. His reports are often the only on the ground reports that document the lawlessness to which Portland has been given over to.

Both the Ngo attack and the beating of the elderly man are shown in the Sky News Australia report below. Warning, the attacks are hard to watch.

Other angles of the Ngo attack were later uploaded and shared..... see them at TownHall.

It is also being reported that "A person utilizing artwork created by a Rolling Stone journalist who writes favorably about Antifa has threatened to attack attendees of the Demand Free Speech rally with 'muriatic acid, wax, and balloons' on July 6 in Washington, D.C., according to Big League politics.


As the news filtered through social media and Independent Media regarding the violent attack on Ngo, with conservative pundit Michelle Malkin creating a GoFundMe page to help replace Ngo's equipment which was stolen, and hire security for him, there was appalling amount of so-called reporters and activists that started attacking Ngo and his reporting.

For example, taken from the link above, a Twitter verified, blue-checked liberal activist, Nathan Bernard, responded to the news of the NGO attack by stating "After relentlessly baiting and harassing antifa, far-right provocateur Andy Ngo finally got his wish of being milkshaked. Far-right simpletons like Tim Pool will milk this “victim” story for the next week at least."

Ngo routinely covers all the protests and Antifa activity, as well as Portland, Oregon authorities standing by while innocent citizens are terrorized, doing nothing because Portland's mayor has ordered them to stand down until an actual riot is in progress. We have seen clips of Antifa goons taking over streets, directing traffic, harassing motorists, while the police quite literally stood by and did absolutely nothing.

To Bernard, that means Ngo was "baiting and harassing" Antifa.

Columnist CJ Werleman, tries to convince his followers that Antifa members are like "Second World War veterans, while attempting to justify what was done to Ngo, stating "Anti-fascists (you know, like Second World War veterans) attacked him not because of his race or sexual orientation, but because he's a Muslim hating fascist who panders to and promotes white supremacists."

After being called out for that gem, he then stated "Ok, in no way am I endorsing or condoning violence in the above tweet or anywhere else. I'm merely explaining why Andy Ngo was attacked."

One reporter from CNN, Jake Tapper, managed to denounce the attack full stop, without attempting to discredit NGO or justify the brutality of Antifa.

Tapper tweeted "Antifa regularly attacks journalists; it’s reprehensible," then linked to three tweeted examples of other reporters who have been attacked from Antifa groups.

Perhaps Mr. Tapper would like to go remind CNN's Cuomo and Lemon of that and ask them, on air, if they still support Antifa, especially since CNN is one of the loudest voices screaming how dangerous it is to be a reporter with Trump supporters screaming "CNN SUCKS," and "Fake News."

In response to Tapper, Rolling Stones and Vice writer, Dan O'Sullivan, said "Andy Ngo is not a journalist, and in any event he went there hoping for exactly that outcome and for tweets like this."

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Trump administration official, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grennell, came out immediately after news broke of the attack against Ngo, tweeting, "This was a pre-meditated attack on someone because intolerant radicals don’t like that Andy happens to be gay, Asian and conservative. They targeted him publicly before their protest. Mayor @tedwheeler knew this was coming. The people of Oregon must speak up today."

Gresnell followed that up with a call for a federal investigation, stating "I have asked @TheJusticeDept to investigate this incident in Portland. I can’t just sit by and watch my friend be brutally attacked."

Senator Ted Cruz sent out a series of statements, beginning with "Sickening criminal assault. To mainstream “journalists”: don’t cover this up, don’t ignore it.," in response to the Dally Caller article about the attack.

Cruz continued with "To law enforcement:  find & prosecute these violent felons."

Cruz ended by saying "To federal law enforcement:  investigate & bring legal action against a Mayor who has, for political reasons, ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists."

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Independent Media has been all over this story, with Michelle Malkin providing a long thread in a series of tweets with screen shots of at least 12 Antifa thugs hitting, kicking and robbing Ngo, while Portland Police have only arrested three in connection with the protests and counter protests.

Using the Google search engine to see how much coverage this received from mainstream news sources, which Google deliberately manipulates their algorithms to show first, we see Fox News as the only large MSM source on the front page, along with other conservative websites such as The Spectator, Independent, Clarion Project, Daily Caller,  and TownHall.  On Page two of the search results, only one far left liberal website, The Daily Beast, was found among other more conservative outlets like Breitbart, Quillette, RedState, The Blaze and more.

Notice what is missing? Articles from NYT, Wapo, ABC News, CNN, NBC News, CBS News..... I hunted 7 pages of search results, from Google search because they highlight MSM sources above others, and found nothing.

Thinking maybe google was just hiding any MSM coverage, a search on  the NYT website, using just the term "Andy Ngo," brought up only one article regarding Saturday's Portland events, in a piece titled "Marches by Rival Groups Lead to Clashes; 3 People Arrested." The article was listed as an Associated Press article, and gave the attack on Ngo one paragraph, without many details or a description of the violent attack.

The same Associated Press article was found at Washington Post. Nothing on CNN's website, but I did find a clip of CNN's Brian Stelter giving a whole 41 seconds to speak against the attack.

Now imagine if this had been an attack by 12 thugs from any right-wing group against a journalist..... we would see back-to-back headlines at every newspaper and website, with wall-to-wall coverage on cable and prime time news, which would likely last for weeks.

Yet this violent and brutal attack, which occurred on Saturday has barely received any MSM coverage.


Democrat politicians have praised Antifa, the liberal MSM has encouraged and attempted to justify their violence against free speech advocates, and peaceful protesters, and when a conservative journalist is actually attacked, robbed and hospitalized, they discuss it on Twitter and social media, but they do not inform the hundreds of thousands of veiwers that are not on social media.

The Democrats and the liberal MSM own Antifa now, and they have blood on their hands with each and every violent act by these fascists that claim to be anti-fascists.

At the end of the short clip below, when police finally approached a beaten, bloodied and bruised Ngo, you can hear him ask them "Where the hell were all of you?"

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