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November 16, 2017

Head Of FDA Declares War Upon US Veterans And Millions Of Other Americans Suffering In Pain To Help His Big Pharma Cronies

- Meanwhile, He Received Nearly A Half Million Dollars From Maker Of Killer Drug 'Fentanyl'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Amidst deadly painkiller epidemic, Big Pharma spent $880 million to influence politicians nationwide. Those who corrupted veterans’ health care & those who profit from this country’s endless wars are one and the same.

Back on September 1st of 2016, we published a story on ANP titled "Terrorist Arm Of 'Big Pharma' Launches All-Out 'Terror Attack' Upon Millions Of Americans By Banning A Plant God Put On This Earth To Help Mankind!" in which we reported upon efforts being made by 'Big Pharma' and the FDA to force the US Drug Enforcement Administration to ban an all-natural supplement called 'Kratom' that has been used by millions of Americans to safely and effectively manage acute and chronic pain.

While the opioid crisis in America has exploded to catastrophic levels with 'Big Pharma' happily dishing out their killer poisons to millions of Americans around the country, leading to nearly 100 overdose deaths a day across the nation and more than 64,000 deaths in 2016, Kratom is being used by some hospitals and numerous city and county health departments to actually help wean addicts off of the deadly and extremely addictive poisons that 'Big Pharma' has created in their laboratories, poisons now killing countless Americans.  

And while millions of Americans stood up 'en masse' against that proposed ban back in 2016, delivering a huge win for US Veterans and others suffering from debilitating pain who didn't want to get hooked on Big Pharma's poisons by actually causing those seeking to ban kratom to back down, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that once again, efforts are being made to outright ban kratom. With Scott Gotlieb, the current head of the FDA, actually creating fake news in the latest attempts to get kratom banned, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised as, according to Pro Publica, FDA Head Scott Gotlieb has gotten nearly a half-million dollars from Big Pharma over the last several years! 


Claiming that Kratom had led to 36 deaths, Gotlieb didn't report that each one of those deaths involved a mixture of drugs including Fentanyl, the deadly drug now sweeping across America and as we read in this excerpt from the web page of Ed Markey, a US Senator from MassachusettsSenators Question FDA Nominee Scott Gottlieb’s Financial Relationship with Fentanyl Manufacturer Cephalon. 

So why would the head of the FDA, who has received nearly half a million from the producer of a drug that is extremely deadly and is being partially blamed for the deaths of nearly 100 Americans a day, attempt to ban what millions of Americans find to be a HARMLESS product that helps many US Veterans, law enforcement officers, soccer moms and business owners deal with their pain WITHOUT having to turn to deadly painkillers such as Fentanyl? The answer is quite obvious to anyone paying attention. 

As the American Kratom Association reports in this new press release, the American citizens are striking back against those who'd seek to poison and kill us with their deadly poisons while banning an all-natural product given to us by God. With this petition already launched, massive actions will likely follow in an attempt to make the 'food tyrants' back down from trying to tell Americans what WE can put into our bodies while helping the FDA realize their pure-evil ways. 


As we reported back in September of 2016, should Kratom be made illegal like tyrants here in America did to marijuana back in the early 1900's, also under the guise of 'strengthening food laws', the ONLY 'winners' would be 'Big Pharma' and such a ban could end up leading to the deaths of thousands of Americans if they can no longer legally get 'Kratom' and are forced to take big pharma's poisons for their pain. Why would the FDA want millions of Americans to suffer? 

From that 2016 ANP story:

The story over at Natural News Blogs back in April 2015 reported upon about a 'beacon of hope' for tens of millions of Americans who have been suffering from debilitating pain and who wanted to avoid the deadly painkiller poisons of big pharma; a plant that God put on this Earth many years before the laws of man arrived here called Kratom offers the exact same benefits as deadly 'big pharma' drugs such as oxycontin: a relatively pain-free life for those who are suffering terribly, without the deadly side effects of prescription drugs.

Their story also told us that legislators in Washington DC were getting very, very nervous about Kratom. As more and more Americans found out about it, their 'Big Pharma' donors were becoming very upset that their profits for peddling poisons were beginning to be slashed. As of September 1st, Kratom is still legal in America and it has suddenly become a multi-million dollar business at the expense of 'big pharma' who view Kratom as their 'kryptonite'.


While as we see in the map above that kratom is still legal in most of the US, with the head of the FDA, who's gotten a ton of money from the killers and terrorists over at big pharma, actually pushing fake news in their latest attempts to get kratom banned, we see a near exact repeat of how they took the outstanding medicinal plant marijuana away from the American people 100 years ago, which led to the absolutely failed 'war upon drugs' which we all know now was really just a war upon Americans and liberty. 

Will the FDA be successful at helping big pharma take away a supplement from Americans that saves lives, a supplement given to the American people and the people of the world by God, to further enrich their big pharma cronies? We'll close with this excerpt from this September 30th of 2016 ANP story:

Veterans are losing the war at home: Making America pain-free for plutocrats, Big Pharma.

Those who corrupted veterans’ health care & those who profit from this country’s endless wars are one and the same.

"This is the very definition of government overreach and it should send chills down the back of every American who is concerned about their right to live freely." Travis Lowin, Director of the Botanical Education Alliance

If you are somebody who has long-suffered from chronic pain, imagine you've been given a gift from God that will help make that pain all go away. Now, imagine a tyrannical government has decided that you shouldn't be able to have the gift God has given you, though it harms no one, and decides to take it away from you and turn you into a criminal if you use God's gift to you.

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