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March 17, 2016

'The Big Steal Is ON': RNC Secret Plans Revealed - Hannity 'I'm Walking' With Supporters - Time To Make Our Voices Heard


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yesterday we reported that a senior GOP official proudly touted the fact that the Republican Party "selects" their nominees and the voters do not "elect" them. The voters job, in the minds of the establishment, is basically to hold their nose and vote for the candidates the party leaders decide on in the general against the opposing nominee. For decades the parties have relied on the base to show up in the general election to prevent the opposing side from winning the presidency.

Today we see from an insider how "The big steal in ON," detailing what archaic rules can be utilized by the GOP establishment to strip bound delegates from any winner that is not "their" choice to be the presidential candidate but to which enters the convention in July with the most delegates, to the point where even if that candidate has the magic number of delegates (1,237), they can still steal it from him.

Here is how they plan to do it: Rule 16 (d). This byzantine concoction of legalese, simply put, says that nobody can be a delegate if he is from a state where voters who are not registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Like Massachusetts, where Trump got 22 delegates. Not like New Hampshire, where Democrats and Independents can officially re-register as Republicans going into the polling booth, vote on a Republican ballot, and re-register as a Dem on their way out, all on the same day. But like Arkansas, where Trump racked up 16 delegates.

Let me put it another way: in New Hampshire, Republican primary ballots are only given to registered Republicans, even if the voter registered as a Republican exactly 7 ˝ seconds before getting the ballot and switched back to Democrat 12 seconds after he voted Republican. The point is the voter was an official Republican when he got the ballot and voted. Other states omit this nicety and just ask voters which ballot they want when they walk in, regardless of their registration. The GOP bigwigs plan on challenging Trump’s delegates from those states.

Whether it is Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, the two with any chance at obtaining the 1,237 delegates before the convention, although new data shows Cruz would need 87 percent of the remaining delegates to do so, which means Trump, if he continues along the trajection he is on now, has the easier path, but anyone not "selected" by the party "elite", they are planning to steal it from them.


We all know in politics things can change on a dime, a candidate can say something that completely turns things around, so this is a call to action to both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump supporters, since they plan to overturn the will of the people if either Cruz or Trump wins enough delegates to become the nominee, it is time for all of us to tell the RNC that no matter who ends up with enough for the nomination, CHOSEN by the voters, not the "establishment," they either respect that or be prepared for the "base" to walk.

Sean Hannity recently said "Are they going to cut their nose despite their face?… You know, if they are going to be that self destructive, and if they’re going to pout, and if they’re going to pick up their little toys, and they’re going to go home like a bunch of babies, they will destroy, there will be no Republican Party at the end of this. Because if they’re successful , Guess what? Cruz and Trump supporters are walking out. And, I’m walking out with them."

Listen below:

I received a message from the Republican National Committee in regards to Tuesday's primaries, screen shot below.


My response to the RNC is below and notice that while I am leaning towards Trump, I used no name because my answer is the same if they steal it from Trump OR Cruz, whoever the people choose is who the nominee should be, no matter which candidate that is.

My Response to that email copied below:

As per your email statement "Republicans are turning out in record numbers in our primaries and caucuses to support a field of candidates offering the course correction America desperately needs."
If the Republican party leaders continue along the same path with dirty dealing in order to overturn the will of the people as to the nominee, in other words, you screw us over and "select" someone that does NOT walk into the convention far ahead of others.... you can kiss those record turnouts goodbye.
The "base" whom you NEED for the general will show you exactly WHY you need us by staying out of the general and causing you a huge loss..... perhaps THEN you will show the proper respect for "we the people."
Susan Duclos


If party establishment is not going to respect the will of the people that have truned out in "record numbers," their words not mine, then perhaps it is time for the people to speak out, call the RNC, email, and let them know that we stand with Hannity, we stand with those that will walk away from the party in the same "record numbers" if they attempt to steal delegates from ANY candidate that won them in the primaries and caucuses. 

Rather than sitting back, wringing our hands over the back-room deals and the very public blatant statements on how they plan to overturn the will of the people, we need to unite now, no matter our candidate and tell them "we will walk," unless the get out of our way and respect our choices.


Maybe they need to be reminded that they need us, we don't need them.

RNC PHONE NUMBER 202-863-8614

Write a public note to Chairman of the Republican National Committee (GOP) - HERE

Reince Priebus at Facebook
Reince Priebus at Twitter

MUST-SEE Hannity with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus - at the 3:20 minute mark Hannity plays the clip of the senior GOP official, then warns Priebus in no uncertain terms that if the establishment does what they are planning and inserting a candidate of the establishment's choice rather than the voters' choice,  it is going "to be ugly," and that Cruz or Trump supporters are going to walk.

[Update] ANP was copied in on an email sent to the RNC, shown below with the name redacted:

Subject: the Republican National Committee and the selection of the RNC candidate.

To: Whom it may concern
From: A U.S. citizen, One who served in the U.S. Navy for 7 years

Good day -

I find myself incredulous as I sit here writing this email to you. I cannot believe that the RNC who DEMANDED that EVERY person running to be the Republican candidate for President sign a pledge to support the eventual nominee (no matter who it was) try their very best to overthrow, undercut, and or sabotage the people that are winning. Where is YOUR loyalty? Where is YOUR honor? You should stand by what you forced the candidates do at the outset!

John Kasich has absolutely NO BUSINESS continuing in this election. He should be asked to stop his efforts completely and the campaign should be left to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The people (you remember them right?!? We're the ones that elected you in the first place!) have made it pretty clear that they want one of those 2 individuals and not one of the puppets you're trying to force down our throats. I understand the rules of the convention - I understand that you feel doing this is what YOU think is best. You weren't elected to do that in my opinion, you were elected to follow the will of "the people." During the RNC convention if someone that was NEVER a candidate during this cycle or was so far out of the running (anyone aside from Cruz and Trump) are selected - you are going to guarantee yourself a loss. I will stay home during the general election and watch the destruction. Yes I'm just one voice - how many folk do you suppose I represent? Two? Maybe 3? Let me assure it's more than that. We're all going to stay home and Hillary will win. You've all said that you prefer that to Trump anyway - so I reckon you'll get what you want.

I hope as a group the RNC or the RNC leadership will wake up - stop acting as the political oligarchy you are and behave like statesmen that represent the people.
Regards, [Redacted]


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