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May 8, 2016

The Rise Of Orchestrated Terrorism In America - Latest Assassination Threat Against Donald Trump, Wife And Daughter


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Yet another assassination threat has been leveled against Donald Trump, with this latest including his wife Melania and his daughter. The threat  purportedly has been made by a Black Lives Matter supporter.

As we look through the past year's headlines we note that Black Lives Matter protests have often become violent, turning into outright rioting, but we also note the other threats leveled against Trump by "rappers" since late 2015,  creating a bigger picture of what is happening in America that can be described in five words.


A simple search using the keywords "Black Lives Matter riots," brings up a whole slew of results as we see what should have been peaceful protests turn violent, time and time again as black terrorism in America reaches unprecedented levels. From riots over who won the American Idol contest to chants of "Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon," in reference to killing police officers, the Black Lives Matter movement has become a domestic terrorist group that the Obama administration refuses to name, nor take action against.  

Not only is Obama's silence defeaning but previous reports show his actions, such as meeting with BLM "activists" at the White House, are actually encouraging this kind of behavior.



The GOP Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump has become a major target for BLM and other black "activists" aka terrorist, from rappers calling for Trumps assassination, to the media covering up for other singers publishing Trump death threat videos by calling them "protest songs," to  threatening assassination and calling for riots if Trump wins the presidency.

In March it was reported that a Black Lives Matter leader threatened if Trump wins "we riot," while the very same black terror group celebrated after violently shutting down one of Trump's rallies in Chicago.

With these and many more examples of the recent rise of orchestrated terrorism in America we see the culmination of that rise in the most recent assassination threat against Trump..... as well as his wife and daughter, highlighted in the Mark Dice video below.



From Baltimore to California, Black Lives Matter has instigated and participated in rioting and violence and have not been held accountable for their actions or inciting violence. Free speech should always be protected, but vandalism, starting fires and rioting.. are crimes and those conducting these actions should be held accountable, not babied, not "explained" or acting as if their acts of terrorism is somehow justifed.

We are witnessing the rise of orchestrated black terrorism in America, the incitement of violence, the call for murder upon police and a presidential candidate and his family, going unchecked, not being prosecuted by the Obama adminsitration, covered-up and justified by the Hell Stream Media and inaccurately represented as a "civil rights movement."

This will not end well.


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