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December 6, 2021

The Blue-Haired Shrews Of Feminism Do Not Speak For Women In America - I Have Never Seen Such Obnoxiously Nasty Women As Those That Identify As Feminists

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In the past decades the waves of feminism has gone from being a fight for equality into the demand that women, no matter how obnoxious and nasty they are, must be treated with respect they have not earned and be allowed to rabidly attack those that disagree with anything the so-called "feminist" believes, and claiming any "man" that disagrees with them are misogynist women-haters.

After so many years writing and observing the changes to the feminist movements, it is not hard to understand the disconnect, where less women identify as feminist yet their beliefs do match the original definitions of feminism.

The disconnect: While almost all women in America believe in equality, only a minority are willing to associate themselves with what feminism has become in the present day.

Huffington Post, in December 2017, described the "gulf" between those that believe in equality and those that run from the term feminist, in the following manner.

The gulf between the percentage of people who identify as feminists and the percentage who believe in the equality of the sexes may be partly due to a branding problem for the word "feminism." Thirty-seven percent said they consider "feminist" to be a negative term, compared to only 26 percent who consider it a positive term. Twenty-nine percent said it's a neutral term.

†I used HuffPo for a reason.†

They are radically liberal and pro-feminism, so their explanation of blaming "branding" of the term feminism, rather than admitting that the "branding" is not the cause, but the result of how modern day feminists represent the movement, is part of the problem.

In 2019, a National Geographic/Ipsos survey found "only 29% of respondents identified as feminists, while another 69% did not. Just over 1% did not respond to the question."

It is not "feminism," as defined in regards to equality that the majority of American women are disassociating themselves from, but rather the actual "feminists" themselves, because of the way they act, as well as the way they think they are entitled to a respect they do not offer others.

The entitlement I, as a woman, have noticed with increasing frequency, is the mindset of "I can walk in a room and hit a man, but if he dares defend himself, he is a WOMAN-HATER!"

One who thinks they can randomly and rabidly attack others, yet cry foul if someone punches back, is nothing more than a blue-haired shrew and they do NOT represent nor speak for women in America.

For the record, I also do not speak for "women in America" collectively either, because women do not need others to speak for them, especially not some thin-skinned feminists that think it is their duty to tell other women that they should be angry and obnoxious because of some perceived slight.

Normal, non-feminist women know when people are being rude to them, they are fully capable of standing up and speaking out and do not need some feminist with an obviously big chip on their shoulder to come and "defend" them against some imaginary or manufactured insult.

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Feminists recently became louder and more obnoxious again as of late because of the Supreme Court case and oral arguments over a Mississippi ban on abortions after the baby has reached 15 weeks.

Radical feminists dubbed it the "war on women," yet they do not speak for American women, they speak for themselves and† a small portion of other radical feminists.

Over the years we have heard liberals/Democrats argue for late term abortions, partial birth abortions, and even supporting the killing of a baby while the mother is full term and in labor.

They want unlimited access to kill babies, yet 70 percent of Americans want more limits on abortions, not less.

Below you will see not just a feminist, pro-abortion activist, but a perfect example of why American women are less likely to allow themselves to be labeled as feminists.

Here is their "branding problem," in a nutshell.

Why feminists turn into blue-haired shrews, screeching at the top of their lungs for the "right" to kill helpless, innocent, growing children in the womb, I'll never be able to understand.

But I will repeat, they do not speak for the women of America collectively.


Feminism appears to make people miserable, and not just those around said feminist, but the misery comes from within.

Rarely, if ever do you see them come online and say something "nice."

Rarely, if ever do you notice them smiling, just because they are happy....they are not.

Rarely, if ever,† will you see them try to have a civil debate about an issue with someone that disagrees with them, without it turning into a "YOU HATE WOMEN" argument as soon as they have nothing left to offer to the debate.

There is always something that annoys them, causes them to turn into that screeching shrew, because they are always looking for something to be upset about.


The bottom like is simple. The feminists of the past are likely rolling in the graves at what modern day feminism has become.

They can scream, yell, become completely unhinged when someone does not agree with them, but what they cannot do..... is speak for me.

Feminists don't speak for the 20+ women below either.

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