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March 3, 2016

BREAKING NEWS ALERTS! Reader Request - Open Thread #2


By All News PipeLine

Due to the high volume of comments in the first Breaking News Alerts open thread, readers have suggested we put up a second one..... so here it is folks!! 

ANP readers have requested an article where they could drop all breaking news links, videos, images, etc.... into the comment section so they have one place to find it all rather than having to hunt the comments of multiple articles.

After some discussion we decided to offer up a thread for that purpose to those that have requested it... an experiment if you will. 

In order to make this work we would suggest all BREAKING NEWS ALERTS readers wish to share as they so generously do every day in the comment sections, be put as the first comment, so the newest always shows on top. 

We also suggest, in order for the comment thread not to become to congested, that discussions take place on the regular article threads and just news links, images and videos be dropped into this thread.... just a suggestion, it is your creation so run with it how you wish. 

Reminder - Readers can still feel free to drop links in any article thread as well, as they have been doing all along.

There was also a request to notify readers when breaking news is added, ANP cannot do that, for emailing every time a comment is made would be spamming, not to mention time consuming if this becomes popular with ANP readers, BUT, Disqus commenting does offer a way to follow comments on articles, either all of them or just replies to a users own comments.

If a reader is registered at Disqus they can go to the uper right corner of their dashboard to "settings" (the little gear) choose "settings" again from the drop menu, then on the left side of their settings page choose "email notifications," and they can check the box at the bottom that says "Subscribe - Subscribe automatically to discussions you comment on." (Screen shot below)


NOTE - There should also be a "Subscribe" option at the very bottom of the comment section to subscribe to that thread.

If this becomes something readers enjoy, we will keep a link to it on the news side of the front page.


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