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April 13, 2016

'Burn The Card' Movement Kicks In To High Gear From Florida To Colorado As Angry Republicans Start Burning Their Voter Cards - The GOP Exodus Begins


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For months we have seen report after report in the mainstream news about how the GOP/Republicans have been seeing a massive increase in party registrations with the RNC themselves issuing releases as shown in a March 17 article, stating "Republicans are turning out in record numbers in our primaries and caucuses..."


While proudly touting this increase in excitement and attendance in emails, the Republican leadership also started immediately disenfranchising those same voters, making statements like "The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. ...........The rules are still designed to have a political party choose its nominee at a convention. That's just the way it is." (Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota)

In fact the corruption and manipulation, the outright arrogance and power-grabbing has been more blatant and in-your-face during the 2016 campaign season than at any point throughout history where the back-room deals and the GOP party's "selection" process where they control the choices "we the people" are given, have always been conducted behind closed doors, but now can be seen in headlines such as The Hill's "GOP chair: 'The party is choosing a nominee'"

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus on Tuesday pushed back on critics of the GOP's presidential nominating process.
"This is a nomination for the Republican Party," Priebus said during an interview on WTMJ in Wisconsin. "If you don't like the party, then sit down. I mean, the party is choosing a nominee."

Anger has been building against the Republican establishment political class and came to head this week when reports came out that Colorado decided to bypass voters completely, disenfranchizing millions of Colorado voters, and handing Ted Cruz all the delegates for the state.

[Update] Via Twitter user†@AngelOfTruth16 we are pointed to the Facebook group Colorado GOP Protest, where the following testimony is given by a precinct captain:

[End Update]

It started with one man, after having documented on video how he was denied entry into the CO convention, then another where he explained how he was threatened for being a Trump supporter, then the last video where he burned his GOP registration. (All three of those videos can be seen on ANP's April 11, 2016 article titled "Revolution Begins In Colorado - Voters Burn Registration Cards As GOP Delegates Are Removed For Voting Trump)



ANP is accepting videos, pictures, copies of letters sent to the RNC or recording of phones calls made to the GOP and will publish any sent to us in a followup piece, or readers can add any or all of the above to the comment section below. If you have something to share, email

From Florida to South Carolina to Colorado we are seeing others taking their GOP voters cards and/or registrations and burning them on camera, saying they are going Independent, that they will never register as a Republican again.

ANP has also been sent emails regarding the "ripoff" in Colorado as readers used the contact information we provided (and will be posted again at the end of this article) to blast the RNC for their corruption. - ANP redacted the names)

The first is from someone in Washington state:

I just emailed the GOP at their ecampaign address and told them how†disgusted I was with their crooked manipulation of the "rules" in order to†
give Cruz all the delegates.

They deserve to lose not only the presidency, but the house and senate too.†Doesn't seem to be any difference between voting Dem or Rep anymore. They†all drink the same poison. So angry!

The next one sent to us is a copy of the letter send to Reince Priebus, from a Georgia resident:

Dear Reince,†You and your "party" have finally ostricized the U.S. public. You went and basically took away the ability of the people of Colorado to vote for their preferred candidate. You're even using a tool (Let's call that tool Ted Cruz) that you intend to throw away later to further your wants/desires. I, along with my family, friends, and many many internet aquiantances are rather disappointed in your moves to thwart the will of the people.†

I am separating myself from the GOP, RNC, or whatever you morons want to call yourselves. Your "conservative" values have erroded to nothing more than power grabs and a means to fleece money from the American public. You ignore the will of the people who elected you in the first place. Remember this happened with Reagan...I don't think the RNC as it stands will survive this. You will become nothing more than the "green" party or any of the other failed attempts to thwart the power entrenched in the DNC and RNC - simply two different ends of the same turd. I'm sure you'll all just switch to the DNC since they are your ilk anyway. Then you can manipulate your party any way you see fit - at least you'll all be in the same group.†

I will not donate another dime to any GOP candidate. I will not donate or contribute anything of monetary value to your cause which, by the way, is no longer "of the people, for the people." I'm sure you're doing what you feel is "right" but meanwhile you're pushing Obama's trade programs as hard as you can - continuing to hamstring the ability of the U.S. to actually make anything. †I will not be voting for the republican candidate this year - unless it's Donald Trump. I will simply sit out this vote and watch your party fall apart further. Yes - this will lead to a democrat in office probably Hillary Clinton - that sounds like a really bad plan to me. Now that I know that a D is pretty much equal to an R in most cases, what's the point really? Regardless - you created this, you're responsible. We all know now that you don't care as long as the status quo continues, it probably will for a time.†

My letter to the RNC in March in response to the email shown above from the RNC:

As per your email statement "Republicans are turning out in record numbers in our primaries and caucuses to support a field of candidates offering the course correction America desperately needs."
If the Republican party leaders continue along the same path with dirty dealing in order to overturn the will of the people as to the nominee, in other words, you screw us over and "select" someone that does NOT walk into the convention far ahead of others.... you can kiss those record turnouts goodbye.
The "base" whom you NEED for the general will show you exactly WHY you need us by staying out of the general and causing you a huge loss..... perhaps THEN you will show the proper respect for "we the people."
Susan Duclos


Note- In the videos below, residents in Florida, South Carolina and Colorado are burning their voters cards and/or registration but ANP is offering a SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING for all but the first video. Generally we try not to embed videos where people are cursing because some readers may be offended at the language, but in this case we have decided to publish them in order for people to understand the profound anger of GOP voters towards the RNC, Reince Priebus and the corrupt political "elite" that have basically told voters to go to hell.

If bad language offends you, we suggest you not watch anything after the first video.

From Florida -†@swampbabe813 Goodbye GOPe! -†Burning my GOP voter registration card. I am officially No Party Affiliation now and will only vote for @realDonaldTrump!


Next is from Richard Michael YouTube channel, titled "BURNING MY #GOP Voter Registration. FINISHED BEING REPUBLICAN."

The next video is from the LNM Radio Network, titled "Michael Vara BURNS Voter Registration & Sends message to GOP & the 2 Party System"

The next is from The Doctor of Common Sense who is so outraged he states he will back Clinton rather than a candidate 'selected" by the GOP†

The final video is from April 10, the original #BURNTHECARD video that started it all, from the Colorado resident.


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NRCC Contact Form-†

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Chairman Reince Priebus Twitter -†
Reince Priebus at Facebook -†
Write a public note to Reince -†

Welcome to the #BURNTHECARD revolution Mr. Reince Priebus, you told voters to "sit down," so they are deciding to "sit it out" as well.



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