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November 26, 2014

CATO Hits The East Coast: Massive Weather Alert For Wednesday!†

By Susan Duclos

The Weather Channel is issuing a massive weather alert, specifically important to holiday travelers as "heavy snowfall rates caused by fast-rising air associated with the low-pressure system," with reports indicating that there will be "travel chaos," for the east coast of the United States.

Weather Channel's lead meteorologist states ""If this was any other day of the year it would be a pretty big storm but nothing too out of the ordinary," then adds "But itís come at one of the worst possible times, the day before Thanksgiving. Itís going to be very, very tricky for anyone planning to travel today."

Via the National Weather Service:

An active weather pattern is in place across the eastern U.S. for the middle of the week. For the East coast, a developing nor'easter will cause havoc for Thanksgiving travelers from the Carolinas to New England. This feature is a wave of low pressure that developed along a cold front over the Gulf of Mexico, and is lifting northeastward. Although the strongest winds will likely remain offshore, widespread precipitation is expected from Florida to Maine. Rain is expected for coastal areas, and significant snow from the central Appalachians to into inland parts of the Northeast U.S., with the greatest snowfall expected for the higher elevations of New England.

The Weather Channel give it's forcast for Wednesday and Wednesday night:

In any case, while the snow/rain line makes a big difference for drivers, major airports are likely to be in bad shape regardless. Either rain or snow, combined with the low clouds and blustery winds sure to accompany the storm, will likely cause severe delays at already-crowded airports up and down the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast.


The fast-moving storm will keep booking to the northeast, wrapping cold air southward on its back side. This should allow the rain/snow line to advance southeastward across the Northeast Megalopolis, but by this point precipitation will be diminishing in intensity.

Snowfall should quickly come to an end from the New York City area southward before midnight.

Farther north, snow will continue over much of New England into the evening, ending from west to east later Wednesday night.


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