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May 7, 2019

Crazed Chainsaw-Wielding Liberal Threatens Female Trump Supporters In Just The Latest Proof That These People Are Unhinged & Dangerous 

- Americans Have The Right to Defend Themselves

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Almost weekly now we see multiple examples of how unhinged liberal Trump-haters are becoming, to the point where they are dangerous. The latest example is shown over at Gateway Pundit, with images of a crazed lunatic, with a mask covering his lower face, threatening the group "Oregon Women for Trump" with a chainsaw.

The "Oregon Women for Trump" held an overpass rally, holding up American flags, Trump signs and MAGA imagery, waving them at passing motorists. As GP reports that a leftist Antifa group became aware of the planned rally and showed up in full Antifa gear to shout insults and blare horns at the female Trump supporters.

One of those Antifa goons was caught on camera carrying a chainsaw, to which one source told GP "He got really close to some of us waving that thing." (Images below from Gateway Pundit)

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Of course the liberal mainstream media ignores these types of harassment, threats and attacks against Trump supporters, despite the fact that they are occurring with increasing frequency.

In another recent assault against Trump supporters, a group of North Korean defectors, wearing the red "Make America Great Again" hats were accosted by a couple of black thugs. One grabbed the MAGA hat off of one man's head, then threw it up in the air and when it landed another thug stepped on it. Then they ripped another hat off another one of the men.

See that and other recent examples of unhinged leftists verbally and physically assaulting Trump supporters.

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Last week ANP reported on an incident at Texas University, where a female student ripped a MAGA hat off of a male student, then when authorities ordered her to give it back she threw it on the ground and kicked it. The student was arrested after giving a false identity to the police, as well as three others that attempted to interfere with police that were trying to handle the situation.

The Texas State University Police Chief Laurie Clouse issued a statement on Thursday, confirming the original account and explaining why the others were arrested. The portion regarding the incident and arrests, shown below:

The incident that led to the arrests began when one student took a hat off another student’s head and fled. Police officers quickly interceded and directed the student to drop the stolen property. The student refused multiple directives and was then detained with the intention of being given a ticket for theft. The student was later arrested after providing a false identity to the police. Another student ran to the officers during this incident and began to interfere. After refusing to comply with the officers’ directions, this student was arrested for interference with public duties. When the students were escorted into the police department, other students followed and one additional student was arrested in the police department lobby for interference. A fourth student was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct outside the police department.

Although the investigation is ongoing, the initial review indicates that the officers involved acted appropriately with the goal of preventing further escalation. When a theft occurred in plain view, they were right to act. I understand it’s difficult to watch the arrests on social media, however, the officers were there to protect all of our students. We expect our students to obey the law.


A few weeks ago ANP reported on a woman verbally assaulting an elderly man, wearing a MAGA hat, at a Starbucks in Palto Alto. Rebecca Parker Mankey, shown above, started verbally assaulting the man, then tried to get others in the Starbucks to join her, then left and returned to scream at him some more. She then took to social media to share images of him and encourage others in their town to harass him, while detailing her intent to dox him (expose his private information.) Mankey was immediately terminated from her job.

Social media users were not amused by her antics and the blowback online was harsh. In late April, after the incident, Mankey was reported as missing by her husband, but authorities did locate her five days later after she contacted her family. According to SFGate, Mankey went "off the grid voluntarily," after the attention she received for her social media posts and her harassment of the elderly man.


For almost four years unhinged liberals have been attacking, harassing, verbally and physically assaulting conservatives and Trump supporters, while the media and liberal activists continue to incite these actions by declaring the phrase "Make America Great Again," as "racist, or "white supremacy,"  or a "symbol of hate," despite the fact that the expression, nor the MAGA gear, has no association with anything other than President Trump campaign slogan of "Make America Great Again." There is nothing racist, or "hate" about being pro-American.

During that time many conservatives kept telling themselves that the craziness had to decrease eventually, I mean really, how long can any person sustain crazy without imploding? The Answer: Apparently, more than three years and still counting.

We were wrong..... it is getting worse, not better, and appears to be headed for a complete meltdown phase as we get closer to the 2020 presidential election. I cannot even imagine how these people will react after the election if President Trump wins re-election, because every time I tell myself they cannot get any crazier, they do.

Which brings me to the final bottom line conclusion: Americans have the right to defend themselves from crazed liberals attacking them.  Whether it is ripping a hat off a head, or threatening their lives, or physically attacking them.

These types of attacks are not going to end, they are happening far more often, and the answer is not to stop wearing MAGA gear, as Americans we are entited to support anybody we want, and to wear what we want, without harassment or harm. 

Prepare, lock and load. Don't start trouble, but be prepared to end the trouble, because we also have the right to self-defense.

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